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A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1)
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Earthsea Cycle > A Wizard of Earthsea ***SPOILERS***

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message 1: by Helen (new)

Helen I know someone had already finished this so here's a thread. Have at it :)

message 2: by Sue-Ellen (last edited Jun 09, 2016 03:47AM) (new) - added it

Sue-Ellen (suejuddo) | 11 comments Good focus around a central character, with Ged ( if I can use his real name). Then get his perspective on everyone else through him. Use to the way more modern books give multiple character persona; perpective. Can't argue with history though, cause know I read this book when I was younger due to having an image in mind of Ged in a boar, Holding his staff up and warding off the shadow (though this doesn't quite match what happened when I reread it). Hope I didn't base this perspective on the front cover image.

Taylor | 5 comments My favorite aspect of A Wizard of Earthsea was the narrative style. To me, it read more like a legend than a novel, hearkening back to traditional storytelling; I found it a really unique and wonderful way to tell Ged's story. I just started reading The Silmarillion and am finding a lot of parallels between Le Guin's narration of A Wizard and the way Tolkien narrates his work of Middle-earth mythology.

Did anyone else feel like they were reading a myth or legend as they read?

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Sue-Ellen (suejuddo) | 11 comments That described it well, it helps me realise the style of writing, which sometimes was very different from my usual that it could also e difficult to follow the storytelling, as well.

Margret Kind of a difficult read for me (well listen I suppose) due to the style as mentioned above, but the story was good so I will continue

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Katy (kathy_h) | 143 comments I read this series several years ago, I remember loving the legend feel of the story. Enjoy all. I'm not in for a reread, but I'll check the posts.

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Krista | 35 comments I'm done! I agree that the writing definately has a myth or legend feel. I found it easy to put the book down due to the writing style but I overall enjoyed the story. I read the start of the next book that was in my version of Wizard and I'm excited by what I read. I also enjoyed the afterword of the author where she explained her ethnic choices for Ged and Vetch and how they were not honoured on early book covers (both she put it...lily white).

Overall I like the characters and am super curious whether Jasper will reappear in a later book. On to The Tombs of Atuan!

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