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message 1: by Maddie, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 3 stars

Maddie (maddie_heartfullofbooks) | 66 comments Mod
1. So far, the ninth chapter has been giving me very Harry Potter vibes. First, Tessa’s got the power of Polyjuice potion, and reading about her trying to be Camille was hilarious. Then, the teenagers want to listen to a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix, er- I mean the ‘Enclave’, and so sneak upstairs with a listening device plan.

2. Does it really matter if they’re on the brink of 18 years old? Are they going to mature that much between now and then? Silly government logic.

3. Also, Will seems to have done a lot of things to piss a lot of people off.

4. I think Sophie is going to become one of my favourites. Her backstory is so sad, but she has the Sight and I’m so pleased that compassionate people like Charlotte exist.

5. Why are Shadowhunters feminist in some ways, like letting girls be warriors, but so regressive in others, by not accepting that Charlotte is the one running the Institute?

6. 'Tessa let her breath out. She hadn’t realised she’d been holding it.' Need I say more?

7. Hello, Magnus. Nice to see you again.

8. Oh, well, Nathaniel ain’t in good shape. Maybe it’s best if we didn’t find out what happened to him…

9. Shadowhunters ex machina. I think they all have some kind of sensors, where they can tell if one of their own is in trouble.

10. You’ve given me no choice but to Slay. Slay. Slay.

11. So, that vampire showdown was slightly dramatic, wasn’t it? Not like I didn’t have fun, but this de Quincey guy means business. Most importantly, though, Will’s already been a vampire before??? What does this kid do that annoys people so much? Is it just his existence?

12. No, wait. It’s his lack of empathy. I understand the hate now.

13. Tessa says ‘No one manages Will’ after only knowing him for, at best, four days. Interesting.

14. I was so waiting, when the boys were talking about Tessa, for Will to say something stupid like ‘I saw her first’. Please, oh gosh, don’t make this a competition.

message 2: by Sarah, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah (stacksofsarah) | 52 comments Mod
Number 6 though... I eye rolled so hard when I read that. Also , Taylor Swift can be assimilated into any context and I appreciate that very much.

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