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message 1: by Lanie (last edited Jun 18, 2014 05:01PM) (new)

Lanie (laniedragon) I will post links to each of my works here. Most are Warriors fanficton or work in progress, so no comments like "I don't know what that is!" or "Where's the rest?" PLEASE!

SunClan's Prophecy
Warrior's Secret
Crazy Warrior Cats Caught On Camera
The Element Guardians

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Lanie (laniedragon) Ok.

message 4: by Lanie (new)

Lanie (laniedragon) KK! Hang on one secie..

message 6: by Lanie (new)

Lanie (laniedragon) I will! You actually inspired me to work on Warrior's Secret. I guess that one's a crossover, but really IDK.

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