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Book promotion advice for the incurably shy author

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Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments You did it! You slaved over your book, crafted your vision and after months of blood, sweat and tears, hit 'publish' with a deep sense of gratification and accomplishment. Fait accompli? Not by a long shot. Now you've got to let the reading public know about your book and that requires marketing and promotion. But what do you do when you're naturally introverted or shy? How do you arrange a book signing when the thought alone makes you want to just hide behind the counter at Srarbucks and just blindly grenade-launch your book at every tenth customer? What do you do when you know that your friends know that you were never really into social media before you began to publish - and they know you know that they know?

Can those authors among us who are a bit gun-shy break through our reticence and promote with the best of them? If so, how? I'll be crouching behind the counter waiting for your tips and suggestions.

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Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 27 comments but that's the beauty of the internet . . . no one knows these things about you . . . just type hello on twitter for instance . . . a good ice breaker me thinks

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Erin MacMichael | 4 comments Segilola's right. If you're shy, use the internet. You're already doing something right, Tara. You've got outstanding reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and I've seen you comment on quite a few threads in the Goodreads groups. Great start!

Since I left the corporate world, I've become a very happy hermit and had to make myself start a Facebook account after years of conscientious avoidance (I'm still staring at the signup page for Twitter). I set up the beginnings of a Facebook Author Page (which I plan to develop and will ignore the required personal account). Perhaps you might investigate setting one up as well.

The other thing I've been working on outside of a new novella is a zippy new website and getting a brand new blog ready to launch. You don't have a website listed yet on your Goodreads Author Page. Do you have one in the works? How about a blog on manners, etiquette, simple human kindness, raising kids to be decent people, etc., i.e. subjects that are near and dear to your heart? Maybe start a "Good Manners Tip of the Week" series? Then look for ways to make the blog visible, tap into other parenting blogs, offer other bloggers guest spots on yours. I guarantee you there is a whole ocean of parents out there who would subscribe to a blog on raising kids well.

The other thing I've been learning in my own research is to keep writing and publishing. People who like your work will look you up to see what else you have to offer. Do you have another book on a related subject in the works? You can always post a "Coming Soon" write-up of a future publication on your own website to snag people's interest.

Ok, I'm a newbie myself and don't have the answers yet about how to connect all those things to the real people who will love my fiction, but I'll get there. And so will you! Three cheers for us shy-types who are brave enough to put something meaningful out there.

Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments *Peeks at Erin...lets go of barrista's leg...*

I copied/pasted your entire comment into ms on my devic. So,'re kind of sort of awesome.

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Erin MacMichael | 4 comments Aw, shucks. Thanks! :)

I think we'll feel better and stronger when we finally tap into those people who are also excited about the things we cherish. Your audience is much wider and more approachable than mine, so tiptoe out some more and find them!

Maybe a few more experienced authors will chime in with some friendly advice about other ways to build connections with readers. I have a list of all kinds of things to do which keeps getting longer.

Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments Believe it or not I really enjoy helping other authors with ideas and suggestions etc. not as easy to know for myself lol. I have been assuming that everyone is more outgoing than I am :-)

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