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message 1: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) ((is that from Attack on Titan))

Asha wandered the town of Crimson Burn popping into tavens every once and a while and reflecting on the offer the queen had given her. On the one hand if she took it she'd be set for life. On the other... there were many benefits to not having a side in this war. One of which included being able to come to Crimson Burn for a very specific set of knives. She'd been walking the streets for hours trying to find them.

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((oh my godness the titans though))

Asha was sprinting now, desperate to find these knives before some other stupid assasin did. In her rush she almost crashed into a girl who seemed to almost float above the ground. "Sorry 'bout that," she frantically slurred out as she continued to barrel down the street. It was then she realized that maybe this girl could help her in her quest. She backtracked a bit and stopped once she found the girl again. "Have you by chance seen a set of throwing knives about five inches long in a shimmery crimson colour?" she gasped.

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((lol it's fine))

So she wasn't going to be of any help. "I haven't lost them, I overheard an assasin at a bar talking about how they were somewhere in Crimson Burn for quite a high price." Asha lifted her long tunic slightly so the other girl could see some of her sheathed knives. "Apparently they're enchanted in such a way that they could pierce the hide of a dragon." And even if that turned out to be false, it would still be neat to have a set of crimson knives.

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Grace (markedforcourt) Asha grimanced. "If he's heard of them then that could be an issue but I haven't heard anything about them since I came from the Blade Bar back in Dread Forest. Besides if I were to talk to the higher ups here it would throw a wrench into an arrangment I'm trying to make." It was then Asha noticed that the girl across from you was slightly transparent. She ran a hand through her hair and groaned. Was she talking to a ghost?

message 5: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) "Just gathering clients," Asha responded not wanting to give too much away. Even if this other girl was a ghost Asha had no idea whether or not this particular ghost had alligences to anyone. Speaking of which she had no idea who she was talking to. "Who exactly are you?" she asked. "I'm Asha by the way. Asha Feredae. And if you don't mind me asking are you actually transparent or am I just crazy?"

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Grace (markedforcourt) Asha grimaced. So she was talking to a ghost, and not just any ghost either. "I vaugely remember hearing about you when I was younger. I'm technically from here." Should she apologize? Give her condolances? "Sorry you died. Also wouldn't other people notice the ghost of the king's dead sister wandering the streets?"

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Rachel Bybee ((Bam I'm joining on this knife thing ;3 ))

Maltra pulled his hood tight, keeping his whole face shadowed. He did a fast walk down the street, going into every single weaponry store. He scanned it quickly and efficiently. Nothing so far. He walked fast, only to catch his eye on a figure. A ghost. Talking to an... Assassin? Maltra recognized assassins in a snap. No doubt this was one. He came to a complete stop as he stared.

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((Oh my things just got real))

"I can't believe I'm talking to a ghost. There are lots of things I've seen and done since I've become an assassin but talking to you marks a first in my life." Asha's neck prickled. Someone was watching the two of them. "Don't turn too abruptly but I think someone is staring at us," she whispered, barely moving her lips.

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((Oh yes))

message 10: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra continued walking, shoving those two out of his mind. He kicked the door open to the Assassin's Deck and scanned for the knives. Nothing. He stormed down the town in frustration.

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Grace (markedforcourt) "That's fine with me. Staying invisible works better for what I have in mind anyway." Asha began to walk toward a thick crowd of people stopping to make sure she had Ellandra's attention. "I'm gonna follow them and if you want to come that's fine. You absolutly cannot tell anyone but I can become invisible-" she made air quotes at the word invisible, "so I'm gonna do that."

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Rachel Bybee Everyone parted as Maltra stormed down the town. One door he broke when he kicked it open. "Hey!" The bearded man at the table snarled. Maltra snapped his gaze at him and narrowed his eyes. His weapons gleamed, and the man stayed silent as Maltra scanned the room.

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Rachel Bybee ((Not much. Just watching Barbie with my cousins XD))

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Rachel Bybee ((Two out of 4 of my cousins here are male and are watching it too))

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Grace (markedforcourt) Asha nodded and walked toward the crowd. One second she was there and the next second she was a slightly shimmering mist. Not exactly invisible but if anyone noticed the slight shimmer in the air their gaze would just slide right over it. She noticed that wherever their watcher had gone they'd left a trail of scattered people. Subtle. Asha rolled her eyes and got to work tracking the mysterious person who'd been watching her and Ellandra.

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((ooohhhh boyyy))

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Rachel Bybee ((It's about to get real))

Maltra fast walked to the bearded man at the table and snatched him by the shirt. He lifted him from the ground. "Where are the Crimson knives?"
The man gasped. "I-I don't know!"
Maltra set him down and slapped out two gold coins. The man gaped than quickly sputtered, "I heard they were somewhere north."
Without a moment to waist Maltra was in a flurry to head out the door. He quickly climbed on the roof of the towns and jumped from building to building toward north.

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Grace (markedforcourt) Asha ran down the street and into a shop with a slightly rattled shopkeeper pausing to become visible again. "Did you see a person in a black cloak come through here" she asked. The shopkeeper shook his head yes and Asha smirked. "Thought so," she replied. "Where did he go?" The shopkeeper seemed reluctant to say anything until she slammed an inky black knife into the counter. "When I bought this it was worth almost half your stock. Now will you tell me where he's gone?" His face lit up before he quickly muttered something about a cloaked man heading north in search of Crimson knifes. She tore out of the store and down the street, becoming invisible as she ran.

message 19: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra became fully aware he was being followed. He swore under his breath and jumped from the roof and into the window of a building. He ran down the stairs in lightning speed and ran in the streets. He passed all assassin and weaponry stores to be on the search. He gritted his teeth as he took different paths.

message 20: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) Asha caught sight of a figure bounding across the rooftops. Quickly she became visible and tucked her hair up into the hood of her cloak. She would approach the figure as someone's kid sister. She shimmied up the side of a building and began vaulting from roof to roof, beginning to close the gap between herself and the figure in front of her. "Excuse me," she yelled out, changing her voice slightly to sound younger.

message 21: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra kept his jaw clenched. His hood kept his face dark and shaded, but every now and then a fleck of silver hair would come out of the dark hole and fly into the sun as he ran. People naturally parted around him as he ran, every now and then entering a building and coming out at the top window, then flying back onto the roof. He picked up speed and cursed himself when a girl called to him. He turned back to look at her, acknowledging he heard her, then caught another sight. Evernence's stupid assassin. He spat the worst of all curse words and picked up even more speed, running over rooftops and streaming through the town. He halted then faced a different direction, then ran and jumped onto the roofs in that direction, all in a second. He had to lose these stupid people...

message 22: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) Asha called out again to the man on the rooftop in front of her. "Keep running I can catch up I just want to talk." Maybe if she could make a deal with one of the men, they could work together to catch the other. She heard one of them curse and recognized the voice immediatly. Maltra. He was the reason she wanted the knives (not like she would ever use them) and if he had them she'd have absolutly no leverage over him. She said a string of curse words quietly and looked up to the sky hoping that Ellandra was still with her.

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Rachel Bybee Maltra looked back and got a good look at the girl. Asha?? Maltra bit his lip then slowed to meet her. He lead the way as he ran with her. "What are you doing?" He growled at her. To someone that didn't know his secret, it sounded like he was grumpy. Anyone who was fully aware he transformed into a dragon could hear the growl coming from the sleeping reptile inside.

message 24: by Grace (last edited Jun 27, 2016 08:39PM) (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) Asha's heart clenched a little at the growl but she shoved that fear down and smirked boldly. "Oh I'm just going for a jog," she replied in a voice dripping with sarcasm. "Every assasin from here to Dread Forest is looking for those crimson knives. Do you really think I'm any different?" Her legs burned but she kept running through force of will. "I know you're the one who holds all the power here but I'm willing to cut a deal with you to take the other guy down whoever he is," Asha stated as she ran. "Not permanently of course; just take him out of the running for those dragon killing knives." Hopefully she'd hit a mark.

message 25: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra looked ahead, giving a moments thought. Body tense, he jumped to the next building and questioned, "What's your deal?"

message 26: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) "I distract him well you get the knives. In return I want one knife from the set, preferably one that I can throw." Asha leaped onto the building Maltra was sprinting across.

message 27: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra shook his head. "He's Evernence's assassin. Destruction is something he can handle. You hold him off, I get the knives, then I come back for you and escape." His purple eyes flashed. "I'm well aware of this assassin, I know what he does." He paused to glance back at Takuya. "Trust me on this," he said in a mutter.

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Grace (markedforcourt) Asha smiled grimly. "See you in a few," she muttered as she dropped back. She met Takuya's eyes and pretended to slip as she jumped in between two buildings. Even if he didn't pause to help her up which he most likely wouldn't she could grab him and pull him down to her level. Now all she had to do was wait.

message 29: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra took another sharp turn, except this time, he fell into the window. In a rush he zoomed to the bottom floor and searched the store for the knives. Wrong one. At least he lead Takuya into the wrong store. He waited a few seconds to be sure he lead him in, then ran out at full speed. He was breathing hard, and his body ached, but he ignored everything. He ran and ran and ran. Those knives will be his.

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Grace (markedforcourt) Asha heard Takuya stop and watched as he vaulted over her. She leaped onto the roof and began to close the distance between her and Takuya. She grabbed a small silver throwing knife from her belt and threw it in such a way that it clipped Takuya's ear.

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Rachel Bybee Maltra ran across the street, black clothing flying as his heart beat fast against his chest as he kicked the door open, breaking it. He searched. And found them. Sucking in a breath he snatched the knives, threw a bunch of gold coins at the man at the table and ran out, hiding the knives under his cloak. He ran down the streets and went into a store with the same speed, acting like he still didn't have the knives.

message 32: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) Asha sighed. So that had done nothing. She chased Takuya down catching a quick glimpse of Maltra as she ran. She jumped towards Takuya, grabbing the back of his cloak and hanging on as he ran. She became a shimmering mist as she tried to get a read on him.

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod
Aelin searched frantically for any sign of Maltra, below her. The sky promised rain soon and if it started raining then it would be harder to find him. Panic tore at her like a cat and she fought the wind that suddenly whipped through her wings.

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod
((Rachel told me to come here! 'sticks out tongue'))

message 35: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee ((That's Maltra for you XD))

Maltra looked around. They were getting to the wall pretty fast. He had to go into some store and pretend a different set of knives was the crimson knives. He frantically looked around before spotting the last assassin's store in the north. He made sure the Crimson knives were hidden in different parts of his clothing before jumping through the window. Glass shimmered like rain as he went through, snatched the closest knives there was, chucked random golden coins in the general direction of the main table, and ran. He held the knives in one hand, making it so you couldn't tell what color the knives were. He went to full on speed, his back to the wall.

((Aaaaand here comes Heathen in the queeeeennn))

Heathen spotted all the assassin's easily with his hawk eyes. He swooped low, floating just above them all before flapping higher to be Aelin's eyes.
'I better be payed for this,' he thought.

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod
"I never said anything about payment. You wanted to come so this was all you. You'll get paid for information though."
Aelin heard something like glass shattering and knew that Maltra had to have been close. That guy attracted trouble like a magnet.

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Rachel Bybee ((Heathen was just thinking that but okay))

Heathen rolled his hawk eyes and watched Maltra being chased down. He could never run that fast without turning into an animal.

Three words. Assassins are insane.

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Aelin gave a roar as she swooped towards Maltra.

message 39: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra glanced up and made a tired huffing sound. Not because of running. He was tired of her always finding him. Couldn't an assassin handle things in peace? He ignored her as he kept running, holding the knives in hand.

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod
She growled. "Maltra! You have to stop! Now! THOSE KNIVES ARE CURSED!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!"

message 41: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Heathen watched with interest at the assassin's reaction. He swooped low next to him, then transformed into a horse sized gray wolf. He ran faster than Maltra, but slightly slow to stay by his side.

Maltra raised a brow at the running wolf beside him. Most likely on his side. He had to get Takuya off his tail, so he ran close to the wolf, grabbed its fur, and swung on. The wolf burst into speed as he continued to ignore Aelin. He'll worry about her later, he had to work on getting Evernence's assassin out of the way.

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((holy crap okay))

Asha sighed as she was thrown off balance. As much as she admired her skills this guy was way out of her league, but she could piss him off at least. His mind is like a brick wall she thought to herself so generic black fog it is I guess. At that thought black fog began to pour in front of her and Takuya, occasionally taking the shape of something or another as a passing citizen ran by. She fed off of other people's fears, allowing the mist to become whatever it pleased. Right now it was fire clinging to the buildings and giving off seemingly real heat and sound. It wasn't real but illusions were powerful tools.

message 43: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Heathen could smile as a horse sized wolf, which actually looked rather creepy. He kept running as Takuya was lost in shadow.

Maltra's hands were grasped in the wolf's fur tightly. He looked back to see Takuya running slower. Asha's illusions worked. He took out a Crimson knife and flung it. The blade snapped into the side of a building overcome by illusion for Asha to take. He turned back around to face the wind, letting the rough breeze blow back his hood to reveal his silver hair and bright purple eyes.

Heathen had panicked when Maltra flung it, but sighed when nothing happened. The curse worked when you used it... He didn't fling it to kill someone. Maybe the cursed only worked of the person was using the knives on someone. Heathen's ears went back, and here and there he glanced up to follow where Aelin flew.

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Grace (markedforcourt) Asha saw a crimson knife stuck in the side of a fiery building. She ran through

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((I hate mobile))

She ran through the crowd and to the building, pulling the knife out and running away. The illusions would keep going for five minutes maybe once she was gone. She caught a glimpse of Maltra running alongside a big wolf and tried in vain to catch up. "You have five minutes at most to get out," she yelled to them. "That's how long I can hold him off." She had her knife now and that's all that mattered.

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Rachel Bybee Maltra nodded his thanks and kicked the sides of the wolf like you would a horse. He kept facing forward, eyes and mouth formed into his normal grumpy face.

Heathen wanted to snap: DONTKICKMYSIDESIKNOWWHATIMDOING but decided not to. He raced faster, the illusion of flames exploding behind them as Heathen went at full speed.

message 47: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) Asha sprinted away from her fading illusions. Takuya behind her seemed distracted by a person in the sky who bore a striking resemblance to the queen- Asha swore at the sky. Why today? Why the queen of Dread Forest? Get ahold of yourself Asha she's not your responsiblilty she told herself, but she is Maltra's. "I don't know if you noticed but Takuya is coming for the queen. Just thought you'd want to know," Asha yelled to Maltra and the wolf.

message 48: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Heathen looked up in astonishment, then growled. Of course. This is what I get for telling the queen. Heathen halted, feeling Maltra shift from the sudden speed going to zero. He kicked his legs against Heathen but the shapeshifter snapped his jaws and snarled through telepathy, 'Hold on.' The horse sized wolf transformed as Heathen lifted into the air. The paws transformed into talons, and the fur turned into feathers. A lion backside came forth, and powerful wings sprouted. Heathen had transformed into an agile griffin, a beast both fast and agile in case he needed to twist away from anything.

Maltra was surprised at the sudden griffin under him, but went with it. As long as this thing was part of the Dread Forest, nothing else mattered. He moved his grip from the loose feathers to around the neck as the powerful brown bird mixed lion beast flew up and next to Aelin. Maltra snapped, "Are you stupid??? This is none of your business, and look where that go you!" he snarled, gesturing to Takuya.

message 49: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Before Aelin could reply to Maltra, Heathen folded his wings and twirled, heading straight to the ground at an amazing speed. He could feel Maltra hanging on for dear life. Before the hit the ground Heathen straightened his twirling body and flapped his powerful wings once, sending both of them high into the air. Heathen kept flying higher, then slowed down to fly high above Aelin. "What are you doing?" snarled Maltra. Heathen made a series of clicking noises before realizing Maltra couldn't understand him. Heathen replied through telepathy, 'I'm not going to die today, pal! If you want to kill yourself go on ahead!'

Maltra bit his lip. One wrong move and he'd be done. But Aelin was still in reach. Maltra straightened his back and began to stand on Heathen. "Fine." Maltra stood on the griffin's back, then dropped himself. Takuya had landed back on the ground at this point, so Maltra flicked out a bomb and chucked it. The whole area overcame itself with smoke as Maltra landed like a cat on top of a building. He took out his sword and got ready for Evernence's assassin.

message 50: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra's steps were hushed, not making a single sound. He held his sword at the ready, whole body tense and ready to attack at any moment. He twisted, eyes scanning the whole area. He didn't care his hood was down. He didn't care his silver hair and purple eyes were revealed. The smoke bomb was to last up to ten minutes, filling the whole area with foggy smoke. Maltra's eyes darted left and right, ready for anything.

Heathen remained flapping his powerful wings, staring down at the humongous pile of fog. Great. He's useless now.

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