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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Did you have a particular idea in mind? If so, I'd love to hear it!

If not, I was wondering if we could do something historical, since you mentioned you liked that? I've been dying to do an rp with a medieval setting, so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, that would be cool :)

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Hi, sorry this took so long, I fell asleep :/

Anyway, no, I didn't have anything specifically in mind, so sure, we can do a historical/medieval one. I have a few of those already with other people though, so all I ask is that we get a good idea set up. Did you have any for this genre?

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
No worries :)

Well, the one idea I have is for a group I made that never quite got off the ground. Here's the basic plot (view spoiler) If that interests you, I have some other worldbuilding stuff for it

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Haha, I have an rp with someone else that is similar to this, except the princess is part of the rebellion and they overthrow her tyrannical grandmother in order to place her on the thrown to set right the damage that her grandmother did to the kingdom. There's a lot more to it than that, but that's a really simplified version of relevant information XD

I think that what you have is a good start though and could go a lot of different ways, ways that the plot that I mentioned hasn't gone, so I'm definitely interested in it. You said that you had more world building information? I'd love to hear it!

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Rather than copy-pasting all of the information, here's the link to the relevant information.

If there's anything you'd like to change, add to, etc., I'd totally be open to that. I was also thinking of incorporating magic somehow, so if you'd be interested in that, just let me know :)

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Hmmm, yeah, it sounds really interesting. I really like the social equality thingies. And about the magic thing, I suppose that we could add it, by at the same time, I think that it would be just as fun without it. Whatever you want to do is fine!

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Okay, well then we can just leave it as is, without magic.

So would you like to stick with doubles, or have more than two characters each?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Hmm, well, I think that we could have more than two each... How about four each, or maybe just three? How many were you thinking? I think that some would end up becoming main characters, and some would become minor, so I don't think that having a lot would be he'd to balance if you want to have a lot. I mean, they wouldn't all be in the same scene at the same time.

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Three or four would work well, and you're definitely right that some could be main and others minor, so whatever works. Maybe we should list out all of the characters it might be good to have for the plot, then decide how many characters to each have.

Off the top of my head, the characters it would make sense to have are:

-Heir to the Brelrien throne
-Heir to the Northbarrow throne
-Ruler of Alston (I was thinking he or she would be the one heading up the plot to keep the marriage from happening and go to war with Brelrien/Northbarrow)
-Someone close to the Alston ruler, sort of a second-in-command
-Maybe someone in the Brelrien royal family or government who is sympathetic to Alston and serves as a spy?

I feel like I'm missing some really obvious character, but I'm not sure who.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Hmm yeah, those all sound good. So that's 5, and we need 8 if we each want 4. What if we had...

-someone who isn't necessarily important politically, a servant or a hand maiden or something to one of the rulers. We could even have more than one of these for different kingdoms
-maybe a sibling or a cousin to one of the rulers who gets in on the political and social drama and such

If we did say, 2 "peasant" characters and one sibling/cousin, that's 8 total

Also every character we have going to have a romantic relationship with someone else? If we have them all in pairs, or just two pairs or something that, I'm fine either way, but I'm just curious.

Also, another question. Why does Alston want to destroy the other two anyway?

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Those additions make sense, so definitely, let's go with those.

I'm not sure we necessarily need to plan for every character to have a relationship, but making some pairs sounds good to me!

It's because of a general sense that Brelrien and Northbarrow becoming one kingdom would be bad for Alston, since Brelrien (Alston's traditional enemy) would be gaining the wealth, resources, etc. of Northbarrow, and when this current peace inevitably ends, some feel like that would give Brelrien an advantage over Alston.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Yeah, I agree that not every character should have a romantic pairing. Maybe we start with two pairs that we plan to set up, and then we can add a third later if it feels right.

So, which roles do you want to play? I'm literally indifferent, so just pick four that you want, and I'll take the other four.

Oh, the two kingdoms are becoming one? That makes more sense, I thought they were just forming an alliance or something.

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Alright, makes sense :)

Hm... I'll go with the heir to Brelrien, the ruler of Alston, one of the peasant characters, and the sibling or cousin.

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry that I didn't make that clear before!

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Okay, so that means I'm the heir to Northbarrow, the second in command to the ruler of Alston, the spy that supports Alston that is hiding in the Brelrien family, and a peasant person. Okay, so what genders are your characters going to be, because I think that we should still have an even number of guys and girls. Also, the hiers of Northbarrow and Brelrien have to be different genders since they are being put into an arranged marriage.

message 15: by Evan (last edited Jun 04, 2016 10:21PM) (new)

Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
I'll have the ruler of Alston and the sibling or cousin be guys, and the other two girls.

Since we're planning on having two romance pairs, which ones should we plan on?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Okay, I'll make the heir to Northbarrow throne and the spy that supports Alston be guys, and the second in command to the ruler of Alston and the peasant person be girls.

Hmm, well I think that at least one of the pairs should be heterosexual, and if it works we can have one homosexual one too since you said that it's something that is normal in this society. If it doesn't work out, we can just have two heterosexual ones. I think that we should make our characters first to get a better idea of who each one is and then we can set up all of their relationships, not just romantic, but friends and enemies and such too.

So, for our peasant characters, I think we should decide who they are going to be (servants, stable workers, etc.) and who they work for.

Also, I think you should establish who your brother/sister/cousin character is going to be related to

message 17: by Evan (last edited Jun 05, 2016 06:42PM) (new)

Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Yeah, making the characters first sounds like a good idea. I'll get to work on them, and will probably start getting them up later tonight or tomorrow.

I'm thinking about having my peasant character be a guard of some kind. Maybe a guard of the Brelrien castle, or maybe a guard for someone else who came to Brelrien for the wedding? I'm not entirely sure yet.

I'm thinking he'll be the cousin to the Brelrien heir. I'm also thinking I might make him an illegitimate child, because that would make him a bit conflicted when he gets involved in the political situation; on the one hand it's his family, but on the other, he's not really one of them.

On that note, can we switch and I'll make the Northbarrow heir and you can make the Brelrien heir?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Okay, yeah, mine probably won't be up until tomorrow morning. How detailed do you normally do your characters? Like, now much information do you typical include? I usually just do name, age, gender/sexuality, appearance, personality, and a bit for their history/backstory. On that note, what is the age range here exactly?

I'm thinking that I'll make my peasant girl a servant or hand maiden of some type and I'll have her belong to the Northbarrow family.

And sure, that's fine, I'll make the Brelrien heir then

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Yeah, that's about what I use too, so that will work! Twenties in general for the age range, I think. I figured the two heirs would both be 18-20ish. Then I was planning on making the Alston king and the peasant about 25, and then the cousin somewhere in his early twenties.

Sounds great :)

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Okay, sounds good! I'll get started on mine now!

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
I'm going to go ahead and start posting my characters. If there's anything that needs to be changed in them, just let me know!

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
we stood, steady as the stars in the woods ─────────────────────────

────────────── · F R A N C E S C AT O R R E N S · ──────────────
─────────── eighteen · · · female · · · heterosexual ───────────
─────── heir to the northbarrow throne ───────

The day Francesca came into the world, early in the hours of the morning, before the sun had crested the horizon, there was celebration all throughout her parents' castle. She was their miracle child, borne to parents who had long-ago resigned themselves to childlessness.

And from the moment her parents first laid eyes on her──a screaming newborn, but so indescribably beautiful to them──she had the world at her feet. Her parents doted upon her endlessly. As soon as she could walk, she had the run of the palace, giggling as she hurried from wing to wing, often with her mother or father taking a break from work to chase after her and play. And she had everything she could possibly want, since neither of her parents ever quite learned how to say no to her.

While a lavish childhood might have made others spoiled and bratty, it only made Francesca fundamentally, inherently happy. She never quite outgrew that sense of childhood wonder and optimism. To her, the world is an incredible place, and if you gave people a chance, they are incredible too. You might call her naive or oblivious, but if simply believing the best in people makes her naive, then she will accept that.

Even tragedy couldn't quite shake that light from Francesca. In her fourteenth year, a deadly sickness washed over Northbarrow like a tidal wave, taking countless lives back with it as it receded. Unfortunately, disease doesn't recognize or respect royal titles. Within three weeks of each other, her father and mother fell ill and passed away, leaving behind their only daughter, still a child and too young to rule.

The first month after their deaths were the worst. Grand state funerals were put on for both royals, and Francesca had to find strength she didn't know she had to put on a brave face. Afterwards, new responsibilities awaited her. A council of regents was chosen to officially rule in her stead until she came of age, but she was still expected to attend council meetings, act as the official face of the kingdom, meet with various dignitaries and nobles, and so much more it made her head spin. Despite all the assurance of her parents in the years before their deaths, telling her that she was already more than ready to lead well and fairly, she felt lost, unprepared, and more than anything else, unqualified.

Even now, with fours years of experience, she still doesn't feel ready. The crown is only a few weeks away from being hers, but she can't picture herself wearing it. She may be able to see the best in everyone else, but she can't see anything in herself that is ready for this responsibility.

anastasia tsilimpiou ──────────────────── 5'5" · brown hair · green eyes

────────── so happy-hearted, and the warmth rang true inside these bones

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
I walk the same way my father told me ──────────────────────────

────────────── · B R A E D O NC H A M B E R S · ──────────────
─────────── twenty-two · · · male · · · bisexual ──────────
───── illegitimate son to the brelrien king's brother ─────

When you are born a bastard, the world never gives you a chance to forget it. You will never get access to the whatever titles your family might have, or even your family's name. Every interaction you have with people will be tainted by the knowledge of your illegitimate birth. Even the most common-born peasant will feel superior to you, simply by virtue of their parents' marriage.

Though, Braedon supposes that in the illegitimate-birth lottery, he at least got lucky. Many illegitimate children of nobles are ignored, unacknowledged, shipped off to the non-noble parent, or simply abandoned. In that sense, Braedon was truly lucky. When he was born, his father actually took him in──an unusual move, one that certainly would have earned him strange stares and whispered gossip, had he not been the brother of the king. Instead, Braedon took the brunt of the social repercussions.

He may have grown up right alongside his half-siblings and cousins, but it was always impossible to ignore the differences between them. The most outward mark was his different last name, but it went deeper than that. When foreign dignitaries or nobles came to visit, his father's legitimate children and his cousins were introduced, but he was always quietly shuffled out of sight, like some shameful secret to be kept from guests. And while nobles wouldn't dare disrespect royal children, he was fair game for gossip, ignoring, or outright hostility.

But Braedon is used to it. He may not like it, but he's used to living the life he has. And he's gotten quite good at it. Over the years he's learned to just let all the looks and all the whispers slide right off him. He just keeps up his good humor and easy smile, and keeps marching forward, ignoring all else. It's the way to survive.

julian morris ─────────────────────── 5'9" · brown hair · brown eyes

───────────────── back straight, chest out, just like a soldier

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
but in all chaos, there is calculation ────────────────────────────

────────────── · M A T T H I A SC A L D W E L L · ──────────────
──────────── twenty-five · · · male · · · bisexual ───────────
────────────── king of altson ─────────────

Upon meeting Matthias, it's hard not to think that he's the perfect king. He's charming and polite and intelligent, with just the right amount of teasing humor to make him amusing. He can discuss policy and politics as well as he can discuss idle gossip and social affairs. He seems like exactly the kind of man you would want ruling your country.

And, in a way, he is. But beneath all the practiced smiles and memorized rules of etiquette, Matthias is a well of bitterness and resentment that never seems to run dry.

Matthias grew up shadowing his father. The only education fit for a future king, his father said, was to watch the current one work. And when he was younger, he loved it. He would sit at the table and listen to his father's council debate, and almost felt like an adult.

But as he got older, things changed. He viewed his father differently; he was no longer the courageous, dashing young king he once was, but one whose years and premature sickness were weighing down. Worst of all, he came to view his father as cowardly. When he heard about the peace agreement with Brelrien──signed in secret, in meetings he wasn't even informed of, let alone allowed into──he was outraged. Generations of good, brave Altson soldiers had laid down their lives to protect them from these aggressors from the south, and his father would just stand aside and let Brelrien go without a fight? Despite his anger, he held his tongue. There was nothing he could do.

His father died a year ago, succumbing to an illness that had haunted him for years, and left Matthias king. And this was the chance Matthias hadn't even known he'd been waiting for. He could finally fix his father's great mistake, no matter the blood and ashes left in his wake. It would be worth it.

giacomo gianniotti ─────────────────── 5'10" · brown hair · brown eyes

─────────────────── now we're in the ring, and we're coming for blood

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
the past is still the past, the bridge to nowhere ──────────────────────

─────────────────── · T H E A O S M O N T · ────────────────
──────────── twenty-five · · · female · · · bisexual ────────────
─────── commander of the castle guard in brelrien ───────

When you are born into poverty, there is no escape. Not in this world, so focused on titles, lands, and prestigious names. Possessing none of those, Thea didn't have much of a future: dirt-poor, common family with no land or titles to their name.

At fifteen, Thea joined the army in Brelrien. The minimum age was seventeen, but even at her age, Thea was a towering height, and carried herself with enough confidence to suggest age and experience. The life of a soldier was as good as anything else to her, better than the starving and stillness of her home village. And at least the army gave her a place to stay and two meals a day.

But there was no real future for her there. Sure, she proved to be talented──give her a sword and soldiers to command and she can get almost anything done──but Brelrien didn't need its army. Since the peace with Alston, things have been quiet. Peace doesn't have the need of soldiers that war does.

And Thea? Try as she might to tell herself that this was good, that what she had was good, she wanted more. That desire that tomorrow will be better than today burned somewhere deep within her, and led her to join the army in the first place. That desire then led to her requesting a transfer to the guard of Brelrien's capital.

Since then, Thea has had that better tomorrow she's always secretly sought. She's been steadily promoted to a commander of a large unit of guards, and is respected by her superiors and subordinates. She gets paid enough to survive, more than enough in fact, and has an honorable position.

But she hasn't found that contentment she's always been searching for. She hides behind professionalism and closed-off silence, pouring all of her energy into trying to prove herself as more than the poor girl who managed to luck into a better life. That stony exterior, while earning her respect, has given her a lonely existence.

gaia weiss ───────────────── 6'0" · blonde · brown eyes · large facial scar

──────────────────────── my black shroud, holding down my feelings

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments They all look great! Sorry mine took so long, but I'm putting them up right now :) The bios are a little all over the place because I had to keep stopping and starting, so sorry about that. Normally I write better XD

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Okay, so I'm having tons of formatting errors and it isn't showing any of my gifs, so I'm just going to include the link to just one per character since it's being stupid and not working

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Welcome to your life, there’s no turning back.

Evander Brelrien

blonde hair --- brown eyes --- 6’0”
FC - Jonathan Keltz

Heir to the Breliren Throne


As a child, Evander seemed to only want to do the things that he was not allowed to do. He wasn’t allowed to play in the forest, he couldn’t go into town without an attendant, and he most certainly was not allowed to play with the peasant children, even though he saw little difference between them and himself. He didn’t understand why he could not be friends with them just because he lived in a castle and they did not.

His older brother had always insisted that breaking the rules was okay, as long as you didn’t get caught, so Evander would often sneak out of the palace with him during the day, or sometimes even at night. The two had many adventures together, that is, until one fateful night when the brothers were out exploring in the forest. They wandered into a cave, only to end up startling a bear who attacked the young boys. Evander received a deep gash on his arm from the bear’s claws, but his brother took the worst of the attack. He could not run as fast as Evander and ended up getting killed.

Evander managed to escape, and hid until the next morning when he was found by the palace guards. He has never truly gotten over the grief that came with losing his brother, especially as this meant that the crown was passed to him, allowing him to never forget.

The accident, along with being so restricted growing up followed Evander into the rest of his life, as now he is very conscious of the rules, and knows what his duties are. It is highly unlikely that you will find him doing anything rebellious, or anything even slightly frowned upon. He hardly ever drinks, he doesn’t have spontaneous affairs,and he has not been back into the woods since the night of the attack.

There is nothing that Evander hates more than the idea of being king, and to many people, he comes off as ungrateful for what he has. No one believes that he has what it takes to be an effective king, and are not looking forward to his reign. Even his own father is constantly comparing him to his late brother, which simply infuriates Evander. There isn’t much in life that brings him happiness, and he usually stays behind his stony exterior and overactive temper.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Are you strong enough to stand protecting both your heart and mind?

Arlin Caspian

twenty four --- female --- heterosexual
red hair--- hazel eyes --- 5’7”
FC - Rose Leslie

Second in Commander to the Alston King


Ever since Arlin was a child, she has been a very “go with the flow” kind of person. This sought her well growing up as her father moved from marriage to marriage. His first wife, Arlin’s mother, died of sickness when she was very young, and Arlin has nothing but a memory or two of her. Her father left his second wife after it was discovered that she was having an affair with another man, and had only ever married him for his title and money. Then, four years ago, he married again. Arlin and her new stepmother did not get on well at all, and because of this, Arlin hardly ever visits home.

Arlin has always been very unique and developed talents in many things from a young age. She is skilled with a sword, as well as with a pen, as she heavily enjoys both fencing and poetry. Ever since she was a teenager, she has been known to mostly wear dresses, like a proper lady, but it also is not uncommon to see her in trousers and a military jacket with her sword at her hip.

The position of being second in command to the king has been in her family for generations, and it was passed on to her as soon as King Matthias was crowned. Arlin had known him for many years, but had never worked closely with him. She works to help him make decisions, though she has been known to claim indifference to many an issue, and to be unfazed by pretty much everything that is brought before the king. Mostly, she simply lets him do his thing, until he goes too far, at which point Arlin always steps in and sets him straight.

Most would describe Arlin as a bit strange, as she doesn’t seem to have any preferences or set in stone views. She truly is the ultimate social and political chameleon, meaning that she is able to easily make herself appealing to any group of people. Because of this, despite her oddities, she has a strong public opinion, and hardly anyone has anything bad to say about her. Most see her simply however she wants to be seen in their eyes, whether that is kind, clever, or intimidating.

However, very few know who Arlin truly is or what she is truly like outside of a formal setting. She only truly acts like her true self when there are not hundreds of eyes watching and judging her. When she is with someone, or a small group of people that she is comfortable around,this is when Arlin stops pretending to be who people want her to be.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments For the first time in such a long time, I need more.

Grant Rowen

twenty five --- male --- heterosexual
brown hair --- brown eyes --- 5’11”
FC - Santiago Cabrera

Lord of the House Brelrien // Supporter of the House Alston


Grant grew up a privileged child, due to the fact that his father had been granted lordship from king Brelrien after many years of service to the kingdom in the royal army. All his life, Grant’s father had wanted him to grow up to become a knight and uphold the family name, but war had simply never interested Grant. No matter how many swordsmanship tutors his father hired for him, Grant never put any real effort into his learning.

While the idea of killing other men both bored and slightly frightened Grant in his teenage years, he always had an interest in politics. He could sit in a tavern with men twice his age and argue the issues of the day with strong passion, and grew to be known as an intelligent young man and a rousing speaker.

After talking to many people and hearing many opinions on different subjects, Grant began to develop his own very strong opinions. People began to consider him a radical, as he was known to simply say whatever was on his mind at any given time. People tended not to be so fond of this, especially when Grant subtly expressed his support for the Alston’s. After a while, this caught the attention of a spy of the Alston kingdom, who offered Grant a large sum of money in order to steal information and send it back to the king.

Grant refused to take the money, for, he knew that he already had enough of that to last a lifetime, but he accepted the job, simply for the thrill of it. He began to use his connections to his advantage, and even during times of peace, he continued to send information to the Alston’s as he promised to do.

He is still known by many to be the bold, outspoken man that he always has been, but some have noticed that he keeps to himself more often than he used to. Whenever he is questioned about this, he simply acts as if nothing is wrong. Seeing as he is quite a convincing actor, no one has ever come to suspect anything of him. Grant knows that he could be killed and accused of treason if anyone were to find out what he was doing, but he has no fear. He believes that if he is to die, it might as well be for something that he believes in, which is ironically a similarity that he shares with his father.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Don’t you know your pain is mine?

Genevieve Fallon

twenty three --- female --- bisexual
dark brown hair --- green eyes --- 5’5”
FC - Eva Green

Servant to the Brelrien Family


On the day she was born, Genevieve was abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage in the dead of night during a terrible thunderstorm. When she was found the next morning and taken in, the little baby was soaked and shivering. She was never quite the same after that. As a child, Genevieve was always the runt and was often sick. She much smaller and skinnier than the other children, which often caused her to be overlooked when people came in looking to adopt a child.

That is, until two women finally took notice of her when she was nine years old. The two had been together for many years, and were looking to adopt a child. They took pity on Genevieve, who hid in the corner while the other children ran about and played, so they decided to take her home with them.

Genevieve quickly grew to love her mothers, and they gave her the love and care that she had never received at the overcrowded orphanage. However, it became harder and harder for the small family to get by. Feeling as though it was her responsibility, Genevieve began looking for employment at the age of twelve, even though her parents insisted that she should enjoy her childhood. Though she was still rather small and weak, Genevieve was very determined.

Soon, she found a job at the palace, washing dishes with a few other poor girls like herself. Over time, she became friends with them, and it made working a little more enjoyable. However, as more and more work was poured onto her as she got older, Genevieve found herself away from home more and more, even though it was truly the only place that she wanted to be. She promises her parents that she will make enough money to quit her job one of these days and come home, but so far, this hasn’t happened.

Having outgrown her shyness, Genevieve is hard working and never bitter. She tries to make the most of every unfortunate situation that she is put in, whether she is being made fun of for her size, or being forced to work late into the night. She wishes to get something more out of her life than being a simply palace servant.

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Yeah, they look great! Sorry, I meant to reply earlier, but it seems like even during summer I can't get a break from school, so yesterday and today have been pretty hectic.

And sure, I don't mind starting :) Do we want to start with all the characters, or just a few and then gradually bring in the others?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments It's okay, I totally know how that goes :) Hmm, I think that we should start with only a few of the characters and then bring in the others whenever it is convenient. I think that we should definitively having both characters from Alston in the beginning so that we can set up that side of the story, and then maybe you can start with your princess and we'll go from there on that side of things?

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Makes sense to me! Though actually, before we begin, it would probably make sense to just establish what the relationship is between the characters who know each other already, so we're both on the same page.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Oh right, I forgot about that! Well, who do you think would be good together?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments They don't even have to be people that are associated with each other necessarily because they will probably all end up meeting eventually

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Evan (evanny) | 113 comments
Hm, well I think that Francesca and Evander would probably clash at first, since their personalities are pretty opposite, but they could probably actually bond over the shared sense of not looking forward to ruling, so maybe there's hope for them after all haha.

And I feel like Genevieve and Thea could be interesting together, too.

But what I meant with my original question was that we should work out how characters that already know each other before the start of the rp feel about each other, whether they get along, etc. So, Arlin and Matthias, Evander and Braedon, and maybe Genevieve and Thea (though it wouldn't be unlikely that they wouldn't actually know each other, but had just seen each other around in a vague way).

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Oh haha, yeah, I meant to get to normal relations in that post too, but I guess I just forgot!

Yeah, so Arlin and Matthias obviously, and Evander and Braedon are cousins (half cousins?). I agree that Genevieve would probably know who Thea is, but she probably would have never talked to her, and since she is a servant for the Brelrien family, she probably would know Evander and Braedon at least a little bit. She'd probably know Braedon more since he's probably more approachable since he's not, you know, the prince. Actually, I think that Braedon and Genevieve could be really good friends given time. What do you think with that?

I was thinking the same thing with Thea and Genevieve! I totally agree that Evander and Francesca would clash personality wise, but I'm afraid that they might clash too much. We'll have to play that one out. I feel like Arlin and Matthias will clash sometimes too, but not as much. Plus, she's far more tolerant than Evander is, so I think that her and Matthias will end up either really close friends, or possible love interests. Maybe friends with benefits? I don't know, those two will be tricky XD

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Yeah, I think that Braedon and Genevieve could definitely work as friends!

I'm glad you agree, since I think they'd be pretty cute :) And yeah, I can definitely see what you mean that Evander and Francesca might clash too much. But either way, it'll definitely be interesting to rp. And with Arlin and Matthias, I feel like those options seem likely haha. But we'll have to wait and see, I suppose.

So one last thing (unless you had anything else you wanted to discuss?): Evander and Braedon. They would've grown up around each other, and so they would know each other very well at this point. And I'm just not really sure what to think, because I can see a case that they might get along, but I could also see them definitely not getting along, and I'm not sure which makes more sense.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Yeah, I definitely think that Thea and Genevieve will be very cute together :) And yes, we'll just have to see what happens with the other two possible pairs. It will definitely be fun to rp. I can't wait to start this!

And yeah, about Braedon... I agree hat they would definitely know each other very well, and I think that Evander wouldn't necessarily dislike him. I think that he would be relatively indifferent to him, and I don't think that he'd give him the crap that other people do about being a bastard. I think that he wouldn't really consider him family though, probably just more of a childhood friend

So, I think that's everything then :) Are we ready to start?

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That makes sense, and sounds good!

So yeah, I think we're about ready to start. So I'll go ahead and start off with Matthias and also probably Francesca, and then we can bring in the others as it makes sense to?

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The sound of wheels rolling over cobblestones as the carriage lurched unevenly down the road provided a sort of background music to Matthias's mind, but with every passing moment he found it harder to concentrate on his own thoughts. The lurching and the clop clop clop of horse hooves seemed to drown out everything else, even the sigh he let slip out without thinking.

"For such a wealthy country, they certainly can't seem to spare a coin to repair their roads," he said absently, glancing in the direction of Arlin in the seat across from him. In the hours they had been in this carriage, heading towards the Brelrien capital, Matthias hadn't made much of an effort to break the silence. It was always this way; once he was behind closed doors, away from the hawk-like eyes of attendants and nobles, ambassadors and subjects, his charisma went away, like a winter coat hung up until the next storm. And in these moments, out of sight of prying eyes, he was a different person, content to sit with his thoughts until he had something to say.

He turned his gaze back out the window as though not actually expecting a response, and tapped out a rhythm with his fingers on the windowsill. He wasn't sure what it was, exactly. Perhaps the beat to a nursery rhyme from his childhood, the words long forgotten to the haze of memory? He didn't know, but it gave him something to focus on as they rolled further and further into the lion's den.


Francesca wasn't sure she had ever been more elated in her life. She had spent hours stuck in the carriage as she traveled from Northbarrow to Brelrien, and it had seemed like every moment took a lifetime. Every minute she spent in the carriage was another minute she had to wait before she could see everything.

Unfortunately, horses could only go so fast, so she had to content herself to incessantly questioning Callista, her lady-in-waiting. What did she think Evander was like? And what about Brelrien? Was the capital beautiful? And did the cooks there know how to make lemon pie quite like they did back at home? Callista, of course, didn't know the answers to the questions anymore than Francesca did, but the two girls spent hours speculating and giggling together as the carriage bounced towards Brelrien, and towards Francesca's future.

But the wait was over, and the carriage finally pulled up in front of the Brelrien palace. Through the window, Francesca could see a crowd of various nobles and dignitaries, assembled for her arrival. If it was just her, she would've just thrown open the carriage door and run out, but protocol existed even for situations like this, so she waited as patiently as she could manage for the carriage driver to circle around and over her a hand to help her out. As an attendant began to announce her to the crowd, reciting her long list of official titles, she stepped out gingerly. The sun was shining right into her eyes, so she had to squint to even get a look at everyone, but even so, she grinned bright enough to almost rival the sunlight.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Arlin sat patiently in her seat across from the king, even though she wanted nothing more than for this journey to end. She wanted to get out of this horridly cramped carriage and stretch her legs. Journeys with Matthias always seemed to be much longer than they actually were, because the king wasn't much for conversation. However, Arlin was very used to Matthias' silence by now, after knowing him for so many years. They were both very different people when they were away from others, but while Matthias was far less charismatic and more stoic, Arlin was the other way around, which inevitably lead to many silent rides between the two of them. Doubting that Matthias would say a word to her for the entire journey, Arlin had laid her head against the wall and simply gone to sleep for a while, until the carriage had rode over a deep hole in the road, causing her head to slam into the wall, waking her up, and causing her to curse to herself.

It had been quite some time since then, and Matthias still hadn't said a word, and Arlin knew better than to prod him for conversation. Therefore, when he finally did speak, it caught her attention. She sighed though, knowing that she should have known that he would only speak to complain. "Not everyone is as hard to please as you are, you know," she said simply, not as an insult, but simply as a fact, "Perhaps they believe that the roads are adequate." Arlin spoke softly and evenly, and hardly ever addressed Matthias with any sort of title, such as "my king" or, "your highness". She simply spoke to him as she would speak to anyone else, for she found that it kept him in check. She didn't want his ego getting blown too out of proportion.

Arlin watched as he proceeded to turn his attention away from her and look out the window again after the simple statement that he had made. She sighed, but quickly picked up on the beat that he was tapping against the wood. She recognized it, but couldn't place where she'd heard it before. Regardless, she began to join him, her tapping falling into sync with his. Eventually their eyes met again and she smiled a bit and stopped the rhythmic tapping. "Am I bothering you?" she asked him, smirking as she teased him slightly. Sometimes Arlin liked to mess with Matthias a bit, for she didn't stone faced he got sometimes. "You know, a man can only spend so much time in his own head before he goes mad," she said, "I've always wondered what it is that goes on in there that steals you away from reality so often..." Arlin wondered if he cared to enlighten her, but she figured that he would most likely just brush her off as he usually did. All she wanted was a bit of conversation to rid herself of the boredom that she felt from doing absolutely nothing for so long, but she had a feeling that Matthias would deny her this.


Evander was aware of the vast crowds of people outside the palace who were awaiting to greet the princess, but he and his family stayed inside. They waited in the throne room, his mother, his father, his two younger sisters, one younger brother, and him. Evander tried to tell himself that he wasn't nervous to meet his bride to be for the first time, but that was a lie. He wasn't necessarily worried that he would do something wrong, but this whole situation was giving him the intense feeling that he always seemed to get whenever someone spoke of him becoming king soon. Evander always felt like a fraud in these situations, because it wasn't supposed to be him standing here, ready to meet his future queen. It should be his brother, Killian. He was supposed to be king, not Evander. But, of course, Killian wasn't here anymore, forcing Evander to take his place.

Evander sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets, forcing them to stop shaking. Out the window, he could see the carriage pulling up, but he couldn't get a good look at his bride to be. Her appearance didn't matter all that much to him, as long as she didn't look like an old hag. He was simply curious, seeing as he had never met her before. He didn't even know how old she was, and he hoped that she wasn't too much younger than him. Some men had no problem taking brides who were much younger than them, but Evander had younger sisters, and he felt as though it would feel weird to him to have a wife who was their age.

He sighed again, knowing that he should stop thinking about everything because it was only making him worry more and more. Evander glanced at his sister who gave him a small supportive smile, though it didn't make him feel much better. He could see the princess and her entourage coming closer to entering the palace and he took another deep breath, knowing that in just a few minutes, his life would change forever. For better or worse, he was still unsure.

((I'm thinking that Thea would probably be around somewhere during this meeting between Evander and Francesca, you know, just to guard and such, and Genevieve is around the palace somewhere too, so maybe we can start to bring those two in next? Maybe Genevieve gets assigned to be Francesca's personal servant while she is in Brelrien, and gets presented to her, and that's kinda when Thea noticed her for the first time, and then that way Genevieve can be acquainted with Francesca too. How does that sound? We can probably hold off on Grant and Braedon though until they are more relevant...))

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((That all makes sense, and sounds good to me! Should I go ahead and bring in Thea in my upcoming post, then, or wait a post or two?))

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments ((Hmm, whatever feels right to you! I'll probably have Evander present Genevieve in the next post, so just, whatever you think is good))

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At her comment, Matthias only raised his shoulders slightly. It would've been generous to actually call it a shrug, but it at least did the job of acknowledging Arlin's response.

When she spoke again, Matthias took a moment before responding. As he met her gaze again, he flashed a polite half-smile. "Certainly not," he responded. And in a way, it was true. He might have been content to sit in peaceful silence for the remainder of the journey, but if she wanted to talk, so be it. Besides, in his year on the throne he had learned that Arlin was a good second in command, and useful to have around. It was always a good idea to keep people like that on your good side. Other people might have viewed this was of thinking, of looking at people almost as assets, as a bit unemotional or clinical, but Matthias was simply practical.

"Well, I would like to think that I'm not quite at the point of madness, but perhaps you know better than I do about that." He shrugged again. "But if you must know, I was simply considering the plan for the upcoming weeks." Matthias, honestly, was unhappy with the lack of an airtight, preestablished plan. He understood the reasons for it, of course──they had to wait to see the layout of the castle, to meet in person with sympathizers on the inside, to bribe guards if need be, before they could formalize what would happen──but it made him deeply uncomfortable. It made him feel like he was walking onto a battlefield blindfolded, groping around in the dark for a miracle.


When she was younger, Francesca would always watch her father at official functions. She watched the way he would quickly grow tired, the way his smile started to strain under the weight of being the center of attention. People would always compare Francesca and her father, saying that they had the same kind of quiet grace and affable way of dealing with people.

But in moments like this, Francesca couldn't have been more different from how her father was. She was at the center of attention, all eyes of her as she walked up the short path and through the palace gates, but she didn't feel that sense of weariness or nervousness. She only felt excitement.

However, excitement can only propel one forward for so long. As she entered the palace and paused while attendants opened the ornate door to the throne room, the whole situation seemed to suddenly crystallize in her mind, as if she only just now fully realized what was happening. Inside that room was the man she was to marry, the future king of the country hers was to join. The very thought was enough to make one's head spin, and as a brief surge of panic welled up in her, she found herself mindlessly fiddling with the side seam on her dress. As the door started to swing open, she took a deep breath, forcing herself to steel her expression and still her hands. It will be fine, she told herself, and stepped through the door.


This moment had been weeks in the making. As Thea stood along the wall of the throne room, hand resting lightly on the hilt of her sword in case something went wrong, she considered just how much work had been put into this.

Being a guard meant being paid to be paranoid. You have to constantly be prepared for the worst, constantly considering all the possible ways a situation could end badly. That only doubles when you're organizing the arrival of foreign royalty and meeting with local royalty. The arrival of the princess had been preceded by weeks of long days for Thea. She had had to coordinate with the Northbarrow guards accompanying the princess, who insisted on remaining with her despite the more than adequate guard already here, change the guard schedules to allow for tighter security, investigate three potential security threats──all false alarms, thankfully──all on top of her normal duties as commander of the guard.

Needless to say, Thea was beyond tired, but she knew better than to let it show. Besides, she was used to this. Army training involved long periods of sleeplessness, showing trainees just how far they could actually push themselves. So as she stood there, she stared straight ahead, ignoring the sense of exhaustion that seem to sink into her very bones.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight | 3124 comments Arlin shook her head, somewhat surprised that he was voluntarily continue this conversation. "No, you haven't gone mad, not just yet anyway," she said, smiling teasingly at him. She supposed that it was possible though. Just like she'd said, if he spent too much time in his head, he would miss out on reality, and eventually, he would being to confuse the two. She'd seen plenty of mad people who couldn't distinguish what was real from what was in their heads, and she truly did feel sorry for them. Hopefully Matthias didn't turn out that way in the end, for having a mad king would create all kinds of problems, problems that she would have to deal with herself.

She wasn't surprised when he claimed to be thinking about their plans for this trip, though she was a bit frustrated by the fact that he couldn't seem to have a normal conversation. It seemed that it always had to be about business. She sighed and thought about what he had said for a moment before she spoke again. "I'm worried that now is not the right time to make any big moves," she told him, "When we arrive, we will already be unwanted guests in the eyes of many, for even in this time of peace, there are many in Brelrien who still detest you. If we act too quickly, or too harshly, we could risk ruining everything that we've done to get this far. This isn't our home, and we don't have any protection here. I don't believe that it is wise to start another conflict when we have the short end of the stick from every way that you look at things."

To say that Arlin was nervous about this whole visit to Brelrien was an understatement. She knew that they didn't not know just how many sympathizers that they had on the inside once they arrived here. She knew that they know if the king of Brelrien had any plans of his own for them once they arrived. For all they knew, they were walking right into a trap, thinking that they would beat the competition by springing their own. But what if they fell short? This was why Arlin didn't like to do her own dirty work. There was no one to blame but herself if things went wrong. Matthias on the other hand seemed perfectly content to do everything on his own. "What exactly is it that you wish to accomplish while we are here that we can't send someone in to do for us later?" she asked, wondering just how far with his schemes he was planning to go.


Evander watched as the doors to the throne room finally opened and he took one last deep breath as his future bride entered, accompanied by her entourage. Looking at her for the first time, Evander could tell that she was younger than he was, but not by much. He thought that she was quite pretty, which was always a good thing, and she seemed to carry herself with confidence, even though he could also tell that she was nervous. Over the years he had found that it was amazing the amount of things that he could tell about a person by simply taking the time to observe them.

Once she was close enough to where his family stood, Evander stepped down the stair to meet her at the bottom, as he had been instructed to do by his father. "Princess Francesca," he greeted her as he bowed to her respectfully as he had been told. His greeting wasn't exactly warm and friendly, but rather was stiff and clearly scripted for him by someone else. Nothing that Evander was saying or doing was coming from him, but rather he had been told to say or do it by his father in order to make a good impression, as if his father believed that he didn't know how to do it on his own. "I am Prince Evander or Brelrien...." he stopped, his words seeming to get stuck in his throat. He knew what he was supposed to say next, but couldn't seem to being himself to say it. He could feel everyone's eyes on him, so he quickly pushed himself through it. "First born son of King Thorin," he continued, hating how he was supposed to pretend as though Killian had never even been born. Again, he felt like a fraud, trying to fill the shoes that his brother had been prepared to fill. That it seemed more and more that Evander was not right to fill.

"On behalf of my whole family, I welcome you to Brelrien," he said, continuing on with what he was supposed to say, "I hope that you will find that you enjoy yourself here. Your chamber has already been prepared if you wish to rest after your long journey." He was very happy that she was not forced to share a room with him until after they were officially wed, because Evander had no desire to share a bed with a stranger, even if she was to be his wife. He turned then to look at the the intense looking blonde woman with the long scar running across her face. "This is Thea Osmont, head of the King's Guard. She is happy to serve you however she can," he told Francesca. Evander hated speaking for other people, but he was simply saying what he had been told to say. With that, he motioned to the dark haired girl standing off to the side in the shadows. She came forward slowly, clearly not used to this many people looking at her. "And this in Genevieve, you're personal servant during your time here," he told her, happy that this was almost over. "Dinner will be served in an hour, and I shall see you again at that time, but for now, Genevieve will take you to your chamber so that you can get settled."


Genevieve watched as the princess entered the room, knowing that it would be her job to serve the young girl for time that she was here until she was officially married into the family. She had never done anything like this before, but she supposed that it beat scrubbing floors. Hopefully the young princess was pleasant. She knew that her life would be quite difficult for the next few weeks if the girl was a brat, especially when there was nothing that she could do about it. Genevieve stayed silent and in the shadows as she had been told to do, watching the prince awkwardly make his way through his introductions, and she truly felt bad for him. Even a silly servant girl like her could see that he didn't want to be king, but he didn't have any other choice.

She watched and listened, glancing where he gestured as he introduced the princess to the head of the guard. Genevieve had heard her name before, but was sure that she had never actually seen her before. If she had, she was positive that she would have remembered. The woman had many very noticeable qualities, her beautiful white-blonde hair, her towering height, and the long scar that ran across her face to name just a few. The scar intrigued Genevieve the most, and she wondered what exactly the woman could have gotten herself into the receive such a scar. She didn't look to be the most friendly person in the world, in fact she looked rather intimidating, and Genevieve knew that she would even without the scar. It was clear that this women had seen things, many things that she would probably like to forget.

Genevieve was so lost in thought that she almost didn't hear Prince Evander when called her forward. She slowly made her way from the shadowy corner of the room, brushing some hair back from her face in an attempt to make herself look more presentable, but she knew that she couldn't hide the fact that she believed that she was very plain, nothing special at all, though she supposed that she was nothing more than a servant girl, so it didn't matter anyway. She curtsied to the princess respectfully when she was introduced, then waited for Evander to finish. "Whenever you're ready, Princess," she said, prepared to lead the princess to her room, just as Evander said that she would.

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