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Hello~ My name is Shade, no, it is not my real name, but its a name that I like and have liked for my entire So, I am Shade.

I used to like Twilight, and I still have all the books to prove it, but as I read Breaking Dawn...something struck me. These books are completely illogical. So, I looked through them again, and, -le gasp- they were badly written too!

As a poet who strives for the use of literary elements, I was ashamed that I did not realize that the first time around. But, I shall save my anti-Twilight rants for the appropriate folder.

So, like I said, I'm a poet, I'm also starting to write a novel which I have been slacking on and may not even sad, my poor characters, but oh well, if a story doesn't work and is being forced from the pen, it just won't be that good. Poetry, however, is my passion and I love to write it.

I also like to manage websites, I currently have a Warriors by Erin Hunter roleplay website that, if I do say so myself, is quite popular. I also have a writing forum for my schools writing club. I have recently been elected as one of its two presidents, and my work has been published in my schools yearly literary magazine. But now I'm bragging, and I do that a lot. ;3 Sorry~

Oh, lets see...
Currently, I have been obsessed with the House of Night series, which I at first criticized myself for, as I had at first thought it would be like Twilight, but now I don't think it is, I like how it incorporates ancient mythology and poetry, though the poetry is more like a chanting, but still...makes sense since one of the authors, the daughter, I believe, is a poet.

I often go off on things in pointless rants, as you can tell, heh. ^^;;

So, as for the other things that have been buzzing in my head lately, and that’s quite a lot, I'll save those for another time...or no time at all. I'm happy to be here to share my criticism of Twilight. I don't loathe the book entirely though, so at times I may speak positively about a character I find to be less moronic than the more common ones. *coughedwardcough*

Look forward to meeting many of you!

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house of night is awesome!! hi shade...

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im pretty ashamed to admit it, but i sorta use to like twiblight...

and then yeah, and then dracula came along... and i was cured.... lol

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twilight gives vamps a bad name!!!!

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yeah, the other month i was TRYING to say something about vampres, and my parents began anting about how everyone is obsessed with twilight before i even finished my sentance...

oh well, they understand me(sorta, i doubt that is truly possible) now... i hate twilight

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its way 2 overdone!!

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*sigh* vampires are nocturnal and dont sparkle... its only natural... sparklepires go against the laws of nature...

a billion ppl may have said that b4, but oh well...

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ya.... *deep sigh*

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poor dracula, louis, lestat, *goes on listing vampire names*...

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elana, lissa, dimitri, rose, stefan, damon, shiniki, .......

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santiago, gabriel, lucy...
forget armand, i dont like him.... lol

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lol... yeah...

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tac badge??

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i still dont get it...

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Remember | 6 comments Hi, I'm Remember (Not real name.) I have a passion for reading and writing. I love writing haikus, and have a gift for it.
I also hate 'The Twilight Saga' with a passion.

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Aaric | 260 comments Zeppelin gives the lightsabers. I'm giving out chocolate today. *gives the box after eating them all* "Whoops, I didn't remember to buy some more." *runs to store* ............................................12 hrs later *pants* "" *collapses*

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Sheeky (sheekster) | 169 comments Nellie-la *Gone till Monday* *Dark & Disturbed* wrote: "hi...

im pretty ashamed to admit it, but i sorta use to like twiblight...

and then yeah, and then dracula came along... and i was cured.... lol"

I used to like it too..........*hangs head in shame*

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