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message 1: by Russ (new)

Russ Davis | 5 comments Looking for a couple readers and would prefer to exchange novels. I'll help you, you help me. Ideally, we can become a writing group for future projects too, but we'll see if we mesh here first. If all you want is to beta read once, I'll take it.

Please, please be interested in Fantasy. I really need people who would be in my target audience. Also, I'm not interested in paying anyone in cash. I'll definitely pay in-kind as I said above.

I am looking for big picture critiques: characterization, plot, pacing, setting. If you find typos, great, but that's not the point.

Here's the trick. I need people who can be brutally honest but do not feel the need to say something just to say something. The point is for me to know if something works and if it doesn't. That means I need you to tell me either way. And feel free to say the tough stuff. I've already been hit pretty hard on this manuscript, much to my benefit. I may stuff a few pins in my voodoo doll, but I'll smile to your face... (I kid.)

For the record, expect adult themes. There is cursing, violence, and sex. I don't think it's copious or gratuitous (obviously), but it's there. Pretty much any curse word you can think of appears, there are several fights where people die in bloody messes, there is one (implied, off-page) rape, and a couple sex scenes that cut off before the actual business starts.

Now the pitch:

The King is dead.

For over a hundred years, the Kingdom of Estlund has engaged in a great struggle against her archenemy, Ceolwald, plunging the wider Pentarchy into chaos and condemning generations to die in battle. Now, with Estlund's King assassinated in his own palace, both nations mobilize their armies once more.

Inspector Merrard Greyn is tasked by the new King with finding his father's assassin. Yet his investigation is not straight-forward, and he is soon forced to consider the possibility that he was never meant to solve the crime.

Trostig is the new King's younger brother, but he is convinced he is his father's true heir. He flees to Ceolwald, where he allies with Geiseric, a military prodigy eager to reform the world by blood and fire if need be. Yet it doesn't take long for him to realize he may have unleashed a monster that cannot be contained.

Sheridan Steele always wanted to be a soldier until she tired of watching her friends die. Disillusioned and unsure of her purpose, she is commissioned by her old order to investigate a radical religious sect that sees the fulfillment of a little-known prophecy in the King's death. She rides west but finds only an army in her path, forcing her to choose between the life she left behind and the one she hoped to find.

Garrett Mann is an affable trickster who never met a con he didn't like. Yet when one of his schemes goes horribly wrong, his quest for revenge dredges up past secrets he had thought long buried.

Thanks for your attention.

message 2: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 35 comments Hi! I'll gladly read through it.
Genres I'm focusing on: fantasy, NA fiction, paranormal romance.
I'll do it for free because I'm also looking for beta readers as soon as I've finished my first book :)
How about deadline? For 144K words I would need at least 6 weeks (full-time job and then 1 week holiday).
If you're interested, send a mail

message 3: by Karen (new)

Karen (kivrin) | 70 comments Hey Russ! I'm looking for the exact kind of feedback for my fantasy book. Brutally honest and constructive. It has been through several beta reviews and revisions but I really need a male perspective on it. The first book is about a group of guys (and one girl) and I want to know if the thoughts and dialogue of my hearty group of warriors is consistent with general male perspective.

I am posting it on Wattpad as I revise. Take a look and tell me if you are interested. It is part of a series, likely 5-6 books at this point, so this can definitely be a long term partnership.

The cover is terrible; I'm looking for someone who has better graphic software than I do to craft something for me just for Wattpad.

You can contact me at to discuss further.

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