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Hello, I'm new to the forum. I'm seeking beta readers for a novel of 100,000 words in the literary fiction genre.

It's set in the northern United Kingdom in the 1990s and has the main theme of ambition, with subthemes of identity, belonging, and a few other things. The narrative style is impressionistic and could be described as 'deep POV'.

It's taken a number of years to get to the point where I consider it finished. Whether or not it's of any potential value is another question, one I'm hoping as many beta readers as possible can help shed some light on. This will help me decide what to do with it next, if anything.

What I would ask of a reader is that they give me their overall impression, their general response/reaction, whatever that may be. Please PM me if you might be interested. I can provide the first 1, 2 or 3 chapters to help you decide.


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Hamad | 63 comments here's my email:

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Thanks Hamad. Email sent.

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CLOSED. Thanks.

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