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Does color shaming still exist?
Carl Carl Jun 04, 2016 11:13AM
I saw this is in the questions section and I think it's more appropriate here. The book raises a specific conflict. Like, a wealthy white family has colored children, they are ashamed of these children and kill them and hide them. The question in the questions section was how would this family react now if it was a wealthy white family in 2016 that was cursed with colored children. I think in part we'd like to think it'd be different that society would be more tolerant, and maybe it would but... I think there would still be real issues, depending upon what part of the country the family lived in and the kinds of reputation the family had. if it was an ultra-conservative family like the Winnipers, I think some of the same shame and issues would be in play even in 2016.

Donald, I think the main point of the story though is that things haven't changed much from the society's perspective, but they have changed from the family's perspective. Maybe that's the point but I was specifically asking about how would this kind of a FAMILY act now. My hope is that things have changed for people and their families that with LGBTQ identieis, tc more people are being more accepting. That's my hope at least

I think there's much more going on in the story than this idea of "color shaming" but I'll bite on the main question. I think you're right that the same probs exist, nothing much has changed in the Midwest, America, or the world. I think the exact same thing would happen today as did 100+ years ago in the story. The colored children would be killed or hidden away. imo

Sadly, I think Donald is right. Nothing's changed.

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