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Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) A simple, two-bedroom apartment

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu walks into his and Mackenzie's apartment. He sighs as he walks to his room. He then shuts the door and locks it as he gets some paint out and sits at his easel. He gets out one of his paint brushes and dips it in the grey paint and begins to make gently strokes across the paper.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Miharu can hear Mackenzie singing along with loud music. She suddenly opens her bedroom door, releasing even a louder flood of music. Skipping to the room, she knocks on Miharu'door. "HAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRUUUUUUUUUU... Can we go out and get some Hershey's Drops? I'm starving and we ran out of ice cream and top ramen."

(Literally me in my head)

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu sighs and looks at his questionable painting. "What exactly was I try to make?..." He mumbled to himself then heard Mackenzie. He stood up and put all his supplies away then opened his bedroom door. "Do I need to go with you?" He asked while leaning against the doorframe with an emotionless expression. (Which, might I add, was the sexiest thing in the world. God his eyes. Someone just kill me. Lol, I'm done XD)

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie stares up at Miharu with an expressionless face with a good few minutes while, in her mind, she is blushing like crazy and screaming. "Yes, obviously," she states. "I need to turn up my music and then we can go." She grins and then skips back to her room, turning up the already loud music.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu rolls his eyes playfully then grabs his jacket and puts it on. "So late night snack run?" He asks as he heads out the door not bothering to turn off the lights.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) "Not just any snack, Haru....." Mackenzie pauses for dramatic effect for whispering in his ear, "Chocolate." Then she bursts out laughing and skips ahead of him, wearing her usual -- and as some people call slutty at school -- outfit.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu chuckles at Mackenzie's usual awkwardness which often found cute. He followed behind her with his hands in his pockets. "Kenz...Your not cold are you?" He asked her. He knew it was chilly outside and the outfit she wore probably didn't help her much. If she was cold he was willing to give her his jacket.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie pouts at Miharu and crosses her arms. "I'll be warm once I have my chocolate," she states. "Chocolate warms the body, mind, and soul. Well, at least it does if you're addicted like I am." She just shrugs simply and grins as she decides she'd rather walk next to him instead of in front of him. "Hey, Haru, can you give me a piggy-back ride?"

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments "Sure, Kenz." Miharu says as he stops and bends down then waits for her to get on. He was used to her childishness and it didn't hurt to play along so that's exactly what he does.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie giggles and hops on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist and placing her hands on his shoulders. "Yay! Haru, you win everything... Except everything that I win. You can't win what I win, 'cause I won.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu smirked as he continued to walk to the store with a firm grip around Mackenzie's legs. "I wouldn't be so sure about that." He says with a chuckle.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie growls and smacks the top of his head. "Wrong! I win everything. And when I don't win, I get better and better so I can win. I absolutely must always, always win. HA!"

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu winces as she smacks his head. "Hey, that hurt!" He shouted while taking one hand away from her legs and rubbing his head.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) "Well, that's what you get," Mackenzie states, huffing.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu sighs and walks into the store with Mackenzie on his back. He didn't care about the weird looks he was getting from the cashier.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie reaches down and grabs three bags of Hershey's Drops and then grins down at Miharu. "To the counter!" she announces while opening one bag and beginning to consume the chcolate inside.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu heads to the cashier and stands I front of him. "Kenz, can you get my wallet out of my back pocket?" He asked as he kind of glared at the cashier. The cashier had been eyeing Mackenzie seen they came in and Miharu didn't like that.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie rolls her eyes and pulls her own wallet out of her back pocket, shoving another piece of chocolate into her mouth. "'Ere ya go," she says, handing the man the money needed. She swings her legs, knowing full well that Miharu won't let her fall. After getting the change, she puts it in her wallet and returns the fold of leather to her back pocket. "Onward, Haru!" she orders, chocolate in her mouth.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu sighs and shakes his head. "Whatever..." He says as he walks out the stores and heads back to there apartment. "I'll make breakfast tomorrow so make sure you wake up in time." He says as he walks up to the apartment door.

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ivy (cunning239) | 2189 comments Mod
(( haku ran into MacKenzie apartment. " marry me" he screamed)) jk I had to))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie grumbles when he speaks, then pushing a piece of chocolate into his mouth to silence him. "Shushie. I'll never be late for food, but you can't make it at five in the morning like last time."

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu are the piece of chocolate and walked into their apartment. "Well it you didn't sleep like a bear all the time I wouldn't have to plus whenever you wake up we always end up late to school." He says while bending down so she could get off his back.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie grumbles as she hops down, shoving another piece of chocolate into his mouth. "Fine. Whatever," she tells him, huffing as she leaves to go to her bedroom, which is almost pulsingnwith music.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu happily eats the chocolate then walks to the couch and plops down. He didn't mind the music so he grabbed his sketchbook off the table and started free drawing his next painting.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie begins playing instrumental music and when Once Upon a Dream comes on she runs into the living room with a wide smile on her face. "Haru, dance with me!" she orders, holding out her hands. She doesn't want to ruin what he is creating, but definitely wants to dance.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu puts down his unfinished work and stands up. He then grabs Mackenzie's hand and begins to dance with her. Every now and then he would twirl her or dip her.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie laughs joyously as she is twirled around, closing her eyes and allowing Miharu to lead her around.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments ((Ooooo I'm gonna give him a phobia of hugging! Piggy backs don't count.))

Miharu smiled then pulled her close and did a ballroom style type of dance with her.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Why would he have a phobia of hugging???)

Mackenzie giggles and opens her beautiful blue eyes, but she wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her than she had been before.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments ((In his past when he grew in his second blade as his father was hugging him, Miharu accidentally killed him.))

Miharu smiles then he remembers what happened when was a kid and he freezes. His eyes grow wide in fear and he falls to his knees. He then covers his eyes as he begins to cry. "Dad...." He sobs into his hands as his body trembles.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Oh, right!!!!)

Mackenzie freeze, eyes wide and full of fear. "M-M-Miharu?! Miharu, are you alright?" she asks rapidly, lowering to her knees and gently touching his shoulder. "Miharu, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, I didn't know! I mean--" she stops herself, not knowing what else to say. The word alone made her think of her own father, which causes a small, sad smile to grow on her face. "I guess we've both got Daddy issues, huh?"

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu calms down a little bit and looks up at Mackenzie with tear filled eyes. "I-I'm sorry Kenz.." He muttered out. His hands were still trembling but he managed to stop crying.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie looks royally freaked out, her eyes wide and welled up with their own tears. "Wh-what're you apologizing for?! I'm the one that t-triggered you! I'm sorry, Haru, I'm so sorry!" she frantically states, looking very close to tears. Her body is shaking and her chin trembling; the sight is so different from her usual presence that it is almost heartbreaking.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu looks at Mackenzie and wipes his face. "No..its my fault for not getting over it..." He said as he pulled Mackenzie down into his lap and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her into his chest and he rest his trembling hand on her hips. "I'm sorry for acting how I act. I'm supposed to take care of you, Kenz" He says while placing his head in the slot between her neck and shoulder.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie blushes hard, but it doesn't stop her body from shaking and the tears from finally flowing down her cheeks. "I'm s-sorry for scaring you, H-Haruuu!" she sobs, hiding her face in his hair and crying hard. I didn't mean to, Haru, I promise! I didn't mean o scare you -- to hurt you! I would never mean to do anything like that to you! Never, Haru! She sobs harder, her shoulders shaking harder than the rest of her and her hands on his shoulders.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu comforts Mackenzie and smoothed her hair. "Shh...It's not your fault." He whispers in her ear then gently kisses her on the cheek as he caresses her other cheek with his free hand. "Look at me Kenz. I'm totally fine." He admits then kisses her tears away. He had never seen Mackenzie so disoriented before.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie pulls back a bit to look at him, but it is clear that she doesn't believe it. "No! No no no, I did something bad that scared you, and I didn't mean to! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she sobs. Even her heartbreaking crying is childish. She hides her face against his chest this time, wrapping her arms tightly around his torso only to remember that that is practically what set him off. With a wince, she wriggles out of his grasp and leaps to her feet, running to her room. She quickly shuts and locks the door behind her, still sobbing into her hands.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu looks at Mackenzie as she runs away then sighs. "I really screwed up this time." He mumbles. He then gets up and walks to Mackenzie's door. He raises his gift then gently knocks on the door. "K-Kenz? May I come in?" He asks as he patiently waits for a reply.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) "No. Yes. Maybe. I DON'T KNOW!" Maxkenzie shouts, obviously still upset. She unlocks the door but doesn't open it, then running over to her bed and hiding under the blanket, her shoed feet sticking over the edge of the mattress.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu hears the door unlock and he opens the door. Once he was in the room he took off his jacket then laid it on the edge of the bed. He then crawled on the bed and hovered above Mackenzie. "Kenz, you're not a very good hider." He said with a soft chuckle. He then moved down a little and pressed his lips against the covers where her neck was. "Kenz..." He whispered the trikes one hand up her covered body and grabbed the top of the covers. He then began to slowly peel them back

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie shudders when she feels the kiss on her neck through the blanket, then blushing hard when she feels his hand travel up her body. However, she lunges forward and holds down the blanket so he can't pull it away. "No! You wanted in the room, and that's it! I bet you're still mad at me..." She pouts and sniffles, obviously still crying.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu sighs then falls to her side and gets comfortable. "Well then I'll just sleep with you. It's not like I was ever mad at you." He says while putting his arms behind his head and looking up at the ceiling which was speckled with tiny glow in the dark stars.

((Sorry I added those, I just thought it was cute

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie sticks her head out from under the blanket and looks over at Miharu, pouting. "Wh-why are you being so...pushy?" she asks. She sniffles softly and wipes at her tears. "You won't even accept my apology..." With that, she burrows back under the blanket.

(I like it!)

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu chuckled at her comment then rolled over so that he faced her. "I'm just making sure you're okay." He said in a concerned tone of voice. He then rest one of his arms over Mackenzie's waist and closed his eyes.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) "Then...are you accepting my apology?" Mackenzie asks, again peeking her head from the blanket. She blushes a bit harder from his arm but simply rests her head on her arms and turns her face to the left so she can see him. Currently she is on her stomach.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments "Of course." Miharu said while slowly dozing off. He was really tired and they had to wake up extra early so that they would be able to eat breakfast before heading out for school.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mackenzie, with a minute long stare at Miharu, curls up against him, her head against his chest and body curled against his. When she wakes, it is a few seconds before her alarm goes off and she groans loudly. She hides her face against Miharu's chest, wrapping her arms tightly around him only to realize that it's a blanket and not her weapon.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Miharu was was in the kitchen cooking up some food. He had made her favorite. Before he started cooking he had took a shower and forgot to put on a shirt because he almost burnt the food so he was standing there with his pants low on his waist and an exposed chest. "Kenz, you up!?" He shouted as he heard her alarm go off.

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