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Any ideas?

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Depends I would like to do an rp based on two music videos.

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How would that work? Sorry I am coming back from a long rping break and I am a bit rusty cx Senior year was not fun

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Well I'll tell you the name of the music videos and basically the things that happen in them will happen sort of. I would like it to either be doubles or a love triangle if we could. The songs are by Rihanna. "hate that I love you"and "rehab."

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So we would act out the meaning of the song? Just making sure I understand

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Yeah basically. Do you want doubles or love triangle?

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It does not matter to me! Can you make your people first please

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Thank you c:

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Do you want to be the girl for rehab or hate that I love you?

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rehab I guess

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Okay :) I just needed to know

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Okay! C:

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Name: Casey

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Name: Eli
Age: 25
Gender: M

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Gender: male

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Name: Dealyn
Gender: F

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Okay so where would we like to start and how detailed are we going to be because id prefer no one liners.

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Maybe we can start with one of them breaking up since they are "bad for each other". I do not want to do the same thing for the other ones but I am not sure what we could do? Have any ideas?

I try to go as detailed as possible, I do not like to do one liners but I have not roleplayed in some time so it might take a some time to get in the swing of things again but I will try my best!

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Well that sounds good but is that going to be for the rehab couple or the other ones?

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rehab, their relationship could be the addiction they are trying to get over

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Okay :) for the other I think the girl should be the guys rival's girlfriend. She has a bad relationship with her boyfriend and reaches out for the guy character and ends up falling for him while she's still contemplating how she's going to leave her boyfriend.

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Okay perfect! Dealyn and Jonathan can be the rehab
Casey and Eli the rival's girlfriend plot?

Could you start please?

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You said you wanted to be the girl in rehab though

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Fixed it! I'm sorry! Its really late and i'm out of it!

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I'm going to bed goodnight! I have to be up early, I should be on throughout the day tomorrow!

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Jonathan waited for his girlfriend to come over because they needed to call about what's been going on. They've both been at each others necks most of the time. He was just so tired of it. When she finally knocked on the door he let her in. "Hun we need to talk." he said crossing his arms. He frowned thinking about it. He really hated the fact he was thinking of breaking up with such a beautiful girl but what could he do?

Casey was sitting alone in a cafe just relaxing and thinking about her boyfriend Bryan who was gone in another state rocking out with his band. Why didn't he take her was something that constantly crossed her mind but she never bothered to ask. They would talk once a day but this didn't make her feel any less lonely.

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