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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. End of the world, girl's family get killed and she gets badly burnt? Starts to grow a garden. [s]

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message 1: by May (new)

May Watson (mayzwatson) | 2 comments Read a paper copy of this book within the last ten years, in English. Don't remember any details about the author. Not sure what country it was set in, but it was post apocalyptic.

There's some kind of catastrophe in which the main character's family are killed, and she gets badly burnt.

She stays in her family home and tries to look after the garden. IIRC there are neighbours and/or misfits who come to her and she takes on a kind of maternal role?

I remember it being very heavy on the magical realism. The garden starts to grow back and is mystical and maybe has healing properties?

Also I THINK at the end one of her family members comes back (possibly her sister) and obviously isn't actually dead.

This has been bugging me for so long, thanks in advance!

message 2: by Josie (new)

Josie | 30 comments I am probably way off, but my first thought was Poison Princess by Kresley Cole?

message 3: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35706 comments Mod
Poison Princess by Kresley Cole for Josie's suggestion.

message 5: by May (new)

May Watson (mayzwatson) | 2 comments Was not Poison Princess but I'm pretty sure it was Green Angel, thanks guys!!!

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