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Has anyone seen the lyric quiz shows where u have to guess the missing lyrics?? Well this is going to be kinda similar

You will get an option out of any music genre....whether it be pop, dance, rock, inspiration etc etc.... and someone will then list a few lyrics of a song within that category.... and u have to work out what the missing lyrics are...

For eg - (this is going to be an easy one)

Member 1: picks nursery rhymes

Member 2: Mary had - - - the fleece was

Each dash represents one word missing that u have to fill in....

So the blanks would be a little lamb

U r only allowed 2 clues for the song, if you get make this more interesting u can't chose ur own clue type....that it's up to the member providing lyrics....the 2 clue options are....

1. Reveal one missing word
2. Provide more lyrics to the song

Does that make sense?? Let's give it a go....

Who would like to go first??

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

So to kick start the game I'll pick the music genre and list the song lyrics....just in case people are confused

Music Genre: Rock

Lyrics: Didn't mean to - - -, If I'm not back again this time

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