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Here we are!

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Yay! Thanks Mei

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Name: Daniel Williams
Nickname: Danny
Age: 19
Personality: Danny is a sweet, laid back kind of guy. He doesn't get stressed out easily, he enjoys reading, writing, and school. Yes, he likes college. He's majoring in writing classes, hoping to be a travel writer one day. He dreams big, but is a hard worker and hopes to achieve much when he's out of college. And yes, you could say he was a bit of a dork:P
History: Later.
Appearance: http://cdn03.cdn.justjaredjr.com/wp-c...

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Name: Nicolette Marie Rosenfeld
Age: 18 (almost 19)
Personality: she's sweet and bubbly on the outside and in public, but deep down she's lonely. She hides herself inside because she doesn't want to depress everyone else with her depression. She works her hardest to make others happy because she knows what it's like to be sad (like all the time). She likes to write poetry and sit for hours in a coffee shop just writing or reading. She's happy being at college and escaping her life at home with a huge family.

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Oops sorry hold on forgot the pic

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I love her!

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Thanks! :D

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Wanna start?:D

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Sure should I start with the letter or the assignment (Nicolette wouldn't do it unless she was absolutely forced to)

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Up to you:)

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Nicolette groaned when she found out her new assignment. She had thought pen pals were for middle and high schoolers, not college students. She sighed and looked down at the name and address of the person she was supposed to be pen pals with. Daniel Williams. She took out a piece of paper and started writing to get it over with. She doubted it, but maybe she'd end up sharing her secrets with someone for once. She'd always kept her feelings bottled up, and nobody knew that her bubbly personality was a complete mask to her true emotions.

Dear Daniel,
Well I kind of have to write this letter to you, so hello. I'm Nicolette. You were my assigned pen pal, so we'll be exchanging letters for a while. I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I'm from a family of seven children, and I'm the fourth child. I have two sets of twins in my family, two twin older brothers and two twin younger sisters, and then an older sister and younger brother in between. My favorite color is.... hmmm I'll get back to that. I dance intensively now. I used to take a few dance classes here and there, but now I do it at a pretty high level. But I don't want to be a professional ballerina. I want to be a poet. I don't really have much to say at the moment. I'll anxiously be waiting for your response.


Nicolette Marie Rosenfeld

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) ((Meiiiiiiii))

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((sorry my iPod would not.let me go on this thread -_-))

Danny was sprawled out on the couch in his dorm, reading a book and listening to music. Then his roommate Ricky walked in, tossing some mail at Danny. Danny looked though the mail, but one particular letter caught his eye. from a person he didn't know. curious, he opened it, and read. after a few minutes, he found a pen abs paper, and began to write back:

Dear Nicoletta,

Its a pleasure to meet you! I would love to be your, I guess you could say, pen pal. Your familyseems quite big, with all of those siblings! I have two younger brothers, and that's it.my favorite color is probably forest green or blue, but I do also lime the color red. That is really great that you do dance. I don't do any group sports, but my.hobbies are reading and writing. That's great you want to be a poet, I myself.never could write poetry well. I prefer sticking to stories, but every.now and then i have to write a poem for writing class.

I look forward to getting to know you,

Daniel Wiliams

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Nicolette flipped through the mail and found the letter. She quickly read it and smiled.

Dear Daniel,

Thanks for spelling my name correctly. That was very kind of you. There's an E at the end, not an A. Although Nicoletta does sound rather pretty.... Anyway, really, it's fine. My family doesn't even acknowledge my existence anyway. And none of my friends call me Nicolette anyway. I'll let you decide what to call me. Anyway.... I think I like... wait no I still have to think about it. I used to write stories, but now I don't really have the motivation to anymore. I have a lot of inspiration for poems these days... I also enjoy reading. I'll read basically anything. I don't really have much to say at this point, so I apologize for rambling.


Nicoletta (yes, I did spell my name wrong on purpose)

P.S. Do you go by Daniel, or Dan or Danny, or what?

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Dear Nicolette,

Oh, i'm so sorry! It was quite late when I wrote that, guess I just wasn't paying attention. That's horrible, I'm so sorry to hear that. Oh, what do they call you then? I enjoy reading too! What genres do you like to read? I enjoy mostly any genre, maybe excluding nonfiction.


P.S. I go by whatever, but most people just call me Danny.

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) Nicolette smiled as she read through the letter.

Dear Danny,

It's okay, don't worry about it or anything... People call me all sorts of things, really. Some call me Nico, Nik, Colette, or Letta... Whatever really works. Make something up even if you want to. I'll basically read anything except nonfiction or historical, although I'll read those genres if I have to.

Just a little more about me, if you want to know. I'm majoring in literature with a minor in film production.... I also like to go to the skate park when I don't have class or my dance classes, and I skateboard to class almost every day. I don't really know what else to say at this point.... So that'll be all for now.


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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) ....... (Meiiiii))

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) ((Meiiiiii))

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Xandra (literary-legionnaire) ....................................................

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