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Xavier | 142 comments Hey.

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Hi :)

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should we make character sheets?

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Xavier | 142 comments Yes please. I have no preference just make your character however you want. :) I'll have mine up in a bit.

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Xavier | 142 comments Name: Miami Georgette Pike
Nickname: Mya
Age: 16
Other: Enjoys doing Henna and temporary tattoos to distract herself and hide the bruises on her arms

Eyes: Bright Blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100 lbs (a bit malnourished)

History/Personality: Miami is a sweet and caring girl that was born deaf. Her mother nearly died giving birth to her. Miami's father had never wanted children in the first place and always hated Miami. He mistreated her as a young child and started beating her at the age of five. Her father constantly blames her for being stupid because can't hear and whenever she receives hearing aides to try to help her hearing, he always breaks them. Miami takes her beating and make sure it never shows. No one knows that her father beats her and she wants it to stay that way. If someone find out and said something to the police she would have nowhere else but a foster house to go. And that scared her almost as much as her father did.

• Anthony Pike, 40
• Nikki Oswalt-Pike, 38

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it's just something i whipped up really quickly, for the most part history & personality will be revealed during rp
( name ) Logan
( age ) 17
( gender ) Male

( appearance )

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Xavier | 142 comments That's fine. Why should start?

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Xavier | 142 comments *Who

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how about in class?
edit : i guess i will?

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Xavier | 142 comments That's fine. Give me a minute and I'll start.

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Xavier | 142 comments Miami sat at her seat in class, starting mindlessly at the teacher as he spoke. She heard nothing and want trying to pay attention. Miami could read someone's lips if necessary but she doesn't care to and she was sure the teacher knew that. Miami had been told that she was going to recieve a student aid so she could actually learn something in class and not fail but it seemed as if that wasn't going to happen. Miami shifted in her seat, playing with a stand of her hair. Miami startled and looked up as someone say down beside her, frowning when she saw the school's resident bad boy beside her. A quick glance at the teacher told her that he was supposed to be there then she realized, he was her aid.

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Logan trudged into class. He sighed, steeling himself for the long hours ahead. Logan didn't particularly enjoy the prospect of work-- and his bad grades clearly screamed that. But if he was going to graduate this year, he had to pass, and that meant at the very least, a B+. So on top of all his extra assignments, he had to take on translating, which required most of his concentration. This was going to bump up most of his linguistic grades up to a C+, and that made a lot less work for him. He had no way out of this, unfortunately.

Logan opened the door, smirking slightly at the heads turned his way. He settled into the desk next to the girl who he presumed to be deaf, as she was staring at the teacher and didn't appear to be taking notes like the rest of the class. Logan put his backpack gently onto the floor. He wasn't sure what to say-- err, sign to the girl, so he just signed, "Hi. Here to help." Logan saw her frown, but didn't seem to notice it. He was used to this sort of rebuke from his fellow students. Logan settled into a more comfortable position in the hard plastic chairs, glad that he didn't have to stay in these for another year.

Logan finally took a long look at the girl, noticing the tattoos, noticing the skinny figure. He decided it was best not to mention it, at least for now. Logan was only here to translate. Not like he cared about being all buddy-buddy with her. Of course, that's probably what his friends would assume, that he was snuggling up with his extra-credit buddy or something. Jerks.

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Xavier | 142 comments Miami raised her henna decorated hands and began to sign fluidly. It was really just a test to see if he could keep up with her. If he wasn't actually going to help her and take this seriously, then she didn't want any part of being around him. Miami knew she got plenty of gossip for just being, she didn't need more stuff floating around because the bad boy had become her class aide. "That's fabulous, pretty boy. If you're here to help, then help. I'd rather not fail this class and I'm sure you want whatever has been promised to you so let's just do this and get it over with," she signed quickly.

Miami didn't want his shit. If he was just going to goof off and sit around, signing every now and then to look as if he was doing something then she was just going to ignore him and report him to the office. She had no problem doing that. Miami nudged him as to get his attention again. "Either you can take notes for me or you can sign what the teacher is saying to me but either way, you need to do something," Miami signed, raising a brow and using her now inactive hands to push her hair out of her eyes, quickly pulling it into a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes for the time being.

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Logan raised his hands in mock-surrender. "As you said, I just want what's promised for me doing this. Not like I want to be here, but if I have to, I'm definitely not going to half-ass it." Logan signed back at the girl, quite fluidly, thank you very much. He was quite flustered, but tried to keep his cool. Logan pulled out a notebook. The girl didn't seem to want to talk to him, so he began transcribing notes, trying to make his handwriting neat. Like he said, he wasn't going to half-ass this. He hoped it wouldn't be this awkward with her the whole semester. She seemed.. okay, and it's not as if he had anything else to amuse himself with while taking notes.

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Xavier | 142 comments Miami leaned back in her chair, momentarily satisfied. She watched the teacher as he taught the last of the class but didn't even try to make sense of what he was teaching. Without being able to hear, the few words and things he put on the board looked like a group of random words. Something that no one could easily comprehend, her especially.

Miami looked back over at her new aide. This was a nice addition to her daily school life it if her parents found out, hell would encompass her home. As if it hadn't anyways. Miami was honestly surprised that it was Jason that had been drafted as her aide, bribed or not. Miami began to think she was a part of the majority of the school's population that wasn't aware that he could sign.

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Logan was glad that at least his friends weren't in this class. They were pretty obnoxious sometimes, and this wasn't the first time he'd realized this. To be truthful with himself, he wasn't completely sure why he kept them around. Logan supposed it was to back up his tough-guy act, or something like that. He'd never been over to their houses or really interacted with them outside school. He didn't really interact with anyone outside of school.

Frankly, Logan just wanted to get done with high school, and he couldn't care less about his popularity, but it was easier this way. He wasn't pressured to get good grades because of his attitude, even if he did pass his entry exam with flying colors. The teachers stopped trying a long time ago with Logan.

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Xavier | 142 comments ((Sure.))

Miami did nothing for the rest of her class and waited for the signal that she could leave. Since she could never hear the bell ring, she waited for everyone else to beginning to gather up their things. That was when she bolted out of the room. That day was like no other. As soon as Miami saw the other kids begin to pick up their stuff, Miami stood. She swung her bag, which was comparatively lighter than most students', onto her shoulders and quickly left the room.

Her next class was the one class where she truly relaxed throughout the day even though she practically had the whole day off because she couldn't hear. Though Miami's zeal to get to her next had made her completely forget about Logan, leaving him and the notes he had taken for her behind. Miami didn't think about that though as she rushed off to her next class.

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Logan sighed. Of course, she bolted off and he didn't give her his notes. Now he would have to follow Miami to her next class and deliver her the notes, probably making him late for his class as well, of course. Logan would have to hurry, then. Logan walked down the halls, ignoring any jeers that found themselves in his way. Miami was in the same linguistics class with him, but he didn't know the order of any other classes that she went to.

Logan found himself peeping through the windows to classrooms , searching for Miami. She was an awful lot of trouble, but she would be mad at him if he forgot to give her the notes. Then again, she didn't really seem to care about class. It really amazed Logan that Miami had gotten this far without repeating a grade or dropping out. Logan noticed that he was 10 minutes late for class, but the teachers would probably just assume he was skipping, which was fine with Logan. He would ask somebody for notes later.

Logan found Miami in chemistry, looking dully at the whiteboard the teacher was writing on. It annoyed him that she didn't even care. He didn't care that much either, but he didn't exactly want to fail, and Miami seemed like she didn't care either way. Logan moved to the window at the back, where Miami was sitting. He tapped the window once, twice, with his knuckle. Hopefully that got her attention. Logan pulled out the notebook and gestured towards it, hoping she got the point and asked to be excused so she could pick up her notes.

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Xavier | 142 comments Miami sat in chemistry either staring at the desk of blankly at the teacher. The school have a damn to give her aside in linguistics but not chemistry? How nice. Like it did much good to improve her grades when he's around her for a class each day. The only reason she ended up seeing Logan was because he was waving his arms around like a fool. Miami glanced from the notebook to his face then touched her ear and lips. She couldn't hear and couldn't speak. How could he forget? She didn't blame him though. It was pretty easy to forget about it when you aren't the person afflicted by it. Logan just needed to come in and give her the notebook. Miami crooked a finger at him, signaling for him to come in then turned back towards the front. If he didn't come in, he didn't come in. Miami could are less if she got the notes from him or not.

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Logan nodded his head in acknowledgement, and started walking towards the door. The class hadn't started yet so it would be easy enough to pretend that he was supposed to be here. He walked into the classroom, and handed Miami her notebook with a bow. "You shouldn't be so careless." Logan signed to her, and looked rather annoyed. He was glad he only had to get through another semester, as Logan didn't exactly appreciate her attitude.

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Xavier | 142 comments Miami snatched the notebook from his hand and dropped it on her desk. She watched his hands as he signed and she tried not to lash out at him. He knew nothing. "Believe me," she signed in reply. "I know what carelessness reaps. I don't need a lecture on it," Miami purposely looked away moving her neck in such a way as to expose the bruise that had been hiding behind the sweater she was wearing. Miami moved her neck back into a neutral position, the bruise disappearing underneath her clothing. She looked him in the eyes, daring him to say anything. People had seen the bruises before and even confronted her about it but didn't zilch. She had no reason to believe Logan would care.

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Xavier | 142 comments ???

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(( aaaa my bad!! sorry if it's short, phone dying ))

Logan couldn't help but suck in a breath at the sight of the bruise. "Oh.. wow. Was your intention to make me feel like an inconsiderate jerk, bevause I sure do." Logan signed. Now would probably be the best time to leave. He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable or anything, so he decided to forget about it for now. Logan had school to focus on, and hadn't exactly asked for all this drama.

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