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Daemon He was, coughing up water, jerking awake,

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Daemon The young boy was on his feet now, flames crackling in his palms.

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Daemon Laen growled softly and reached out with his hands to shoot flames at Moon, which caught his clothes on fire. Once he wasn't projecting it, they technically were no longer magic. They were real live flames, and they burned quickly.

message 4: by Daemon (new)

Daemon Laen slammed into him, driving his shoulder into Moon and shoving him back with a grunt of effort, drawing his dagger and stabbing him in the stomach.

message 5: by Daemon (new)

Daemon Laen ducked and leaped back so Moon would be engaged by the skeleton, running to Lore with, regrettably, his back to Moon. He murmured a few words, healing her head.

message 6: by Daemon (new)

Daemon He cried out, winded and cut very lightly, but still able enough. "Lore..." he whispered, shaking her awake as best as he could.

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Daemon Laen pulled Lore to himself, taking the brunt of the force as they were slammed into the ground, gronaing softly. He struggled to his feet and scooped her up, sprinting towards the exit.

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Daemon He cradled her to his chest, struggling to warm her, continuing to feed her his energy.

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Daemon Laen kicked him away as best as he could, staggering back and falling, losing his grasp on Lore, sending her tumbling next to him. Black spots danced in his vision.

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Daemon "Lore!" he yelped, diving forward, just barely getting a grasp on her wrist, yanking her out.

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Daemon The water started to sizzle, and he yanked his hand back, wincing.

message 12: by Daemon (new)

Daemon "Lore!" he yelled desperately.

message 13: by Daemon (new)

Daemon Laen scrambled away from the water, hyperventilating as he panicked.

message 14: by Daemon (new)

Daemon "Lore?" he murmured weakly.

message 15: by Daemon (new)

Daemon " fell in"

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Daemon He wrung his hands together "I was worried"

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Daemon Laen opened his mouth to respond but was thrown back, landing with a groan and not getting back up.

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Daemon Laen was unconscious at this point, taking the blow with a sickening thud.

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Daemon Laen didn't stir, remaining limp.

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Daemon Laen still didn't stir, fine but merely unconscious, breathing slowly

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