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message 1: by Brian (last edited Jun 07, 2016 08:02PM) (new)

Brian Cox | 16 comments Edit: With draft cover attached

 photo cover v2_zps8xcvhkcp.jpg

I have re-written my book, and need feedback on whether the story is any good before I consider stumping up $ for editing.

Reviewers for the current version said the story is great, but the start was boring, and the editing terrible. I have addressed these issues, but I need your feedback to be sure.

My book is a social critique of the rise of a narcissistic version of right-wing US politics (epitomized by Trump), wrapped up in a sci-fi story. Where George Orwell asks in his book “1984”, what happens when individualism is subsumed by the state, I ask what happens in a world where everyone is free. Of course there is no way my writing is even a patch on his great work. However, my story is politically relevant, and will be of interest to readers that enjoy thinking deeply. Some of the themes I explore include commodification, social alienation, and social responsibility versus individualism.

Feel free to email me at


message 2: by Hamad (new)

Hamad | 63 comments I emailed you and I'm waiting for a response.

message 3: by Brian (new)

Brian Cox | 16 comments Great, thanks Hamad. I have sent a response. If anyone else is interested too, please feel free to email me.


message 4: by Brian (new)

Brian Cox | 16 comments I have added the draft cover, to hopefully entice a few more betas!

 photo cover v2_zps8xcvhkcp.jpg

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