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Rachel Bybee It's the mind that counts

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Rachel Bybee Maltra was drinking again. The assassin's guild had originally been a place to train with other assassins. It was meant to help Maltra. Now, the place was only a place to get drunk. They were all weak scoundrels training and drinking. Maltra had become too good. Sure, wanted posters were everywhere for all of them, but Maltra was seen most on the streets. They knew his name, but the picture they had was a drawing of him in his hood, face shadowed. Suddenly the doors exploded open, startling drunks. Soldiers snarled, "Who here is Maltra Kein?"
The assassins had signed the contract saying they would never call anyone out. As long as you stay silent, the one who is called out will stay silent for you. Everyone remained hushed, knowing Maltra would kill them if anyone looked at him or spoke his name. All eyes stayed on the soldiers. They had done this a million times for everyone in the room. With his hood down, they had no idea what his face looked like. All the assassin's had their faces revealed. The soldier's stone gazes soared over each of us. "We come in peace. The majesty herself is looking for the best assassin in the kingdom. We would like him to become her personal assassin. He will receive a great reward for every kill he does for the queen."
All the assassin's in the room exploded with laughter, so saying something along the lines of, "She must be pretty desperate!" Or "I wouldn't work for her, even if she is hot!" Maltra was disgusted. Serving the queen. Ha! Like he would pick a side. However, he would make good pay... No. Never. Maltra bolted from his seat. The moment he moved, the soldiers went for him. He went to the emergency drop shoot for any assassin that needs a get away, and pulled the rope. The floor board under him dropped, and he was out of sight. Once again, he had escaped the soldiers. And he always will.

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Rachel Bybee They knew he had silver hair. He had avoided the soldiers for something like 100 years. The fact they knew he had silver hair (and that was the only thing they knew) was pretty good. The bad thing was no one else had silver hair. He had stayed in a hideout that had a secret knocking code in order for someone to open the door. Use the knocker twice. Knock in the low right corner ten times, then knock below the knocker five. The door didn't have a hole so you could see who the user was, so Maltra opened the door. Hands snatched him and slammed him into the wall. "About time we caught you!" Snarled the general, perfect teeth bared at Maltra. "We would bring you to the queen herself, but unfortunately, she's been captured."
Maltra bared his own teeth at the general. "You must be pretty good at keeping things secret since no one knows."
The general narrowed his eyes. "Your first mission is to prove yourself and save our queen. If you don't do this, you will continue to be hunted down."
"Pft, like I couldn't handle it," Maltra said with a roll of his eyes.
The brown eyed and haired generals pushed more weight on Maltra's chest. "You will do this, and I will kill you if you don't. Got it?"
Maltra raised both hands, smiling. He could kill the general right here and now. Everyone knows his name. But if he became the queen's assassin... All of Crimson Burn would know his name. Everyone in Crimson Burn would FEAR him. Maltra grinned. "And I'll get payed?"
He nodded. Maltra shoved the general away, smiling. "You got it."
He raced into the distance, pulling on his hood. The general stated in disbelief at the assassin. He hadn't even told him where she was being held.

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