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Robert Lampros | 19 comments Last Year's Resolution

“I genuinely liked reading this book from beginning to end. The writing was simple and felt like a classic book I should have read years ago. The characters were well developed and the gentle romance felt sincere and really carried the story well… It is Christian enough to be called Christian romance but it’s also secular enough to pass as a simple love story. One of the things I liked most about this book was that it intertwined the characters’ faith with romance and realistic events… A comfortable cross between contemporary fiction and love.” - Valicity Garris, Author

“I am continually amazed by some of Mr. Lampros' imagery… Thematically, I would say that this novel is about friendship, love, Christ… a real knack for dialogue and characterization through said dialogue, rounding out the characters even if the description of where they are and what they see is subservient to the plot and the overall thrust of the story. Bravo!” - John Morris, Author

“This is a very well-written Christian novel with a plot running in fast pace… The author did a superb job creating characters that are lovable, and the book is definitely a boost to our faith… I recommend this book to the permanent library of all readers who appreciate a well-written novel, very entertaining, with a strong Christian theme.” - Roberto Mattos, BooksAndMovieReviews

“Great writing, great story! I could've read it in just a few days but you kind of want to take your time with it and reflect on some of the passages and things that happen… a great book, fun and exciting and even edge-of-your-seat action at times. I highly recommend it!” B. Hill, Goodreads Reviewer

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Robert Lampros | 19 comments Free paperback for review, email with your mailing address and I'll send you one copy of Last Year's Resolution, an Apocalyptic romantic comedy about a famous writer fighting for life and salvation with the woman he loves.

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