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message 1: by Minas (new)

Minas Zervos | 1 comments Hello I am writing a greek story in Wattpad. How can I promote in order to get more readers and constructive critism?

message 2: by Mellie (last edited Jun 04, 2016 01:21PM) (new)

Mellie (mellie42) | 618 comments You need to promote it on Wattpad. Join the relevant genre club, read their pinned threads, only advertise where allowed. If you want reads and comments on Wattpad then you need to engage. Do you read and comment on the stories of other users?

message 3: by Gerry (new)

Gerry (gerrydowndoggmailcom) | 60 comments What is Wattpad?

message 4: by Mellie (new)

Mellie (mellie42) | 618 comments Gerry wrote: "What is Wattpad?"

message 5: by Gerry (new)

Gerry (gerrydowndoggmailcom) | 60 comments Thanks, it looks interesting. I will explore it some more.

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