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New to the group and needing a recommendation

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message 1: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Gentile | 3 comments Looking for a recommendation for a first read from the goodreads "western" group.

I like gritty, suspenseful western novels
Prefer lesser known authors.
Authentic to its place and time, but not about historical characters
With some romance (perhaps more from the perspective of masculine needs than from feminine sensitivities)

Please post recommendation, or you can email me (I don't care for facebook) you can get it from my website at www.gentilecattle.com

Thanks in advance for your prompt responses.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

State of Conflict It's mine and I'm "lesser known". State definitely has grit and is authentic to it's time. Some romance, but nobody's buying flowers or waxing poetic. Check it out, more reviews on Amazon. Thanks.

message 3: by John (last edited Jun 05, 2016 10:32AM) (new)

John Legg (jackwriter) | 3 comments You might try my (John Legg) "Winter Rage." Very true to time and place. Some romance, lots of action. Also my Blood trilogy: "Blood Trail," "Blood Feud" and "Blood Vengeance." All available as Kindle only, not print.

message 4: by John (new)

John Hansen | 8 comments Hi Kenneth,
I just published my first western: A BAD PLACE TO BE. It is historically accurate with respect to time, place and the 1860's Idaho gold rush but all characters and the town of Bear Creek are fictional. It is gritty and suspenseful with some romance but it's a long ways from Romeo and Juliet. Also, it just won the 2016 Indie Excellence Award for the Western genre. You might check out the reviews/ratings on Goodreads and Amazon. Thanks John HansenA Bad Place To Be

message 5: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Gentile | 3 comments Thank you for the recommendations... Since you guys are my first responses all three books are on my list now - I drew lots and will be starting with A Bad Place to Be, but I intend to have them all read in the next several weeks. Thanks for the help

message 6: by John (new)

John Hansen | 8 comments Thanks, Kenneth. Hope you enjoy. John

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks, Kenneth. I truly appreciate it. And, to John, I think I'll check yours. Mark

message 8: by Ron (new)

Ron Schwab (ron_schwab) | 3 comments I'm late out the gate, I guess, but I would like to offer my Peacemaker-nominated "Last Will" or just released "Medicine Wheel" as books that have some twists not usually found in the western genre.

Ron Schwab

message 9: by James (new)

James Hanley | 4 comments I've written two Westerns: The Calling and An Ill Wind (third coming out 9/8/2016) based on a Kansas lawman.
James (Jim) P. Hanley

message 10: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth Gentile | 3 comments I appreciate all the suggestions I will be trying to get as many as I can this summer.

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