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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments ((I'll be using my two OCs here once we get started.))

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Gen Q | 64 comments ((I read about monica, but which is the other?))

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Gen Q | 64 comments ((Ooh never mind I found him *stupid moment* my apologies))

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Gen Q | 64 comments ((so how should we start this?))

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments ((I'm on it.))

Monika sat down in the Corp dorm, sighing as she heard a fight going on between two of the new recruits. 'These kids are way too out there with all of their emotions if you ask me...' she thought sullenly as she leaned backwards, ending up flat on her cot.
"Not to mention this killer headache...." she mumbled to herself as she forced a pillow over her head. She noticed the pain fade a bit as she could no longer hear the incessant yelling from outside, and she sighed with relief. She then promptly feel asleep, forgetting Ryan and her were to be explaining a few things to the new recruits.

"Alright rookies, looks like you're out of luck, because I just got word my fellow instructor is feeling sick, so she won't be helping. That means that the nice instructor won't be here to help you along, and that you're stuck with me, but I can assure you all that I dislike this as much as most of you all do," Ryan said in an annoyed voice, smirking just a little as some of the recruits groaned a bit at the explanation.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia smirked slightly at the Squad Leader with a fiery temper, she would have preferred a female instructor but she'd deal. She did however, shoot an annoyed glance at the two recruits that had been fighting, blaming them for their instructors overly annoyed temper. She watched everyone with a small smile pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, wondering who the other instructor should have been. She pushed her way to the front of thw recruits as not to be mixed up with tgose two fighting idiots and listen properly to the man's voice.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments "As you all know, joining the Legion was a risk to begin with, more so than the Garrison and the ever so highly regarded Military Police." His voice was sarcastic and more rude when he was talking about the MP, which blatantly gave a hint at his disdain for them. "However, it is much more rewarding if you ask me, if you choose to do one of 6 things. If you choose to help others and save others, you will feel good about yourself, you will have others who feel forever indebted to you, and you'll rise through the ranks." He he seemed to want to stress that point, yet he talked with a tone of voice that seemed as though it were impossible for him to not sound annoyed. "The other 5 aren't as great. In case number 1, you become easily ticked off at everyone and everything and lose your temper in a battle against the titans. Doing this will almost certainly ensure your death. Case number 2, you feel like you're good enough to go off on your own and stay alive. This will also most likely get you killed and it makes you an arrogant prick." He quickly looked at the two recruits who tended to argue and they looked down at the ground. He continued from there. "Case number 3, you lose sight of the goal for fighting against the titans. This means you lost hope and every time I have seen a soldier fall into this spiral of despair and who aren't at least a little better within 4 days have all died. But this one isn't the biggest cause of death. Case number 5 is. In 5, you become paralyzed with fear of titans, because either a comrade of yours got eaten or they're just too terrifying for you, or maybe even something else. But there is one thing that is certain if this happens to you in a titan battle: you will die." Ryan didn't even attempt to soften the impact of his words, thinking it was better to 'Scare 'em now, lose fewer later.'

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia nodded, she had heard similar words shouted qt her trainees camp, and was fully prepared, though her body did flinch at the memory of lost comrades that'd fallen. "Damn Overgrown, man eating, tree stumps. " she mumbled to herself, forgetting her voice was naturally louder than most. She sighed and looked back up at the instructor, with fiery eyes, she hadn't felt more determined in a while.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments "Oi, recruit what-ever-your-name-is, I'm glad you have a hatred for the titans, seeing as that's practically required in the Corps, but please keep it down. Also, judging by the determination in your eyes and your words, you'd best be careful, or you'll end up in Category 2." A few of the recruits giggled at the near-insult but received glares from the instructor and promptly shut up.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia blushed in embarrassment, "Gee thank you sir, but you've never seen me against those things. im no idiot." she smiled, "and even though it was a bit insulting, I'll take it. id rather die doing something useful than sitting on my ass hm?" She crossed her arms and looked up at him, smile both apologetic yet with a dose of attitude. She knew this was a bad idea, getting the instructor get mad at her was dumb, but at least she'd be forced to work harder.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments He raised his eyebrow and smirked a bit. "You have spunk. That'll serve you well in the Corps. Good." He turned back to he rest of the recruits. "As a note, if you think you'll be saved anytime you're in a fighting situation, you almost certainly won't unless you are seen and he person who saw you was selfless. You have to try and save yourself. That concludes this instruction period. Now get to work on cleaning this dump, otherwise the Lance Corporal will not be happy once he gets here tomorrow." At mention of the famed Corporal, most of he recruits scrambled to start tidying, having heard the rumors of his disgust towards dirtiness and very untrue rumors involving very violent actions he did towards recruits. Ryan chuckled at their scrambling.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia nodded, she was taught that by herself, and heard it often these days. She chuckled at the others quick movements, but joined in, grabbing some cleaning supplies and a handkerchief. She didn't want to take chamces getting the famed Corporal angry. She looked up to him in some way, his skill. She set to cleaning, scowling to find herself next to the two recruits whod been fighting. "Hey, the lot of you. Keep your anger for the field huh. You're gonna get us in trouble one of these days if you idiots keep it up." she snapped at them and scrubbed the floor until it shone in her spot.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan got to work beside her, mumbling about how these recruits were going to drive him up a wall with their incessant fighting. He looked around and frowned, getting up and knocking on the door to the girl's dormitory before entering. He came out a minute later, helping a shorter blonde woman who seemed oddly similar to him other than her obviously less abrasive personality. She smiled and waved to everyone but she seemed to be in pain, and she was limping a bit and Ryan seemed genuinely concerned about her but she waved him off. She got to work near Talia, flinching as she got on her left knee.
"Monika, don't pu-"
"I'm fine Ryan, you needn't worry."
"But you're having another migraine, not to mention your leg is acting up again."
"Ryan, please, I'm fine. I'm sure a little work will make me forget about it."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia watched the blonde woman, her instructor called monkia, go beside her, and was about to offer assistance, but held back at her comment. She sighed and eyed her, she was certain this was the other squad leader that had missed out. Talia went back to cleaning before deciding to introduce herself, "Hi! im Talia.:" she waved her brush at her, "Nice to meet you!" She glanced at the male beside jer, realizing their similar looks, "You by any chance related to Mr. Intimidating over here." she asked lightly.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments "Hmm? I don't think that's possible, seeing as my brother almost certainly died and had hair about the same color as mine...." Monika replied sullenly, still smiling as she cleaned. Ryan shrugged.
"I have no memory of my past due to being hit in the head with a rock when I was younger, but my hair used to be blonde."
"I mean, it could be possible, but who knows....."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia chuckled nervously, "Just asking. No big deal you two." She smiled and stood, "Im gonna go grab another bucket, anyone know where I can get that?" She grabbed the bucket in one hand and put her other on her hip, looking around. Her back hurt now, but the place wasnt clean. She figured it must be important to get cleaning since the squad leaders had also joined in the event.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan seemed to be lost in thought now and cleaned mindlessly. Monika smiled and said "Over by the kitchens," before returning to cleaning, although she seemed to be more troubled than she let on, not to mention the flinching when she moved. Ryan was to lost in thought to notice though, but managed to efficiently get things cleaned.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia nodded, "Thanks!" She made a move towards the door, but yelped as she tripped over Ryans leg. The bucket went flying, luckily empty, but she went sprawling on the floor, she jumped up, her black hair falling in her face and she gave a panicked look at her superior. "Oh! oh im so sorry sir!" She grabbed the bucket and ran out the door, red in embarrassment. How could she trip like that? She was idiot, and groaned as she filled the bucket up with soapy water.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan growled and was pulled from his thoughts for a moment and muttered an annoyed "You'd better be sorry..." before continuing his train of thought. Monika sighed and continues working, managing to do well enough.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia returned quickly after, setting the bucket down, however she moved from her previous stop in between the two instructors to being near the other cadets. She rather be there than get yelled at. She scrubbed hard until her arms hurt and stopped to rest, on all fours breathing shallow, her bangs covering her face. She couldn't wait to eat and do real training. The cleaning was beginning to feel endless and pointless.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments A little while later, Monika stood up, looked around, and pronounced that the halls were clean as a whistle, then said that everyone could go eat. Suddenly, a seemingly endless wave of Corp members ran into the mess hall, starving. Monika laid back and quietly pull Ryan out of his train of thought, saying that the hall was clean and that he needed to eat. She herself moved along to judge whether or not the other places were clean to the Corporal's high standards.

Ryan glared at the recruits as he walked in, getting his serving of food and sitting down at an empty table. He began to eat, glaring at most of the recruits who attempted to sit at his table. He began to lose himself in the train of thought again, trying to figure something out.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia squealed with joy an the announcement and ran with the recruits. it may be childish but food was always worth it. She joked with another recruit as she followed grabbed her bowl and bread. She sat next to a tall recruit, and made him go red, as she laughed. Her eyes eventually cast up to her instructors to tell them who she'd been assigned.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Monika eventually ended up being the last one to get food, but she seemed to not mind. She then sat by Ryan and they engaged in conversation, and he seemed to actually seemed to be un-annoyed for once, which was odd. She smiled and continued talking about something, most likely training and he talked a s well, obviously in more of a calm mood. Monika didn't seem to notice the difference, most probably because she was relatively dense.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia munched on her food as one by one fellow recruits left to their rooms. She nervously sat alone at her once occupied table, with her bowl of soup still unfinished. She sipped it quietly, unsure if she should move to an occupied table as not to look any more awkward than she already was. Talia sighed, and scooted over to the edge if her table to at least hear conversation from the table beside her as she downed her bread. She ought to spend more time eating than talking apparently.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments "...get them used to it soon."
"Ryan!" Monika exclaimed, "do you have ANY idea how dumb of an idea that is?!"
"Hey, it's just an idea," he responded dryly, shrugging.
"Well we-d best-" She stopped, blinking and she turned around and smiled at Talia. "Would like to help us figure out what to start teaching you all?" she questioned. "Me and Ryan can't seem to come to a proper decision."
"Monika, are you sure it's o-"
"Ryan, it's not like we have to tell anyone."
"Touche," was his curt response.
"Also, what other choice do we have, seeing as we can't seem to agree?"
"You do have a point."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia smiled at her glancing at her to ryan, "Oh! uh yeah! Sure! I dont mind and I wont say a thing. Scouts honor." She gave a quick salute, and pulled herself to the table. "So, what we need to learn huh? We covered lots of stuff but considering we are fighting titans on their own land, im pretty sure learning to work in teams is essential, and accuracy. I mean, it must be best to kill a titan in one go than not, right? I know lots of cadets here who need to work on teamwork." Talia smiled, "Then also, if you had your choices and I can help with either of your choices. I have no right to tell you what to do after all."

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Monika nodded. "In this scenario, we can pretend you're able to make executive decisions, plus you know the newbies better than us. So, on the topic of teamwork, I'm sure it's much, much more important than accuracy, and I'm certain Ryan already gave the lecture on the 6 ways you can fight. If too few of the newbies are actually competent in group kills, we may end up having too many loners who end up getting themselves killed...." Ryan nodded.
"So teamwork training it is. Monika, looks like you're going to be the main teacher tomorrow. I'm crap at teamwork other than with you."
"You are," she laughed. "As a note, we won't mention someone tipped us off that your group is bad at that if there's a lot of complaining and resistance."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia beamed at the rare ray of praise that was directed her way. And nodded as Monika spoke, "True." She laughed at Monika's comment on Ryans ability before whispering, "Ill pretend like I didn't hear that. And I can help you tomorrow if you need anything. Id completely understand if you want to bash some heads in after this training. Ive seen us at work, its kinda sad. But they didn't teach much teamwork at the trainees camp. So we need it." She shrugged, and leaned on her hands.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan snorted at the comment, although quietly. "They do seem to be-" He earned a glare from Monika and sighed. "Monika, I'm 21, I'm allowed to swear, but fine. These kids seem to be complete crap, if I can tell by that relatively arduous lecture. Too much giggling and interruptions."
"There you go!"
"Shut up please."
"Okay!" She smiled and turned back to Talia. "I'm certain we will. You're obviously more knowledgeable than us on that topic."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia chuckled at their quick conversation, and tugged on her bangs, "Okay. I see. But he said right. There are a few of us who are capable but the rest are... crappy." She gave a, "I have to agree" with you glance at Ryan. "Im good with teamwork most of the time I guess, so if you wont let yourself hit a trainee, ill do thay for you too," she grinned. "And quick warning, while these guys might be willing they are very, ever so, immature. Sadly even I do it sometime, but, yeah."

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Monika laughed again. "Aren't we all at times! I may not look it, but I'm only 17! Ryan's only 21, so we're both quite young. And generally, young people are immature at times. It's true for all of us, even the most mature."
"Also, feel free to hit your classmates if they annoy you, but I'll just glare daggers at them if they annoy me or Monika." He chuckled. "I've been compared to Corporal Levi in that way, with the 'effectively terrifying' glares so they'll stop. If it comes down to them I'll 'it 'em but it probably won't." Monika sighed at the statement but looked back to Talia.
"Well, once you go back to the dorms, if anyone asks where you've been, tell them you spilled something on your way to the kitchen and Ryan made you clean it up and clean all the dishes as a punishment."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia grinned at Monikas words, it was good to hear that someone understood. She laughed then at Ryans statement, "Trust me I just might." Talia nodded as she wasvexplained and smiled at them, "Will do, Ma'am! Ill see you guys tomorrow! " She grabbed her bowl and made her way to the kitchen before heading up for the dorms. She was going ro be okay for now. She could feel it. Things felt alright, as she opened the door and settled in.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments The next morning at 7 AM sharp, Monika woke up all the girls in the dorm. "Wake up you lazy recruits! We have training!" is what she told everyone she was waking up. Once most were awake she shouted "Those who don't get up right now will not be getting breakfast!" which woke up the last of the sleepers. She laughed and walked to the mess hall, but was limping a bit. Ryan saw her and began to make a fuss over it and she eventually sighed and allowed him to help support her weight. They sat at the same table as the day before and ate quickly, and Ryan yelled at the trainees to do so as well.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia was throwing on her boots and hopping out the door by the time Monika yelled at the slackers and yanked her hair up in its usual bun. She bumped into a couple of sleepy recruits, she was a morning person on week daye was set grabbing her food, already eating as she sat down next to the trainees she'd sat with last night for dinner. She laughed aloud when she realized her boots were on backwards and fixed them through bites of her food. Talia flinched at the loud voices that came from her instructors and ate as fast as she could handle without getting sick. She was eventually pulled along by two male recruits, so they could keep up with the squad leaders. Talia ran after them, no point in getting lost.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan and Monika stood up on the pedestal and Ryan began his lecture.
"Alright recruits, this is Monika, your other instructor who happens to be more benevolent than me. Lucky y'all. Anyways, I've noticed and heard from Shadis that most of you are wimps and that he has no idea why the hell you all went for the Legion, but also that nearly every single one of you was shit at teamwork." Monika sighed to herself as be cursed but understood he was riling them up.
"Now, I would like to add that we will be working on these 2 aspects until you are fit to fight real titans in nearly every conceivable situation." Monika smiled as she finished and many students got to work, grumbling.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia couldn't help but smirk at Ryans speech, he used a good cover with Shadis, she gave a quick salute to them before searching for a team. She stood quietly however when she realized everyone was already, in a sense, partnered up with their friends. it never occurred to her that being friendly to everyone left her out. She skittered from group to group, with no avail. "Damn it. Im nice to people, why don't they let me join?" she mumbled to herself as she saw smirking recruits glance in her direction before looking away. "Whats their problem?" she growled. She stood alone, perhaps she could just be assigned with a group.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments "Oi, Loner, you're with us. No one else is free so you're lucky to have landed with the instructors. I'll make life easier for ya," Ryan called as he motioned for her to join them on the stage.
"Okay!" Monika began. "Now that everyone has a group, I'll be supervising you all while Ryan and Talia giving examples."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia blushed lightly, she was gonna get it back in the barracks. She quickly made her way to the stage and stood next to Ryan, with a quick mumble about being a loner. That was gonna stick with the other recruits. She waited patiently for instructions, rocking on her heels, looking at the others in front of her. She smiled, at least she had a small, no, much bigger advantage! she'd learn more with interaction.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan looked around and sighed. "Okay, we have no practice targets so we'll make do by using that tree as a substitute. Whoever makes the deepest cut gets an extra loaf of bread. However, Monika over here will go after you all and if she makes the deepest cut, the same rule applies to her. I'll go first," he finished, swinging into the air using the gear and masterfully gaining speed and making a cut that went halfway through the tree. He smirked at his handiwork and turned to Talia. "You're next, kid."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Taliad grip on her swords tightened. She could do this! something she could do without looking like an idiot. She'd swiped heads off the practice titans back at the trainees camp. she hoped a tree wouldn't out do her. She took a step back and took a deep breath before making a running start and using the gear to fly into the air, and with a small grunt of effort, matched Ryans cut against the tree, and landed on a branch, higher up. Unaware of her results she bit her lips nervously. "God, please let that have been okay. even a little okay." she whispered.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments "Impressive, kid. Now get down from there before the next kid slices you on their practice try." He seemed truly impressed which was quite the accomplishment. Monika smiled at her. Ryan sent the next group and the pattern persisted, but no one was able to match Talia nor Ryan, save for 2 recruits who matched about an inch further into the tree than the previous identical cuts. Finally, Ryan smirked as he called up Monika. She smiled kindly and gracefully pulled out her swords and shot into the air before appearing at the base of the tree and sliced through. The tree fell over away from the recruits and she sheathed her swords, dusting her hands and uniform a bit. Many recruits stared at her, dumbfounded by her strength and ability. Ryan chuckled as he turned to the group.
"In 2 weeks all of you should be able to cut half way through the tree or further. Now, you're dismissed. It's lunch time."

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia beamed at the praise and quickly maneuvered herself back to her spot next to Ryan, proud of her achievement. She watched intently as other cadets went for their turn. She studied body movement and technique. When Monika stepped up she watched eagerly. Only to whistle as the tree toppled over, "Epic!" she breathed out, eyes twinkling. She grinned at Monika before running after fellow recruits to the dining hall.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan was at the front of the group and got Monika's meal as well as his own, sitting down at his usual table. Monika appeared in the hall after all the recruits we assuredly within the halls and sat down with Ryan. She saw Talia and smiled, beckoning her over, of course she waited till the girl had grabbed her food.

Ryan was actually relatively pleased with the outcomes of the training: their little helper who could make better suggestions now had an excuse to talk to them about the stuff, the trainees did fairly well except for a few weaker ones. He planned to drill those recruits until they were as good as himself.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia was grabbing her bowl, and was about to sit next to the othe recruits when she saw Monika beckon her over. She grinned and stepped on a recruits foot as he made a jab at her, and slipped onto the table where Ryan and Monika sat. "Hey. Thanks for letting me join you Ryan, and letting me sit with you, Just thought Id say it now." she smiled at them. "How do you think they did? On average I think we did okay! I mean, compared to our standards and what I know. How you guys 'grade' here might be completely different." she tapped her spoin on her bottom lip waiting a reply and then began to eat. She hadn't realized how hungry she really was until that moment."

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Gen Q | 64 comments *spoon

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Monika nodded and smiled. "You're quite welcome. I think that the majority of you did pretty well, but a few of you did-"
"Absolutely terribly."
"Ryan, that's rude."
"Like last time, that was the point."
"Ah. Well, a few of you did poorly, and they will have to be trained." Ryan was eating steadily now and Monika took a bite of her bread.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia smiled and laughed eating her bread, "Well at least your honest. Monika likes to sugar coat it a bit, but thats okay." she shrugged, its actually refreshing." She smiled and ate quietly. She looked around the room, before something make her lurch visibly in her chair. She suddenly realized that she had to atop herself from being so friendly and attached to the other scouts. They were here to fight titans and this training, no matter how much, some were going to die. She didnt know how'd she'd forget such a thing. She went back to eating and didn't say a word. So much for a calming dinner she thought.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Monika laughed. "I do, but that's just because I'm actually nice to everyone."
"She values others above herself, and it worries me." Ryan sighed, nudging her with his shoulder. She laughed again.
"that is true." She then noticed Talia's lurch and smiled calmly. "I see, you're afraid of getting too close and loosing someone, right?"
"Monika, if you're right, you have to tell me how the heck you read people's minds like that." Monika laughed again.

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Gen Q | 64 comments Talia looked up sheepishly, "Yeah. am I really that easy to read?" she chuckled, "Well you're not wrong. cause kinda like monika, I put other before me. I try to make3 people smike and be happy, to help them in any way I can. Its a dangerous thing to do in line of work though. I constantly get overly attached to people who forget about me. Its not healthy. I get this horrible feeling every time I go fight. that I'm going to die for someone who wont even care in the end." she sighed and went back to eating, "but it's nothing I'm not used to. I'll get over it in a few days. No point in getting overly emotional, right?" she smiled at them.

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Eli (elithearo) | 264 comments Ryan sighed. "No one here's 'easy to read', but this little punk here can read just about everyone like a bloody open book," he said, playfully bumping her shoulder with his own. He sounded a bit fun for once.

"Also, I feel the same way, and Ryan also puts his comrades before himself, but we do it because, well, we're not that important in the scheme of humanity, the plan to eradicate the titans. We're prepared to die to help others, especially ones with families. We have no parents, few friends, but we want to help. So we help others," Monika finished, her words full of meaning, not to mention a small hitch in her voice as she mentioned 'family'.

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