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C.R. Paper Towns is currently in preproductions for a movie. Nat Wolff who starred in movies such as Stuck in Love (sorry had to mention that, I adore that movie) and The Fault in Our Stars (he'll be Isaac) is currently lined up to play Q. John Green is going to help by being an executive producer and is working with the same team that did TFIOS. What do you think? Excited? Nervous? Would you rather have them do another movie? Personally I would have loved for Looking for Alaska to be the next John Green movie but we'll have to wait and see. I'm excited! What do you all think about Nat Wolff as Q? Yay nay?

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Mairead Oh my god.Nat Wolff is a genius. Read his wikipedia profile. He composed songs when he was five!!! Just read it. Omg I feel like such an underachiever now. Anyway I'm excited to see him in two john green movies.

Cindy Z YESS! I just finished this book and I really want it to be a movie!

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Syd I'm really excited that he is playing Q! He is so great. Now I'm hoping these choose a good actor for Margo. Although I hoped Looking For Alaska would be the next book of his to be a movie, I'm still happy with Paper Towns

Inés I'm not too excited about the fact that they're making a movie out of Paper Towns because what I liked so much about the book are the things that Q thought to himself, more than the plot itself, and I think the movie couldn't show that exactly. I would've prefered that they made a movie out of Looking for Alaska, but then again, it's not my choice.
I'm glad they cast Nat as Q, I think he's a terrific actor and he could do a great job. On the other hand, I've read about a lot of people saying that Shailene will be playing Margo, and I honestly hope that isn't true.

Ninjainpajamas Really enjoyed the book but not sure how the movie will come across...hope it'll be good! God I hope Shailene doesn't play Margo, she can't be Hazel AND Margo!

Mairead I don't think Shailene would be the right fit for the role.

Cindy Z If Shailene gets casted as Margo she would be Tris, Hazel, AND Margo

Karen Nat Wolff doesn't fit for the role of Q. My bet is NICK JONAS, he is really a great actor too aside from being a great singer. Don't you guys agree?

Shianne Young I was really hoping for a movie of "Looking for Alaska." I'm excited Nat will be Q. I love him as an actor , he's very talented. I'm not really sure who would be Margo though. There's not many I think that could pull Margo off.

Raylon J. I'm excited! I just got done reading the book today. Although I'm not sure how I feel about Nat playing Q., but will see! I hope they make all of John Greens books into movies!

Eliza Excited!

Damla Karakus Mia wrote: "Paper Towns is currently in preproductions for a movie. Nat Wolff who starred in movies such as Stuck in Love (sorry had to mention that, I adore that movie) and The Fault in Our Stars (he'll be Is..."
The film will be released on July 31, 2015.God!! I can't wait!!!! :O

Athena Moore I'm glad Nat is Q and Nick Jonas I feel is one and the same with Nat, looks and talents. I'm not sure who I'd pick for Margo. Maybe Selena Gomez because she'd play the tortured brat perfectly.:P

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Jean Brannum according to John Green, the movie should be released on July 31st 2015. Perfect graduation present for me!! I'm so excited!!!

Athena Moore Ahhh yes. Thank you John Green!! <3

Princess Lea LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE to John Green. May he live for thousands of years with prosperity and love.

Julia There's going to be a LFA movie, too! They don't have a cast yet, but I've heard that both movies are going into production soon! (And there was an April Fool's joke going around that Shai is going to play Margo... Just imagine!)

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