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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Plot: (view spoiler)

Alrighty. Which character would you like to portray? :3 I don't mind either way.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 27 comments ♣I dont mind which either ^.^♣

๖ۣۜƧilverlight I might be able to portray Muse B, the wolf, better, if you don't mind. Would you like to keep this plot as FxF or change that? Also, would you prefer this to be set in modern times or an earlier era where as their set in a village?

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 27 comments ♣Thats fine. And I am fine with it being FxF ^.^ and i am fine with it being modern time.♣

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ║☽Full Name☾║Karma Wynter


{Birth Date}:August First

║☽Affiliation☾║Stellar Pack

☞ ║Physical Appearance║ ☜

ᴇʏᴇ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ:Storm Blue
ʜᴀɪʀ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ:Burnett
ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇxɪᴏɴ:Light almond
ᴍᴀʀᴋs:Faint traces of scattered scarring.


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➡Name: Dylanne Smith
⭐Nickname: Duke
➡Age: 23

(view spoiler)

⭐Height: 5'10
⭐Markings: Tattoos and some scars all over her body, from hunting and training.
⭐Face claim: Angel Haze

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Should we start with when they meet as children, then do the skip to when they are adults, or start with Duke's arrival in the town and perhaps have Karma and her run into each other and fight without recognizing each other?

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 27 comments ♣I am up for tht.♣

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At eleven years old, Dylanne walked the woods behind her families house in the village. She heard about it being a lake closet by and she wanted to check it out, her parents were to busy training her older brother to noticed her sneak out. It was dark but, for some reason she didn't feel scared or uncomfortable. She was soon at the lake, the water twinkled under the moon light. Which she thought was beautiful she took off her shoes and sat on the edge of the lake. Her feet swing in the water. As her mind fulled with thoughts.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight The child was curled tightly against the cool breeze wafting from the lake's surface, back pressed against rough bark from where she sat, perched in a low branch. Her cheeks, one reddened from the scolding she'd received not long prior, were soaked and she bit her lip to prevent another sniffle. Raising her head to dry away tears with her sleeve, she froze abruptly upon detecting a new scent. At first suspecting it to be a pack-mate coming to drag her back home, but quickly realizing it didn't bare a wolf scent at all. Human. Quietly, she scurried down from the tree, dropping lightly into the underbrush below. Hesitating to peer in the direction of the pack before curiosity won over and she slipped closer to the lake. Catching sight of the figure, Karma's eyes narrowed curiously and she leaned closer in the direction of the shore-line. It was just another child, she realized. Suddenly, her hand slipped from where it had been resting against a narrow tree, and she pitched forward, catching her foot on a root. She yelped as she struck the ground, and tried to twist free her foot but it stuck, and she felt panic building. Surely, the human child must have heard her.

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Dylanne loved the quiet soon of the night and breeze that came once and a while but she jumped onto her feet once he heard something behind her. Her eyes locked onto a child, on the ground. She slightly frowned at the sight of her. Dylanne was unsure of what to do but, she could tell that she most have been in pain. Without really thinking, Dylanne walked over to the other child bear footed. She bent down once she was by the girls stuck foot. "You alright?" she asked as she glanced up at the girls eyes, Dylanne loved the colors of her eyes. They reminded her of the stars twinkling in the night sky. Dylanne went back to the girls leg and helped her unstick her foot from the trees root. Not for a second thought about the girl being a like the wolves, her family wondered her about. Her brother was actually training to be a hunter, to kill the wolves and so was she. But, she was really training her self at the moment since her parents thought she was to young even though that was not the case not a bit. Dylanne softly rubbed the girls ankle for second after freeing it, seeing that it was slightly red. "Does it hurt when i touch it?" she asked not looked up from the ankle. But Dylanne noticed that the girl seemed uncomfortable with her touch and moved her hand to meet with her other hand and lay them both on her bent legs as she slowly looked up at the girl.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Twisting around to brace her palms against the ground, Karma tried to push herself upright. Pain laced through her caught ankle as she did, earning a low whine as she fell back against the ground. The echo of footsteps made her tense. Although she'd seen mortals from a distance, she had never interacted with them directly, but there were stories; Tales of blood-thirsty hunters who slaughtered wolves and wore their pelts. Like they had done to her father. "D-don't touch." Once freed, Karma quickly scurried beyond reach, starring at Dylanne in confusion. Blinking slowly, she bent her knee closer, tenderly prodding the reddened area, and bit her lip to prevent another whimper. It was sore to the touch but she would have to manage. She'd only receive another scolding if her mother discovered how clumsy she had been. The thought made her cringe, abruptly reminded her reason for running off. "No, it's fine." She lied softly, slowly rising. Still weary of the stranger but deciding they weren't going to steal her pelt. Not that she had one yet, her first shift was years away. She offered the girl's direction a ginger sniff then crinkled her nose. "You don't smell like you belong here. Are you alone?" She didn't belong here either, wondering this close to town was forbay. The child, small for her age, swept calculating eyes over the trees. There were no other scents to suggest company. Finally returning her attention to the older, extending a hand hesitantly. "I-I'm Karma."

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'Smell'The word stayed in her head as she looked at the girl as she was looking around with her nose slightly in the air. It soon made since, she was a wolf. She had to be, why else would she be in the woods. Well she was too be the point remand, she had to be. It was to much her Dylanne's little brain. She stood up and back off from the girl, who looked like she was her age or a little younger. "Your a wolf." she said, not a question. She looked at the girl, with no fear in her eyes. It something her brother teach her. 'No show any emotion, at your weakest points. They scene they. Believe that your not scared no matter what your mind or your body might tell you. And soon fear wont even be in your thoughts at all.' Her brother's words came to mind, They were kills, at least thats what she told him. She said nothing at first once the little girl said her name but, Dylanne decided to speak even though everything in her mind was telling her ' NO! Dont do it!' "Dylanne.." she said as she took the girl's offered hand. "Do you need people to get up?" she asked as she looked at the redness around her ankle. She wondered was it broken. But in the back of her head she was still thinking. 'This could be a trap.' she kept her ears spared and ready, if any twig snap of brush rumble she was gone no matter, how she believe wasn't scared like her brother told her. She still knew that she couldn't take on Wolves right now. She had nothing but her hands for weapons and them aint nothing compared to the claws of the wolves.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Karma was tempted to retract her hand the moment her secret spilled out. She hadn't realized her mistake until than and abruptly wondered if mortals were incapable of smell. Such small details were not spoke of for she was often thought too young to hear more than bedtime stories and rumors of humans. "You're not." She countered quietly with a slight raise of her brow. Anxiety shown through in the twitch of her nose and the wideness of stormy eyes, despite her attempt to conceal it. Although she should have been more cautious at this point she couldn't help but doubt the other's desire for violence. A fight certainly hadn't been what either was in search for here. She offered a small shake of their hands before retreating back a step to lean against the tree. She was a bit wobbly with the pain in her ankle; A sprain, most likely. But she shook her head quickly. "I can get home on my own. I just..." Her eyes fled to the woods before snapping back to Dylanne. "I'm not ready to go back yet." She wondered if she should assure the stranger they were alone, to ease her obvious discomfort, but not at the risk of putting herself in danger. What if the mortal really did want to kill her? She shook her head, puzzled. Never understanding why the two species were against one another. "I... I won't hurt you, if you don't. I was just curious. I've never seen one of your kind before."

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"Well, i dont mind the company.. i guess." Dylanne said as she turned her back to the girl and walked back to the river side to sit back at the edge. She didn't know why but her saying that she wasnt gonna hurt her, Dylanne believed the girls words. She did glance back at her for a moment, and motioned her head toward her. "I wont hurt you either.. trust me." she said before she looked away, Dylanne would be lying if she didnt second think about turning her back on the wolf, well-Karma. But, she wasn't like her family, even though she heard about all the stories about the wolves. She didn't believe them fully, since hadn't ever seen a wolf. Well any living ones so the stories, where just storing to her and that was it.

Dylanne didn't look back at Karma anymore, she just was playing with her feet in the water. She than started skipping rocks, even though Karma wasn't beside her, Dylanne was able to still know that she was still behind her. She felt her eyes at times.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Karma watched the older's retreat to the shoreline, slowly applying pressure to her injured ankle, biting her lip to muffle a quiet whimper. Although her kind were capable of quicker healing than that of a mortal, pups bore little abilities and it would takes days to entirely mend. Hesitantly, she limped over and sat down beside Dylanne. Leaning forward and extending an arm towards the gentle waves, she skid her fingers over the surface. Then picking up a pebble to toss into the water as well. "T-thank you. For helping me." Studying the child from the edge of her vision. She had smelt the distinct odor of fear in which mirrored her own but she had gradually began to relax. Scooting closer, she leaned her head against Dylanne's shoulder, eyes slipping shut. They opened quickly, however, upon hearing the distant howls. She tensed then sat up quickly. "I-I have to go." Wide-eyed, she struggled onto her feet and moved quickly towards the trees. Pausing as she reached the wood-line. "W-Will you be here tomorrow?" She asked hopefully, before another howl urged her forward, beyond sight.

((Shall we do the age-skip after your post? We can have Dylanne arriving back into town, and Karma in her wolf-form patrolling the territory.))

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Dylanne smiled softly once she heard Karma coming over to her side. But, she quickly made it faded away once she was sitting down next to her. She was still slightly scared and nervous about being next to a wolf but, she pushed it to the back of her head. Dylanne was actually shocked that Karma thanked her, she looked over at after she tossed a rock that only skipped once before shucking to the bottom of the lake. "Your Welcome." came out of her mouth with a small smirk as she turned her attention back onto the water as it started to saddle down. Dylanne noticed Karma get closer but, said nothing she did looked over once she felt her head met with her shoulder. She smirked at the sight of Karma of leaning on me. Dylanne always found it hard to make friends but, some how she had seemed to make friends with Karma quickly. Dylanne had also relaxed as she looked at the moon for a moment before she heard a howl in the distance. That quickly raised her heart beat, she looked over and watched Karma movement. She got up herself and started putting on her shoes, thinking that Karma was already gone. But, she was wrong. Once she heard Karma's question. The young girl looked back at Karma and smile shyly and nodded. "Yeah." she answered softly. After, watching Karma disappear into the woods Dylanne went home to wondering if she was actually gonna be able to see the girl again.


Twelve Years later.

Dylanne was actually happy to be going back to the town she grown up in. It seemed like forever since she was actually home. She been every where basically. And now she was back, and she had changed since the last time. She wasn't the shy little girl, she was before. She was now, a bold and brave wolf-hunter like her brother. Who was now dead, killed by a wolf in another town. Dylanne ended up making that wolf pay for what it did. That had been almost a year ago, she was now back home asked by her parents to return. Dylanne's carriage stopped in front of her house, where some people where gathered to welcome her home. Some of this people only knew her by her hunting name. "Duke" which was a name given to her by a old childhood friend. So Dylanne really was happy to be greeted but, she hardly wanted it. She walked pasted a lot of people not saying a word, until she got to her parents and give them both a hug, it had been years since they had since their little girl. Who didn't seem to be their little princess in more.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight There had been rumors in the past months of a new hunter arriving into town; Something in which Karma had been reluctant to believe until recent days when her scouts had reported a change in the town's activity. Even as she made her way through the crowd, drawing the sun-hat lower over cold eyes, she could smell the anticipation. Things had changed over the years; No longer was she the tiny, curious child in which she once had been. Years of watching her kind being preyed upon mercilessly, even the innocence children of her pack, had hardened her. It fueled her hatred for mortals. There was no safety left for the wolves no matter how deep in the woods they hid. But Karma had tired quickly of concealment. It should be them hiding from us. I'll give them a reason to be afraid. She stifled a snarl at the thought, managing to push her way towards the front of the on-lookers though keeping a distance from the carriage. Her head lifted slightly in silent observation. More than once had she ventured through town, disguised as a simple maiden, knowing better than to draw attention. Her teeth grit when Duke finally emerged, and she took a step further back as to avoid being noticed. It wouldn't be long, Karma mused with a curve of her lips. Hunters didn't last long within this town; The alphaess had made sure of this. Dylanne, just another unknown face to the wolf, would be no different. All she had to do was lure Duke out. Simple enough. Then sink her jaws into her throat.

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Some of the town fork where to forced on Dylanne's new appearance to noticed a unwelcome guested among them. Dylanne quickly pulled away from her parents when she felt a prance of someone. She looked around for a short moment and saw nothing, her mother grabbed her hand and tookher inside before Dylanne had even looked around ever good. Dylanne sighed as she went inside with her mother, as her father sent everyone that was standing outside home.

As Dylanne and her mother waited for her father to come back, her mother started telling Dylanne about everything that had happen since she had been gone. Manly about the wolves in the area. Dylanne founded out that her town had actually started fighting back, she was actually proud at that. They hadn't really did anything for a while.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight The hat dipped lower over Karma's face when she saw the huntress turn. The breath caught in her throat as she imagined being caught here, disadvantaged by the lack of woods and surrounded by mortals. But the thought was brief, head lifting to watch her enemy enter a cottage. She lingered a moment longer as the crowd departed, starring at the home through narrowed eyes. There was something familiar about it. A shoulder bumped against her, forcing her to grit her teeth to prevent a growl as the clumsy man stuttered his apologies. "No trouble," Karma mumbled, glancing once more at the cottage. Then she turned away and started in the opposite direction of it. When she had reached the edge of the town, she offered the breeze a small sniff. Satisfied to be alone, she took off into a sprint towards the woodlands. As she ran, she threw aside the hat and struggled out of the frilly dress, tossing them into the grass, left only in boyish underclothes. When she reached the trees she paused, glowering over the town, her lips twitching in concealed excitement for the fight to come. Tonight, she would set the trap and be rid of the new Hunter. With this in mind, she turned, and wound deeper into the woods.

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It didnt seem long for it to get dark, Dylanne and her parents caught up as the were in the house. They talked about where Dylanne had been since they sent her and her brother to the training camp. Which quickly lead into a convection about her older brother, Carter. But shockingly there was no tears, just laughter. Her brother left them with alot of happily thoughts of him. Her parents was actually happy also when she told them what she did to the wolf that killed him. She basically made the wolf suffer for days before she actually ended it for him. After talking and having dinner. Dylanne's parents told Duke that it was time for them to go to bed so they wonted be late for work the next day, That was when Dylanne realized that it was dark outside. It didn't even seem like she was there that long but, she was.

Dylanne went into her old room, which hadnt changed since she had been home. She sighed and shook her head as she looked at the white and pink wallpaper that her mother put up when she was young. She hated it when she put it up and she still hated it. Dylanne closed the door behind herself once she was fully into her room and and ran her hand through her long black hair putting it up in a ponytail. Getting ready to lay down, which didn't take long. Once she got into her bed. Dylanne sat her back onto her head board and started reading a book. Dylanne also found it hard to sleep and it seemed like today was another one of those days since she couldn't sleep.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Despite those who had volunteered to accompany the leader, Karma sat alone on the outskirts of the town, watching the sun sink beneath distant mountains. Ears perked to the gentle rustling of wind against the leaves, the muffled cries of a nearby owl. Under the darkness of fallen night, the brindle canine rose to stretch the stiffness from her legs, in disregard of the untouched rabbit in which law sprawled before her. If nothing else claimed it before her return, she would later collect it to be brought to her pack. Stepping out from the cover of the forest, she climbed the small hill overlooking the town. A small growl escaping as she observed the darkened homes below. Human's didn't realize what they had; They were greedy, cruel creatures. It was because of them that the wolves were dwindling. She would not allow her pack to further suffer at the hands of mortals. Even if there was a small piece of her that lounged differently. Inhaling a slow breath, Karma started down the hill, towards the town,

There was a small farm on the edge of the community, in which Karma had visited once prior. Once had been enough. Her paws dug into the soft ground, ears rotating at the slightest noise. Crouching so that her belly brushed the ground, the dark wolf slipped beneath the fence and into the yard. On the other side, she darted into the direction of the chicken coop. Rising up onto her hind legs, she butt her nose against the latch, then dropped down to bunt the door open further. Leaping inside of the coop startled awake the chickens who began to cackle and flap. With snapping jaws, she chased them out from the coop. A light flickered on through the house's window. Abandoning the loose birds, Karma darted beneath the porch, crouching low against the ground. Moments later, the farmer came darting out, cursing loudly. "Pa? What is it?" A young girl asked. Karma tensed, watching small feet step down onto the stairs. Moving slowly, the wolf slipped out from the edge of the porch, and lounged. The child scream as teeth sank into her night-gown, pulling the legs out from under her; Causing the girl to hit her head against the lower step, her struggled ceasing as she fell unconscious. Karma could hear the farmer's shouts, but he wasn't fast enough to stop the wolf from dragging the child from the yard, and towards the woods. Karma had no intention of killing the child, but this would surely bring the hunter to her.

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Dylanne had just fall asleep when she heard a hard night on the front door. She sighed in annyoance, that was until she heard someone scream "Wolf! A wolf took my daughter!" Hearing that, Dylanne jumped up and rubbed off the left over sleep from her eyes. She run out her room and grabbed her weapons as she headed to the front door, she open the door quickly and spot a farmer that lived on the edge of the town. "What happen?" Dylanne asked as she walked onto the porch, she closed the door behind her at the same time that her parents were coming out of their room. "Which way?" she asked and the farmer whipped the tears from his eyes and pointed in the distance that the wolf took his child in. Dylanne said nothing as she walked off the porch, she was walking into the woods behind her house. She heard her parents talking to the farmer but, she was already in the woods heading to save the girl. She knew the woods around the town like the back of her hand since she was use to always be in it when she was younger. Dylanne started running not caring if any wolves heard her footsteps, maybe that would save the girl. Even though she was running to where the farmer said his daughter was taken, Duke still was ware of her surroundings. Well at least thats what she thought.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Karma was panting softly by the time in which she had reached the edge of the woods, releasing the gown as she did so. The child, unharmed expect from the scrapes and bruises of being dragged, stirred gently but didn't wake. Pausing a moment to catch her breath, Karma scanned the open land quickly. No doubt the huntress would come; The mere thought earning a low growl. The alphaess sulked backwards, into the shadows, and crouched as she awaited the arrival. It would all soon be over, she told herself silently, and perhaps this death would ward off any future hunters if this one was as popular as they seemed. Her head perked to the sound of steps, thin muscles tensing. Mentally she counted, waiting until Duke had gotten close enough to the girl. Then, she launched out from the underbrush, lounging for the huntress's legs with intent of unbalancing her. As snarling jaws snapped at the older, a familiar scent assaulted Karma's nose, and she froze. Confusion lit up her eyes. It can't be. Shaking her head quickly, her lips drew back with a loud growl.

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Dylanna kept going deeper into the woods, she found wolf paw paints on the ground, which made it every easy to know where the wolf was heading, founded it weird that the paws where heading to the edge of the woods instead of heading into the middle where. She knew the packed was actually at. But she didn't care a the moment, she didn't think of the whole thing being a trap. She was only thinking about the little girl being alone with a killing monster. She sighed as she continued following the paw paints. Her eyes widened when she finally saw the little girl on the ground she rushed over not tf thinking or looking around for the wolf, who took her in the first place. But soon Dylanne got close to the girl, she felt weight on her some the top. It didn't take long for Dylanne to realize that it was a wolf. She quickly kicked her off and stood up, she took her sword out and point it at the wolf with her back facing the girl, who seemed to be okay from the look of her but, Dylanne still was worried that she was still maybe hurt. Dylanne looked at the wolf, the color of her ears seemed familiar but Dylanne pushed that thought aside knowing it was just her imagination. The growel the wolf didn't scare Dylanne she was use to it, having killed do many wolves, her fear of them disappeared. "So this was all a trap for me, huh?" she asked with an raise of her eyebrow toward the wolf with a slight smirk. She didn't need for it to answer her. The answer was in front of her, it only made since. "I should tell you now. that if you think that killing me is gonna be so easy. Haha, you butt is so wrong." Dylanne said as she kept her sword up ready for the wolf to attack and to protected the girl no matter.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Karma fell back from the kick with a stiffled yelp, quickly regaining her balance. She stood with legs spread, head lowered and fur prickled along her spine like a rapid dog. Her tail lashed in annoyance to the sight of the huntress but she wasn't intimidated by mere words. Already the sting of her side had subsided. Stormy eyes clouded by hatred, she straighted and began a slow circle around Dylanna; Searching for a weak point. Do you think this a mere game, huntress? Despite going unheard, she silently mocked the mortal. I have killed enough of your pathetic species. But a wolf hunts only to protect the pack while you would, no doubt, slaughter even our pups. Who here is the real monster? Lounging, she snapped her jaws at Duke's ankle, dodging away just as quickly. Circling around, she sprinted directly at her and leapt up, crashing her weight into the older. The farmilar scent again washed over her and in the moment they touched, her eyes widened slightly. She could feel the jolt of her heart, something she hadn't expirenced since the last time she had caught sight of the timid child. A scar resided on her ankle still from where her foot had caught in the roots. The memory made her freeze, a growl caught in her throat. This had to be some sort of trickery.

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Dylanne didn't understand a word of the wolf but, she didn't focus on it. She keep in mind that she was not the only one here at the moment, she had to protected the girl even though now. Dylanne was starting to think that this was part of a plan to get her out in the woods. Dylanne noticed the wolf started to circle her and she knew that meant, the wolf was trying to find a blind spot but, Dylanne was trained to hide it well. She knew a attack was coming but she was unsure of the kinda it was going to be at first. She soon spotted the wolf glance at her feet and knew it was gonna be a low attack, Dylanne moved away as the wolf tried to get at her ankle. Dylanne almost lost balance but was able to caught it in time. But she was quickly brought down by the weight of the wolf. "Fuck.." slipped out of her mouth as kept her grip on her sword as she was able to throw the wolf off her. But noticed the wolf wasn't attacking anymore, she seemed stuck and confused. Looking at those eyes, Dylanne got lost in the pasted as she thought about the girl. Laying on the ground, Dylanne was asking to get killed but, she was in here thoughts. She hadnt seen the girl in years. "Karma.." she whispered not realizing that she had actually said the girl name out loud.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Karma landed on her side, quickly scrambling to her paws and backing away in anticipation of an attack. Her gaze pinned on the huntress, wondering if she was imagining things. How could Duke, her Duke who she had been told died years prior, be one of those monsters? It had been her mother, after discovering their secret friendship, that had insisted the mortal dead by an accident. Karma hadn't wanted to believe her but though she waited every night for the girl's return, she never had. The alpha was frozen, blinking slowly to the sound of her name. Dylanne... Ears flattened, a knot of panic swelled in her stomach. Taking a step back, her jaws parted as if to answer but managed only a low whimper. Another backwards step before she turned entirely, darting towards the cover of the trees. This was too much to handle; She had been prepared for a fight, not this. If it really was Dylanne... She pushed the thought to the back of her mind. Stopping only briefly at the top of the hill to look back onto the girl. Slowing to a clumsy walk as she entered the woods, she hadn't gone far before slumping onto the ground. Head placed between her paws, she watched the white mist of her breathes.

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Seeing the wolfs reaction to her saying Karma. Dylanne eyes widen. Dylanne watched the wolf walk into the woods. She wanted to chase after her to find out if it was really her, even though her mind just didn't want to believe it for some reason. Dylanne was frozen looking at the trees that the wolf disappeared between but a simple howl from another direction quickly reminded Dylanne were she was and soon the little girl popped in his head. "Fuck..." she said as she put away her sword and walked to the girl and scooped her up. Dylanne know this woods thinks to Karma since it was the only place they was able to see each other. As Dylanne carried the girl back into town her mind was still on Karma, well at least the wolf who seemed like Karma. She never saw Karma's wolf when they were younger, it was the one thing that she never shared with Dylanne. "My daughter!" the farmer screamed, bring Duke back into to the world. "Thank you.. Thank you so much." he said as he took his daughter out of Dylanne's arms. Duke nodded. "It was nothing, she is just sleeping right now.. she will be fine in a couple of hours." she said as she walked passed and headed to her parents porch. "We are so proud of you, did you kill the beast?" her father was quickly ready to ask. Dylanne sighed annoyance, she didn't even answer him. She just walked right passed him and her mother as well. She didn't stop walking until she was in her room. She closed her door and flopped onto the book, she stared at the ceiling. Her mind couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that it could be Karma. She sighed as she heard her parents room door close, she glad that was coming to see what was wrong with. She looked at her window that lead to the secret hiding place by the lake, If it was really her. She would know about the lake. Dylanne thought as she got up and went out the window heading for the lake in the woods, where she first met Karma.

Once Dylanne was there, she saw no one. She sighed and shook her head. It wasn't her. Dylanne quickly thought to herself but, she still stayed. Now with Karma on her mind, she realized how much she missed her. She walked over to the tree that Karma tripped on. They wrote Duke & Kay were here on the tree. Dylanne smirked at the words as she ran her finger through the lettering before she sat down with her back against the tree. She took her ponytail out, her long black hair now free blow in the wind.

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Yeah. I'll be online tomorrow, so I'll reply then.))

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Karma heard the anxious howls rising in the distance, a vague reminder of the hours that had passed since she first set out for town. No doubt they assumed the worse, and may even come searching, but she was too conflicted to face anyone. She was ashamed that she had broken her vow to defend the wolves, that she had fled like a frightened pup. They were counting on her and she had failed them. Arching her muzzle skyward, she howled back, commanding them to stay with the pack. Then she rose, slowly padding through dense woodland. The tightness in her chest made it hard to breath let alone think. Whoever you are, you are not my Dylanne. There hadn't been a trace of the timid child Karma, even in youth, had fallen in love with. She couldn't take the memories, the ghostly laughter, it was like loosing her all over again. She ran blindly, uncaring where she went so long as it was far away. Paws skid to stop on pale sand, greeting by the gentle laps of waves against the shore. The lake... A place she hadn't been in years, yet here she was. Karma squeezed her eyes shut only for them to snap open as she detected a familiar scent. Scurrying into the tree line, she crouched and watched as Duke appeared. How dare she come here! Anger lit her eyes but she hesitated; It was the perfect opportunity to sneak up on the huntress. Yet something held her back. With a deep breath, she shifted. "Your kind isn't welcome here." She growled, stepping from the trees. Arms braced around herself, shivering from the cool night air. "This is your last chance. Leave now. But if I catch you anywhere near here again, I will not be so kind."

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Dylanne wasn't worrying about her surroundings she was thinking about her past with Karma. Even though they were kids, Dylanne was sure that she loved her. She felt the way her mother and father always descried the way they felt about it each other only Dylanne's feelings seemed stronger for Karma. Dylanne was looked at the grass underneath her as she continued thinking of Karma. Which lend to her remembering that she had not thought about since she had left the village. Because a week after it was a rumor going that a villager had killed a cub in the woods by the lake. Before a tear was able to run down her cheek. Dylanne felt someone watching her and soon heard a voice. She wiped away the tear quickly before she looked up at the face. Those eyes Her eyes reminded Dylanne of Karma, they were like stars sparkling at night. Quickly getting lost into her eyes, Duke didn't hear the girls words. She shook her head forcing back on reality. "What?" she asked as she stood up. Her hair was all in her face, she sighed and run her hand through it. Putting it in the back, she looked back at the girl with a raised eyebrow. "I am sorry.... i wasn't really listening." she added as shrugged her shoulder.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Love wasn't a common factor in the alphaess's childhood. Death and fear had a habit of driving people apart, just as it had her own family. Years being outcast by mortals and wolves alike hardened her. Morphed her into a true leader, fair and merciless, always doing in the best interest of the pack rather than herself. Until tonight. She stood glaring, excepting anything but the reply given. Before realizing it, she had crossed the shore and was shoving Dylanne against a tree. A thick growl rumbled in her throat. Duke's scent wafted around her; How many times had she smelt it, not as hunter and wolf, but as friends. Every game, every talk, it all weighed on her mind. She felt sickened and weak, like a wounded child rather than a brutal wolf. "Sorry?! Did you not think I'd know?! I can smell you!" She snapped. Catching sight of the carved names in the bark, she fell back a step, turning her had away sharply. "Get out of my woods." Her voice was softer this time.

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Even though she had been trained for years to know a wolves moves before they do them, but she was blinded by the past in her thoughts that Dylanne didn't see the attack coming. She sighed as she was pinned against the tree. She didn't make a sound of pain but, she did feel the strength of the girl. Dylanne could have attacked but she didn't. She knew it was Karma. Well at least she hoped it was, she saw the girl look at the carving in the tree. Duke was shocked that she let her go, Duke rubbed her neck slightly and looked up facing the girls back. Dylanne ignore the others words and sighed softly for herself. Her reaction to the carving, kinda of answered Dylanne's question but she needed to hear it for herself. "Karma?.. is that you." she asked.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Karma strung a hand through her hair in an effort to hold herself together. The anger seething inside of her was nearly extinguished by the sound of her name, making her shiver softly. Lips drew back in a snarl, every instinct lounging to simply walk awake, but she was frozen in place. "That's the thing about humans, they just don't listen." She shook her head faintly before finally peering up at the huntress. Why wouldn't this girl just leave? A long moment of silence. "You promised, and you lied, Dylanne. And if you come back, if I so much as catch your scent, I will not hesitate next time. It doesn't matter what we were, you're a hunter, and I will kill you." Unwilling to directly admit her identify, all the pain and rage woven into her icy words.

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Dylanne opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out she was stock by Karmas words. She knew what promise she was talking about. I promise i wont ever become a hunter Karma, i see how much hurt they cause you. Her own voice ringed in Dylanne's head. She sighed. And her eyes quickly fall to the ground. "I am sorry... You are i broke my promise to you, Kay.." Dylanne said not looking up. "I will obey your wish.. if thats really what you want." Duke added as she started walking off. A few steps away, she stopped and looked back. "I am glad that your dream came true by the way about being alpha." Dylanne voice, was sweet and caring. Something that she didn't have control over when it came to Karma. That was how it always was, she seemed harsh and mean to others but, when it came to Karma she wasnt. Before Karma could commit on her words Dylanne started walking off heading to her parents house. She was sad that Karma wanted nothing to do with her. But, she wasn't gonna force her to listen and forgive her.

It wasnt long before Dylanne was in her parents backyard. The lights in the house were all off, which she was glad of. She went into the house quietly and went into her room. She put all of her weapons on her dresser and sighed softly as she looked at them. For the first time she realized that she really had became the monster that she swear to protect Karma from. She ran her hand through her hair and put it back into a ponytail. As she walked over to her bed, she passed her window. She stopped and looked out it and saw the stars, and she automatically smirked at the beautiful sight. Karma She sighed and shock her head. She turned her back to the window, even though inside it was the last thing she wanted to do and walked over to her bed. She flopped down, she laid on her back and looked up at the ceiling.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Don't ever call me that again, my name is Karma!" The alphaess snapped irritably; Her nickname hadn't been used in years, since the last time in which they spoke. She was a different person then, filled by hopes and dreams. I know you'd never hurt me. And when I grow up I'll be an alpha, just like my father was! We'll make them see, Duke, wolves aren't monsters. She pushed away the memory, arms crossed in desperation to keep herself together. So easily did words claw at the walls built around her heart. Whose the real beast? She watched Dylanne leave, eyes slipping shut as the steps faded. She wanted so badly to call out, and yet she didn't. Instead heading in the opposite direction, shifting when she emerged into the trees.

Only two dozen wolves remained in the small cluster of wooden cabins inland from the other side of the lake. Attacks throughout the years diminished their numbers greatly. A handful of pups, too young for their first shifts, ran out to greet the brindle wolf as she sulked into the camp. Her soft warning growl sent them away in confusion, for she normally played at least one game with them upon returning. She didn't feel like playing, though. She had nearly reached her cabin, when a heavily pregnant woman came running out, in hysterical tears. Karma shifted and hurried over to her side, guiding the woman to sit onto the porch. "It's Fenris. He's gone after the hunter." Karma froze; Fenris was a wolf known for his disrespect of Karma and his hatred for mortals. No doubt, he'd try to kill the huntress on his own. "Dylanne..."

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Still looking at the ceiling, Dylanne couldn't go to sleep. Her mind couldn't wrap around Karma's words. She seemed different but, Duke could still see the little girl she once played with in the shadows of the night until dawn. Is that because i just dont wanna believe that she is different She asked herself, as she closed her eyes trying to sleep but it still wasnt working. She was wide wake but, for the first time since her brother's death she was relaxed. She sighed and rubbed her face, little did she know that she was being watched.

Dylanne sat up on the edge of her bed when she heard something from outside. She sighed as she got up of the bed and walked over to the window, thinking will at least hoping that it was Karma. But she realized it wasn't once she saw the red eyes. "Fuck!" she yelled at that moment, the wolf got a hold of Duke from the open window and pulled her out of her room with one movement. He swung her toward the woods but she landed before she got to it. She got up still not making sounds of her pain. Knowing that was a sign of weak niceness and know wolves fear on it. As she looked at the wolf in front of her Karma sent him.... she was hurt to thinking that but it was the only thing in her mind that made since. She stood her ground as the wolf headed toward her but, she quickly remember she was unarmed. "Great.." she said softly to herself, the second that he was only a inch from her she moved. She needed to get her sword, this just showed how much Karma really changed. The wolf turned to face Duke whose, back was facing her window. She glanced back at her room, a picture of her sword on her dresser appeared in her mind. She needed to get to it. She heard the wolfs heavy footsteps coming at her, she went to look at him but it was to late. His growls were about to attack, she used her arm to block his blow which was meant for her face. His crawls digged deep in her skin, it hurt like hell but she didn't scream or nothing. The wolf backed off after his attack and watched as Duke held onto the wound, when Dylanne looked up at him she could see the smile in his eyes. He howled which made Duke think that there were more coming, her eyes looked around looking for signs of more wolves. This is my chance she thought as she turned her back to the wolf and jumped inside her room. The wolf didn't move, he know it was gonna be a battle but thought since she was hurt that it was gonna be a easy win for him. Duke got her sword and her got one of her old small shirts and tied it on her arm. She knew that it wouldn't stop the bleeding for to long, as Duke was heading out of her room she heard her parents door open. "Dylanne!" she heard her mouths voice come from the hallway, Duke didn't look at them once she heard their running footsteps stop at her doorway. "Honey are bleeding..." once again coming from her mother. "I will be fine.. just stay inside... got it." she said quietly but, with a serious tone to her voice. She didn't wait to hear them agree before she jumped out of the window and landed a few feet away from the wolf. She smirked at the sight of him, even if she was gonna be killed today. It was gonna be a easy thing to do.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Everyone within the camp was ushered inside the cabins with firm instructions to remain until deemed safe, while Karma left at a sprint. Paired only by her beta; An older, pale grey wolf. Silenty praying she made it in time and cursing herself for not forseeing this sooner. How would her pack view her if it was realized she had permitted this to happen? Loosing another wolf, even one as reckless as Fenris, would be a devistating blow to their already dwindling numbers. Yet a part of her was more concerned with Duke, and if she could truly fight her once friend like so.

The wolves were panting when they emerged from the trees, the brindle stopping short of the town to taste the air. Able to detect Fenris; A stale, distinct smell. Gesturing with a turn of her head, she lead the way down from the hill, and into the valley. They kept in the shadows of buildlings, out of sight. Then she spotted him -The large, russet wolf circling another figure. Fenris... She darted forward, at the same time in which Fenris leapt at the huntress. The pair landing in the a heap on the grouns, and drawing away with snarling jaws. Submit! Karma growled, her fur prickles in anger and unease. She had glimpsed the weapon Duke carried, the glint of in the moonlight. As her packpate slunk down, her beta close by, watching wearily, Karma turned sharply to the huntress. Daring her to lift the sword. Anger seethed in her stomach, but if she could get away without a fight, she would.

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Dylanne was ready to fight but she wasnt ready to see another wolves pin the one that once stood in front of her. With all the moment and noise, she already could get a good look at them. Well that was excepted one, Karma ringed in her head, she looked at the wolf that stared at her and her sword. Dylanne was angry and confused. Why send a wolf to kill and than not let him finish his mission she thought to herself. Dylanne was about to raise her sword to show that she was ready to fight. But she was losing to much blood from the cut the wolf cased her, Duke quickly fall to her knees, her sword fall to the ground along with her. Dylanne tried to slow down her breathing as everything started to look blurry. But it wasn't helping, Dylanne quickly fall unconscious in front of wolves the worst place to ever do it at.

"Dylanne!" the yell of her mother could have been heard through the village. Her mother run out not even caring or paying any attention to the wolves that stood there. "Micheal!! Micheal!!" she screamed as she was now on her knees, she pushed Dylanne's heavy body on her back. "Come on baby weak up.." she said trying to shake her, at that moment her husband comes out and see Dylanne his heart drops as quick as his knees did. He saw the blood and quickly moved his way aside. "We have to get to the nurse." he said as he picked Dylanne they headed away from the wolves and the woods with tears running down there face hoping their only child with be fine.

There was a second of stunned silent before realization dawned upon the brindle wolf, and she sprang forward to soften the mortal's decent. Panic tighten in her chest; There was so much blood, it stained her fur and doused her paws as she pressed against the limp body. Dylanne... Her head perked to the nearing shouts, turning quickly to bark orders at her pack-mates. To her relief, they listened, backing away in hesitance before heading off in the opposite direction. Touching her nose against Duke's cheek, she closed her eyes, breathing deeply. She couldn't simply leave; It was her own fault. If only she'd been there to stop him. Her one chance in getting her childhood friend back, and now she was being lost again.

Karma's eyes snapped open again to the sound of approaching steps. She growled but moved away, simply watching as Duke was taken. Taking a step to follow then pausing, glancing over her shoulder. She didn't belong here. Her eyes fell upon the sword; A painful reminder how willingly her own love would have slaughter her. It had been tears since the alpha felt such conflict. She grabbed hold of the sword in her jaws and dragged it to a bush. Placing it so it lay unnoticed. Then she followed behind, at a distance, the couple. She only had to know, had to assure herself. Duke had to make it.

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Micheal ran with his daughter in his arms, he could hear his wife crying and screaming behind him. "Someone! Help!" she yelled as she ran behind her husband, Dylanne's head swung back and forth as her father ran. Her blood was all over his shirt but, at the moment he didn't care. It wasn't long before he was on the doctors porch, some villagers ran out their houses after hearing Dylanne's mother, Hannah screaming. Others looked out their windows to scared to come out of their houses. Hannah knocked on the doctors door. He came out with a slight frown on his face, that quickly disappeared until once he spotted Dylanne. He moved aside and motioned for Micheal and Hannah to come in. "What happen?" someone asked as he ran up on the porch, the doctor shook his head and closed the door in front of the men. He locked it behind him before he moved away from the door. "Put her on the couch and get the windows." he ordered from her parents. Micheal laid Dylanne down on the couch, from what he could tell she was dead but his heart wouldn't except that. Even if it was true, he sighed and reached to close the blinds with his wife. The doctor knee down to Dylanne's side, he spotted the wound on her arm. "A wolf did this?" he asked, even though he known by the claw marks. "I told yall not to let her come, they were going to find out she was here. And by the way she dresses and the big welcome home yall did for her. It was easy to spot her out." he said, he was know for not holding back his options around the village. He never really left his house unless someone needed his help and they couldn't make it to him. He sighed softly to himself as he heard Hannah cry harder behind him. He shook his head and pulled out a box from under the couch. "She will be fine." he said as he started to work on her wound.

There were people everyone, racing out onto their porches or drawn onto the street. Karma fell further back, shying away from unwanted eyes, soon loosing sight of the huntress. Even their shouts began to fade. Daring no further, Karma passed a final glance over the town before turning away. She felt drained and cold, head bowed as she stumbled towards home. Her paws felt heavier, struggling to breath with the painful knot in her chest. How am I supposed to act like an alpha, if I fail to defend my pack? Everything was falling apart, and she abruptly wondered what happened to the ruthless leader from nights prior. The mere presents of Dylanne changed everything and no matter how she threatened and snarls, a piece of her, that lost sliver of a child, only wanted to curl up. Feel the warmth and comfort long forgotten. The odor of blood clung around her. She would have to deal with Fenris. Disobedience could not be tolerated. I'll come back for you. Even if Duke was unaware of her presents, Karma would return. If Duke survived this night.

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It was morning now and Dylanne was still not up, the doctor did the best he could. And now the only think her parents could do now was wait. They took her back to their house and she was now laying in her bed. Hannah and Micheal checked on her once and while. They worried that she wont weak up. The doctor said she might be in a coma. And with that in mind they worried even more. Their little girl in a coma. It couldn't get any worse. Micheal was more anger at the fact of why than her actually being in a coma. He was tired of the wolves they killed his son and now they had almost killed their daughter. Hannah was more into worrying about her daughter than the wolves.

In the early dawn hours, Karma stepped within view of the home. Her burnett hair was tucked under a cap, dressed in boy's trousers. There was a fresh scar across her cheek from attacking Fenris the night prior when they returned the camp. She might've killed him too, if not for his mate's begging sobs. She'd seen Dylanne being carried back not long prior, and since than awaiting her opportunity. A swift look around she approached briskly. With a deep breath, and the leverage of a small tree, she heaved herself up enough to grab hold of the window ledge. Using her other hand to slide it open. Relief washed through her, as she pulled herself up, tumbling ungracefully onto the floor inside. She bit her tongue to prevent a yelp, and rolled herself over, shaking like a wet dog. Standing, she snatched her hat from the floor, then saw her. Duke. She dropped the hat again, this time not caring. Crossing the room, she sat hesitantly on the side of the bed, and reached over to brush her fingertips against Dylanne's cheek. It made her heart race, being this close. Sighing, she bowed her head into her palms, eyes closed.

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Feeling a short touch on her cheek, Dylanne frowned slightly. She groaned to the pain she was now feeling. "Shit..." she softly said with her eyes still closed. Her left raised to her right arm. She groaned to the pain, she opened her eyes put it was still blurry but she was able to assume that she was looking at her bedroom ceiling. She sighed she tried to move her leg but felt something blocking her. "Who the hell?" she asked as she pushed herself up and groaning at the same time, she placed her back onto her head board. She rubbed her eyes and blinked her eyes once and looked up. Karma she thought herself. Dylanne didn't remember everything but she remember enough. She frowned and held her arm once again, the stress whats doing her body any good. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

Karma lifted her head to the noise, smirking weakly at the sight of the older. "I wouldn't move if I were you. Likely to pop a stitch." She leaned over, gently pushing her down onto the bed, her touch lingering a moment. "Keep your voice down." Her eyes flickered to the door, able to detect the muffle voices from downstairs. Turning towards Dylanne, she raised her brow. "And to think I went through all the trouble of coming here just to see you." She dropped the mockingly sweet tone, "You have any idea how much trouble you've caused? Just about everyone in this wretched town's after my pelt. I've got half a mind to bite you, myself." But that won't put an end to things. The alphaess sighed. She'd been avoiding the question.

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Dylanne looked in the direction of the door and sighed. She looked up at Karma as she spoke. "How much trouble i caused?... You are the one who attacked a young girl... for what reason Karma?" she said, she was angry not understanding what Karma was even getting at. "And yall wonder why, humans are after yall. Stop acting like monsters than maybe you will get treat in that manner. And as for you coming to see me..." Dylanne said as the pain in her arm got worse. She groaned quietly, she sighed once it went down and ran her hand through her hair. "You could have stayed where ever you were... you sent that damn wolf after me-" Dylanne said, her voice started breaking as she tired to sound cold hearted even though inside she just wanted to break down. "I dont be like this right now. If it was for you, everything that has been is no ones fault but your own. Stop trying to blame others for you stupid actions." Duke said.

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