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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Helia teleported behind Evernence, smiling broadly. "Hellloooooooo my dark lord," Helia said with a wide grin, eyes in a calm brown color.

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Rachel Bybee Helia stepped back to stroke the shadowed palace gates, showing her best wicked smile. "I just wanted to check how my king was doing. I heard about the general that betrayed us was executed. I'm glad to hear that filth is out of the way," she purred while twirling a golden curl.

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Helia did a small giggle at the cracked wall and replied, "Mmm... Not really. Just some entertainment," she said with a wink.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee She rolled her eyes. "Barely. Compared to what happened in the Forest, this is nothing." She smirked, thinking of the battle she had with some Dread Forest folk.

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Rachel Bybee Helia's eyes brightened to a neon yellow, recalling what happened. "Oh, yes," she purred. "I was strolling through the Forest, up until I ran into some Dread Forest folk. Well, one was a young Dread Forest girl. She controls nature, but the other was an assassin that went onto which either side payed her more. I fought with the little girl, but the assassin just watched. And get this- the queen and her assassin arrived!" She exclaimed, hands sprawled in the open air while explaining the story.

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Rachel Bybee Helia giggled at the remembrance. "Only summoned some nature demons. Oh yeah-a few hell demons here and there," she smiled. "From what I could tell, those demons I gave her a while ago are treating her very.... Swell," she grinned. "I also gave that nature girl a few demons to give her a treat, so we'll see how that goes. And there's another thing I learned. Turns out her little puppy assassin is more powerful then we thought." She paused, recalling the sight. "He can turn into a dragon."

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Rachel Bybee Helia stared at the brooding sky in thought. "His eyes were purple... No one else has purple eyes except Kurcher. Hmm..." Helia smirked. "We could always summon Kurcher and question him." She tapped her chin. "Of course he could be busy..." She chuckled. "But he's like a dog when it comes to you, Evernence," she giggled.

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Rachel Bybee Helia clapped her hands excitedly. "This will be so fun!" She relaxed her body and crossed her arms with a chill expression on her face. "Even if he doesn't know about the assassin, he knows other stuff about Dread Forest. Sometimes he goes onto their territory without being caught." Helia sighed and placed her hands on her chest. "I'm so glad I can call him mine," she said to herself.

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Rachel Bybee Kurcher threw down the deck of cards. "Ha! That means-" *POOF!*
Kurcher's arm was thrown out from throwing the deck of cards. His arm flew to the hilt of his sword, ready to decapitate whoever summoned him right in the middle of a gamble. His body froze and eyes widened at the sight of Evernence. His purple eyes gleamed with an unknown excitement as he did a deep bow. "Such an honor it is to be summoned by my royal majesty." He looked up when Helia tumbled into him.

Helia could hardly contain herself at the sight of her boyfriend. She leapt into his arms, kissing his cheeks over and over again. "Baby! I missed you so!" She said, finally getting him to turn his head and plant a giant kiss on his lips.

Kurcher gently pushed her aside, whispering, "Later." He added a wink and a sexy smirk to her before putting full attention to Evernence.

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Rachel Bybee Kurcher sheathed his sword, body staying tense just in case. Those dark purple eyes of his stayed on Evernence, head turning if it had to. Helia stayed attached to Kurcher's arm. "That depends on what you want to know," Kurcher replied calmly. Helia decided not to say anything.

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Rachel Bybee Kurcher gently tapped his finger on the edge and moved it away without a single drop of blood slipping. He recalled his journeys into the enemies territory. "My cousin is Maltra. I do believe he's the most powerful assassin from Dread Forest, and the queen requested for him to be her personal assassin. He avoided the soldiers for about 100 years till they finally got him. I am aware he has powers and can turn into something, but he keeps that very hush hush." Helia muttered he could turn into a dragon. Kurcher grinned. "Good. Well, my powers and why I can turn into are connected, so it should be the same for him. I suspect he has fire abilities, and there is a small chance I'm wrong." Kurcher rubbed his chin as he thought further. "Maltra is quite fond of the queen. Maltra could very well possibly be her weakness," Kurcher said with a smile.

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Rachel Bybee Kurcher did a final bow, then pecked Helia on the lips before swirling his dark cloak around and turning into a puff of smoke. It faded in the air, revealing his leave. Helia gave a final sigh before rushing just behind Evernence. "So, my dark lord, is there any way I can be of service with your plans?" She said it with a delicious evil grin. "I'd love to have some fun with them."

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Rachel Bybee Helia clapped her hands. "Right away, my king!" She said energetically. With that, she teleported at an amazing speed around the palace, till she found the assassin and told him the news.

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