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Emory Hoth (EmoryHoth) | 11 comments Hi! I need a review of the first chapter of my dark fantasy novel, Chroma Eclipse.


On the fifteenth of Harvest Moon, Second Age, Cycle 294, the redblood leader Anaxa Melwin backstabbed the blackbloods of Candriisif and allied with the whitebloods of Aalsia by signing the Rendraalsii Treaty. Their aim? The unification of Luminox.

The blackbloods, fearful of another world war, demand their Rirah, Toleva Ranov to declare war. She refuses, preferring to pretend all is well.
Along with her sister's refusal to bring down Rendrara and Aalsia, Marwolaef Falnma'ar must find a way to handle the formation of a vigilante militia: the Sloecruor Wretches. No whitebloods living in Candriisif--even if they have never been to Aalsia--are safe from their cruelty. ​

​With Rendrara in shambles, Seryll Numarya escapes her nation's bloodstained borders to seek a better life in Candriisif. She's running from something else, too. Someone that keeps chasing her no matter where she runs.

Rilo Bendrasiif, locked away in a land of perfidy and blood, cannot die. Why, she does not know, but she does know she is dangerous. If she cannot learn to control her Bloodlust, it could mean the destruction of everything she holds dear.

Off in the high desert, marching ever closer to the Candriisifian captial Sarona, the Tamer Echlora Ilyani leads her tribe to what she is certain will be their demise. The White Empress Soia of Bizret, who travels with them, only sees it as a necessity.

In a world where blood colour can be a blessing or a death sentence, an orphan, a target, a puppet, and a heretic will learn their problems have only just begun.

Please comment or PM me if you're interested!

message 2: by M. A. (new)

M. A. (sun-owl) | 7 comments Sounds interesting, I'd be glad to take a look!

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