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In your world anything is possible. What is your world like?

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Felicia Harris Well it's a lot like this world only people don't judge you for anything and everyone can just be who they are. You can eat what ever you want and never get fat!! School only teaches you what you really need to know for your future. Animals can talk (why not) and the world is as it should be.

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Maryanne | 179 comments I would go to England, and have my own bookshop, and be an author at the same time. Live in a castle, and have cool cars and where I could travel a lot to other countries for tours (about my books)

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...people never lie, books and food are free, Im bestfriends with the Yankees and one direction, Im dating four, I hang out with my favorite characters, and people aren't afraid to get a little dirty and banged up.

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My world is pretty happy. I have a loving family, a great wife and friends, and I'm talented at many things. Books are pure escapism for me. They take to places I've never been. I've been an avid reader all my life and have written poems and a novella.

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Maryanne | 179 comments @Aaron hey how are you? Glad your back.

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