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Approved character profiles will be placed in this thread. The first post will include the list of characters as well as a few general points about the character, including name, age, and any other information that might be important to include.

Female Characters:
*Adeline Starling[age 20, created by Daughter of the Rain and Snow]
Mariana Leroy[age 18, created by Megan]
November Brown[age 21, created by Megan]
Rowan Hart[age 25, created by the_guiding_light]
Charlotte Amsler[age 20, created by Isis]
Maria Alexeeva[age 84, created by the_guiding_light]

Male Characters:
Emmett Newman[age 36, created by Daughter of the Rain and snow]
Alexander Kensington[age 20, created by Megan]
Eliot Daniels[age 20, created by Gee(Fiera)]
*Samuel Fletcher[age 22, created by the_guiding_light]
*Jordan Unorlox[age 25, created by Deaths coming]
Sage Griffin[age 18, created by Gee(Fiera)]
Louis Wright[age 25, created by Isis]
Kellin Stockholm-Locke[age 7, created by [ ᴊ ᴏ ʜ ɴ ᴀ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ ] "ᴡᴇ'ᴠᴇ ɢᴏᴛ ᴛᴏ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇ sᴘɪᴅᴇʀs"]
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Name Adeline “Della” Rose Starling
Age 20
Gender Female
Birthplace Olympia, Washington
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

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height 5’5”
weight 125 lbs
hair color and length Honey blond, falling just past her shoulders in waves
eye color Muddled grey
skin tone Fair
body type Slender with faint curves, masking underlying muscle

Personality Della is your typical Valley dweller. She relishes the home and family that has been provided for her and doesn’t take it for granted. Respectful and kind to anyone who would do her the courtesy of doing the same for her, she is well liked among most of the people in the Compound.
That is aside from those who would see her as a goody two shoes, as a coward. Adeline Starling isn’t one of those people who takes risks without fully understanding the consequences, and just because she determines that the action isn’t worth the punishment doesn’t make her a coward, right? She is smart enough to know not to see who can go the farthest across the river. She knows what happens when it goes too far and she would rather that happen as little as possible, for the sake of the Valley dwellers, and for the protection of the truth that she holds close to her heart.

-Spending time with the ones she loves
-Working in the greenhouse
-Learning new things
-Being outside
-A good cup of tea

-Rule breakers
-Wasteful people

-People learning too much about her

-Getting her hands dirty in the greenhouse
-Exploring the forest
-Reading up on botany

Adeline Starling hadn’t exactly led a charmed life, but it was one she had held dear. Born the second child of Catherine and David Starling, she lived in a quiet neighborhood outside of Olympia. Part of a lower middle class family, there had been nothing too special or eventful in her early years. She would spend summers playing with her older brother and other children at a nearby playground or help her mother work in their flower garden. In the winter, her father had been taking her ice skating as soon as she had been able to balance on her own two feet.
Her life began to tumble out of control like a clump of snow rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger until it destroyed everything in it’s path. When Della had been four years old, her brother Liam had fallen ill. Her mother had blamed it on her son not wearing enough layers when going out to jump in leaf piles with his friends and claimed that a few days in bed while being nursed with some hot soup would fix him right up. But it didn’t; as the days went on, Liam’s symptoms grew from a headache and a fever, to vomiting, trouble concentrating, weakness, and rashes. A stubborn woman, it took Catherine over a week to finally decide her son needed a doctor.
After a couple of hours of testing, the diagnosis was conclusive: leukemia, strong, and fast spreading. Within days, Liam, was checked into a children’s hospital in downtown Olympia where treatment started immediately. Distraught and distracted, Catherine quit her job to be with Liam. During the day, Della would spend time keeping her brother company, playing with each other so they could drown out the voices of their mother and the doctors talking.
At night, David would come to pick his wife and daughter up to go home. More often than not, Catherine would refuse to leave, even after Liam insisted that he would be fine alone. After his wife had gone six days without going home to so much as sleep in her own bed, David became impatient and took her by the arm, trying to more forcefully guide her home. Strung out on no sleep and stress, Catherine lashed out in response, striking her husband while their children watched. Ignoring his smarting face, David took Della’s hand without a word and went home.
With medical bills growing higher and higher, the Starling’s insurance would no longer cover Liam’s treatment, but there was no way David would allow his son to be removed from the hospital on the account of him not making enough money. The incident with his wife had caused communications between Catherine and David to become strained; if she wouldn’t see the voice of reason, he wouldn’t fight her. After 10 years of marriage, he knew when his wife wouldn’t budge. To make ends meet with Liam in the hospital and Catherine refusing to leave his bedside, David took on a second job, leaving just enough time for him to get in a few hours of sleep, pick Della up from the hospital, and put her to bed.
Adeline admired her father, and it saddened her to see the light gone from his eyes and his constantly haggard appearance, most of all she missed being a family, because they weren’t that anymore. She didn’t make dinner with her mother anymore, and even though it was well into winter, her father had yet to take her ice skating. Catherine felt the same way; the dynamic of their life had changed fundamentally, she felt neglected by her husband, blaming him for never coming to see her and their son. And even though to this day she would never admit it, she had come to despise Liam for being sick, for not getting better, for putting them in this situation in the first place. She wanted to be happy again, and as long as she was here, she would continue to waste away.
So Catherine left. It was a Saturday afternoon in February. She told Adeline to stay with her brother at the hospital while she went home for a little bit. David was away at work and wouldn’t find her note on her empty dresser until he got home late that night. The last few months had been hell, but that was the first time throughout this whole ordeal that he had allowed himself to cry.
Della would ask her father where her mother went, but he had no idea how to tell a five year old that her mother had abandoned her. Instead, he would just tell her that she went on vacations, because sometimes mommies need those. With one less mouth to feed, David was able to make ends meet until March, but it soon became obvious that they would either need a miracle or someone else would have to go. Even though it broke his heart to do so, he swallowed his pride and contacted his brother, who lived over in Colorado Springs. David knew his brother wasn’t exactly in a stellar financial situation either, but it was better than the one he was in now, and if Della would have a better life with her uncle for the time being, than the least he could do was ask.
Thankfully, his brother agreed to come and take Adeline to live with him in Colorado. Upon arrival, Della’s uncle had come with open arms for his niece and the little money he could spare for his brother. Packed with a duffle bag and her last give from her father, a bright red backpack and stuffed animal, Della and David shared a tearful goodbye before her uncle ushered her into the small, two person airplane that would transport Della to her new temporary home in the Colorado.
What Adeline didn’t know was that she would be heading to a far more permanent home. Whilst flying over the Rockies, they hit a bit of turbulence, but nothing so choppy that had prepared them for the storm that had brewed suddenly over the mountains. An experienced flier, her uncle did her best to try to steer them safely through the storm, but it quickly became apparent that a crash landing was his only option. It had been dangerous, and the tumultuous landing had jarred the plane so terribly that the passengers had been lucky to survive. When the uncle came to, he blearily searched the cockpit to make sure his niece was alright, only to see that she was nowhere to be found.

Adeline had awoken no more than 15 minutes before her uncle. She had seen him unconscious in the seat beside her and at first she had tried to shake him awake, but when she saw it was no use, she took it upon herself to go out and search for help. No, not the smartest decision, but she was 5 years old, live and learn, right?
The rain and wind that had forced them out of the sky was much calmer now that they were in the protection of the high mountains. Hoisting her red backpack high on her shoulders, Della climbed out one of the torn open doors and began her search.
She didn’t know how long she had been walking, but she knew that she was tired and she would be happy if it never rained another day in her life. It was then that she emerged from the treeline and saw a big beautiful house lit up before her, shining out like a beacon in the darkness of the night. Relief flooded through her tiny frame and she ran as fast as she could to the front door. Adeline knocked frantically until an older woman finally opened the door and she was immediately surrounded by warmth and comfort.

It was hard for Della to accept that she would never be able to go back to her old life, that she would never see her father or brother again, but she was young, and children adapt. She was taken in by a young couple a woman and her then boyfriend. She took a particular liking to her adoptive father, Emmett and the two became thick as thieves. Energetic and upbeat, she quickly made friends and fell into easy life in the Valley.
Over the years, she grew into a kind, intelligent young woman with an affinity for botany. When she wasn’t with her friends, she would be helping the older dwellers in the greenhouse, starting out small with weeding before they moved her up to planting seeds and transferring grown plants. The work fed her curiosity about life and she fell in love with creating something from some dirt and tiny little seeds, watching them grow into something so strong and vibrant.
Her nurturing tendencies also settled on some of the younger children and she would find herself playing with some of the new arrivals, helping them feel loved and at home. Though she certainly doesn’t think so, Della especially dotes upon her foster brother Henry.

Life in the Valley was perfect, Adeline could not ignore the dark cloud that settled over her home on occasion, in the form of the Shade. She was 9 when she first set eyes on it, after a young man had tried to run away. There aren’t many days that Della remembers in such vivid detail, but she knew those moments would be in her memory until the day she died.

Emmett Newman- Foster father
August Harmon- Best friend

Additional Information Her one memento she has left from her life back before she came to the Valley is her now tattered red backpack that she uses almost constantly. It had contained her stuffed polar bear that has worn away to the point where it can no longer be repaired and it sits on the back shelf of her wardrobe.

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Name Marianna “Marie” Sarah Leroy
Age 18
Birthday May 1st
Gender Female
Birthplace New York, New York
Sexual Orientation Straight


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Additional description:
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Color and Length: Light Brown with blonde highlights, shoulder length
Eye Color: Gray Blue, with a navy ring around the outside of the iris
Skin Tone: Porcelain with cool undertones
Body Type: Petite, skinny but soft

Marie is the type of girl who constantly has her nose in a book, and tends to dream that she lives outside reality. She crafts stories about her past because she doesn’t have the strength to face it. She tends to be quiet when left to her own devices, but when with friend, or those who have won her trust, she loves to open up and talk. She is sincere, and will open up on most topics. In most ways she is an open book, but one with the first chapter torn away. She is intelligent, but stubborn when it comes to her beliefs, and she has a passion within her that manifests most keenly through her large eyes. One day she will have to grow up and pull her head from the clouds. Today, my friends, is not that day.
~Music, particularly songs with good lyrics
~Has a special affection for Red Pandas, and Cats
~Most dogs
~Bad Acting
~Stuck up people
~the dark
~not being in control
~Relaxing at the lake

Marie grew up in tucked in the high rises of Manhatten. Her parents were rich, but they choose the small apartment because they liked to be "at the center of the greatest city in the world". Her mother was a costume designer on Broadway, a French Immigrant, and easily distracted. Her father was a stock broker who was too busy running about Wall St. to pay much attention to his family. Due to this, and the fact that both parents were determined not to hire a babysitter, Marie spent the first seven years of her life backstage on Broadway, in a land most children could only dream of. She would sit and watch rehearsals, and more often than not sneak into an empty seat at matinee shows. Her school bus driver even knew to drop her at the door of whatever theater her mom was working at.

December 31st, 2006, everything changed. Marie was eight, and after two solid months of begging, her parents had decided to take her to see the ball drop. After four hours of waiting in the cold sunlight of winter, her father got called into work. Six hours later, Marie was gone, and her mother was too busy on her phone to notice. These men had been effective, they had done it before, taking children from a crowded place. All Marie remembers was the rag on her face, and her mother telling her not to pull on the scarf she was wearing, she didn't want it to rip.

Marie woke up in a container box on a cargo plane. The top had been opened, and there were men with guns patrolling the room. When she sat up she could see that there were at least a hundred other boxes, and dozens of other girls, hands tied, no older than fifteen.

These men brought the girls to Russia. They held online auctions for each one, they were being sold as slaves, or as child brides. While she waited to be sold, Marie was kept in the gymnasium of an abandoned high school. They gave each girl just enough food and water to keep them alive, and enough humiliation to haunt them forever. The men would "train" the girls to be good wives. The only rule was that the girls had to remain virgins. It made them more money that way. Any girl who tried to resist was beaten. If it happened more than once, she was shot, most often in the middle of the gym, as an example to the rest of them. Marie was sold to a man in France. She was with him for less than six months, but that was long enough for her to know what hell felt like. She escaped. A week later, she arrived at the compound, emotionally scarred and beaten, she was afraid of her own shadow. Her only escape was into the books in the library, books that taught her how to be someone else. How to escape the torment that still raged in her mind. She has adapted fairly well to the compound, working in the library. Now you can most often find her in a cozy spot, her nose tucked into musty pages.

Mother- Marion Leroy, 40 (view spoiler)
Father- Andrew Anderson (view spoiler)

Additional Information
She works in the library, and owns two cats. One kitten named Socks, and an older tabby named Pepper. Pepper almost always follows Marie around.
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Name Emmett Richard Newman
Age 36
Gender Male
Birthplace The Valley
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

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height 6’0”
weight 185 lbs
hair color and length Dark brown, usually cut short
eye color Dark Brown
skin tone Faintly tan
body type Slightly above average muscle tone

Emmett Newman is a kind hearted man if there ever was one. Born in the tight knit community of the Valley, he learned early on that he would never be able to get away with breaking the rules, as all of the grown ups knew who he was and exactly where to find his parents. Well behaved, he would always read what his father would tell him, understanding that it would make him smart and worldly despite never leaving home.
There are many sides to Emmett, but none of them are too difficult to understand. His knowledge is what he is known for around the Compound, but he is far from bookish. While he enjoys a good, American history lesson, he is too energetic to stay inside for long. His friendliness and boyish charm have gained him a number of friends who he is exceedingly loyal to. Yet, as fun loving as he is, he will be the first one to put his foot down when he knows something is not right. He knows rules are in place for a reason and he will not have others suffer for the foolish actions of a few.

-Reading aloud to his wife
-Being involved in the community of the Compound



-The river
-Anything bad happening to his family
-The Shade(like any reasonable Valley dweller would)

-Digging around the layers of storage in the basement, going through the belongings of past Valley dwellers
-Being outside with others, enjoying good weather and good company
-Documenting the events of the Valley

Background Within the Compound, Emmett Newman is part of a growing minority, as he is of a group of people who were born within the Valley. Generations of children have arrived in the Valley, grown up, and started families of their own. While a most of the dwellers can’t claim to have been born there, the number of Valley born inhabitants has been growing as the years go on. But if anything, being born in the Compound has never been a pitfall of Emmett’s existence.
He was born into a very loving, very large family. From a young age, he was very social. When he learned to talk, his first word was “hello” and after that, you couldn’t stop him from greeting everyone he saw. A big ball of curious, joyful energy, Emmett would find himself in all kinds of trouble, climbing up onto the roof of the Compound, making it “snow” by stealing flour from the kitchen, spreading it on the tops of ceiling fans, turning them on and watching the Compound become a winter wonderland. His mischievous stint was short lived however, as there were eyes everywhere, and all of them were spies for his parents. Once his mother caught wind of it, she would punish him accordingly, forcing him to help her as she did her chores and they were done with that, she would have him sit stick straight on a stool until he promised to behave. The sheer dullness of the punishment coupled with his inability to go run and play with his friends was torment enough for him to not want to have to suffer through that.
When he became the general age to start education, his mother dreaded how he would ever be able to sit down and learn anything, but Emmett’s father didn’t have the same concern. He had noticed that from as far back as infancy, Emmett could be entranced by the written word, whether it be fairy tales or school textbooks; they would fill his eyes with wonder and he had an incredible memory, retaining nearly everything he heard. So when it came time for Emmett to learn to read, he was a determined student, delighted when he learned a new word. When he was 8 years old, he read through the Webster’s dictionary, cover to cover, just because he wanted to fully understand every word he read in his lessons.
It was around this time that Emmett discovered his passion for history. He and his father would go to the library together and pull out volumes and volumes of texts and Emmett often found that he couldn’t pull himself away from them until he had satisfied his curiosity for the time being. By the time he was 15, he was well on his way to being the Compound’s historian.
While he had finally found something that could make him sit still, his friends sometimes didn’t understand what had him so enraptured. To keep him from becoming a hermit, they would “rescue” him from his studies and make him come play with them outside, race to the top of the hill, climb trees in the forest, or explore the gorge. It was thanks to them that Emmett remembered that there were people in the present who were just as important as those in the past. It was also thanks to them that he met the love of his life and the mother of his child.
As friendly as Emmett was, he had always been painfully shy around beautiful women, and the girl his friends trapped him in a cavern with one night was no different. It had been a harmless prank, knowing that he would never talk to a girl unless he was literally trapped with her, and they were absolutely right. That night spent traversing the dark cave together was the night they became infatuated with each other, she with his quiet charm, he with her light humor. When they were old enough, they moved into a suite together, planning to start a family together, but that was before little Della Starling came along.
The girl was a tiny thing, only 5 years old and stick thin when she appeared at the Compound. Normally, new arrivals would go with married couples, but as Emmett and his girlfriend had an empty room in their suite, she was assigned to them. She was quiet at first, with wide curious eyes, and Emmett started to see parts of himself in her. As she adjusted to life in the Valley, she learned fast and began to open up, accepting her new life. Emmett knew he was hooked the first time she smiled, a bright, pure grin that could light up any room. His new wife could see how taken he was with the little girl, and together they agreed that they would wait to have children of their own, for now, their Della was the only daughter they would need.
It would be years until they finally had a child of their own. Emmett had just turned 30 and Della was 14, a smart, independent girl who didn’t need their guidance as much anymore. Emmett’s wife pointed out that they weren’t getting any younger, so they decided to start trying to have a child. Within the next year, they were welcoming their own bundle of joy into the Valley, a baby son named Henry.
Six years later, and Emmett couldn’t be more happy with his life if he tried.

Open- Wife
Henry Newman- Son
Adeline Starling- Adoptive Daughter

Additional InformationHe injured his left leg after a rough fall whilst rock climbing in Diamond Gorge in his early twenties. Over the years it has healed to a slight limp and an aching scar that throbs whenever it rains. His friends often tease him, telling him he sounds like old man, with his slower gate and complaining about his aching bones.

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Name Alexander “Alex” Kennedy Kensington
Age 20
Gender Male
Birthplace Waco, Texas
Sexual Orientation Straight


(view spoiler)
Additional description:
Hair Color and Length: Dark Brown, short.
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Skin Tone: Warm Beige
Body Type: Muscular
Distinguishing Features: He always wears a pair of dog tags, and almost always has some form of beard.

Alex is a fun guy to be around. He likes to joke around, but knows never to cross the line. He is strong and loves adventure, and to show off. He never sets out to break rules, but to say the least, he isn't good at saying no when someone challenges him, no matter what the challenge may be. The people around him often comment about how full of life he is. It's one of the first things people notice about Alex, the fact that energy radiates off him. He has come to terms with his past, and is readily optimistic about what his future in the compound holds. All in all, he is a fun guy, and a silly one. He doesn't take life too seriously.
~ Animals, particularly dogs
~Showing off
~Comic Books, not that he would admit to it
~ Pessimists
~Losing Bets
~Unnecessary rules
~Dryer Sheets
~Exploring Caves
~Hanging out with Friends

Alex was born to single mother Amelia Kensington in Waco Texas, Land of the free and home of the heavily armed. Amelia was a waitress at a local diner. She worked every shift she could, meaning Alex spent lots of time with a babysitter. Alex loved his mother, and he loved his baby sitter. He could remember always being happy, because no matter what, he was always read a bedtime story in Waco. There was one snag in the plan. Amelia had no immediate family, and a family history of early onset heart disease. She never smoked, monitored her drinking. It wasn't enough. During a particularly busy shift at the diner, she got into it with a trucker refusing to pay for his food. Both got worked up, and Amelia went into cardiac arrest. It took five minutes for the ambulance to arrive. Amelia was DOA at the hospital. Alex's future was up in the air. No one knew what to do with him, but his birth certificate listed a father who lived in small town Colorado. Nine year old Alex was off to meet his dad.

Alex was less than thrilled with his father. John was a drunkard who worked at a lumberyard, and could barely piece together a sentence, though he was raised in America. He never took the time to make sure Alex was fed. He never checked his homework, or made sure he was going to school. Alex would be lucky if his father checked on him once in a day. Alex had nothing to do in the afternoon and evening, so he roamed the streets and the woods. Ms. Debby in town would always call her into her restaurant and serve him pancakes for dinner, in exchange for an hour of dish washing. It was the only way Alex was getting dinner, so he went each night, without complaint.

When Alex was eleven, he started skipping school to mess around. He would graffiti the side of buildings, knock over street signs. He even started stealing food and small trinkets from the local super market. He never thought about the consequences of doing it. One day a police officer caught him on the way out, and Alex couldn't think of anything else but to run. He thought he knew the woods well enough to navigate in and out safely. He ran for nearly an hour, he climbed up a tree and waited for the cop he thought must be chasing him.

It turns out the cop never noticed anything. Alex had been running from nothing, and by the time night fell, and he climbed down from the tree, he knew he was in trouble. He didn't know this part of the woods. He didn't know how to get home. He decided that if he just walked in one direction, he had to reach something. When morning came, he was no closer to civilization, and losing hope. He stopped to eat the chocolate bar in his pocket, but it wasn't enough to fill his stomach. So he kept walking. Finally he saw a giant house up on a hill, and he ran up to it, hoping to find someone to help him. The woman who opened the door ushered him quickly inside, getting him food, asking him questions. She reminded Alex so much of his mother. Her name was Rosemarie, and she took to raising Alex, and explaining his new situation to him, as well as the rules of the compound.

Within a few weeks, Rosemarie discovered that Alex was a quick study, and started bringing him to the kitchen when she would cook or bake. In less than a year Alex was her perfect assistant, knowing recipes by heart, having the foresight to grab things before she knew she needed them. His lanky frame filled out, and he starting hanging out with other kids. It became clear that all Alex needed to thrive was something to keep him occupied, and someone to care about him. He only ever resorted to breaking the rules in a cry for attention, and he never needed to do that in the compound.

Now, Alex is one of the best cooks in the compound. His dishes might not by the most visually pleasing, but he always put on a show when he cooked, and everything he made tasted good. It was an added bonus that he helped keep spirits up in the kitchen. Making chores seem like more of a game. He's pretty well known in the compound, if not for his charming demeanor, than for his good looks. He's especially popular with the younger kids. He'll do little 'cooking lessons' for them when they get restless. He simply interacts with kids well. He's even considered taking on a "little brother" lately.

Rosemaire Moss -Foster Mother

Additional Information
The dog tags Alex wears belonged to his grandfather. His mother gave them to him as a child, and he refused to ever get rid of them.

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Name November “Ember” Brown
Age 21
Gender Female
Birthplace New Orleans. Louisiana
Sexual Orientation Straight


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Additional description:
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Color and Length: Brown, slightly past shoulder length
Eye Color: Almond Brown
Skin Tone: Cinnamon
Body Type: Strong, but with curves that soften her out
Distinguishing features:

Personality To say the least on the matter, there are two sides to Ember, the side she shows the adults and strangers in the compound, and the Ember her friends know and love. The Ember the adults know is a sweet girl who always does her chores, and is ready to help out around the compound. It's a girl who's full of life and passion, and whose voice is known around the compound, because she is always singing to herself, or humming a tune. She is respected in the compound, but often overlooked. People treat her like a shadow, or a pet. Something they don't need to worry about.
Ember's friends know the truth. She's a bit of a wild card. She is crazy and sarcastic. She loves to push the limits, and craves an adrenaline rush. She likes to have fun. She's also very good at stirring up trouble, because no one ever suspects her to be the culprit. It helps that she is slightly manipulative. She knows how to get people to bed to her will, to do things they typically wouldn't. She learns peoples tells and uses each one against them, and they almost never suspect a thing.
~Exploring the Caves
~Stealing things
~Restrictions and being Controlled
~Being talked down to
~Being Caught
~Losing Herself
~Art, especially watercolor painting

Ember was born on the 5th of November in New Orleans. Her mother died in childbirth, and left her to her less than stellar father. Xavier should never have been a father, if it wasn't obvious by the fact that he named his daughter after a month because he couldn't think of anything else. He ran a petty crime ring in the city, and was well acquainted with the local police. Ember's time was always split between her father's crummy apartment, and her paternal grandmother's living room. She learned a very different skill set in each location. At her grandmother's house, she was instilled with a love for music, and an education that would stay with her forever. In her father's apartment, she learned the tricks of being a good thief, and how to steal without getting caught. Her father trained her to grab things while he was talking to store clerks, and stuff them in her pockets. Ember began to love the adrenaline rush that came from breaking the rules. She learned how to distract cashiers, and pickpocket tourists on the street. From the time she was five she was her father's most avid croonie, and a near prodigy on the piano and guitar. She thought life was great, until she got caught.

It was only a chocolate bar, the owner of the store never even pressed charges, but it was enough to spook Xavier, so he sent Ember to live with his brother in Washington, but she never got there. The bus she was on got a flat tire in Colorado. Everyone had to get off the bus. Ember used it as an opportunity to snatch some cash from a rich man's pocket, but she got caught, the man started freaking out and called the cops. He had no idea that it was Ember, but she freaked out when the police showed up, grabbing her backpack and slipping into the woods. It seemed to take less than fifteen minutes for her to show up at the compound, as if it had been coming for her as much as she had been needing it. She saw the building, paused for a minute, and then turned to go back into the woods. It just so happened to be her luck that she ran into a man on her way out, who walked her right up to the compound and told her where she was and what her life would be like from then on. Ember smiled and nodded, thinking it was all a hoax, until she started to fit in, and decided maybe she didn't need to go.

Now Ember is perfectly content in her split personality and position in the compound. Just kidding, Ember kept getting more and more restless with her situation. There is very little that gives her an adrenaline rush anymore, and she craves it like a junkie craves a fix. Life is starting to get boring, and no matter what she is doing, she can't find the spark of life she used to have. It's driving her nuts. It's no fun to steal things that are suddenly replaced, it's not fun to manipulate people who won't do anything "bad". To her, the compound is no longer fun, but it doesn't have to stay that way.


Additional Information
She plays piano, guitar, and ukulele.

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Ema (gee-fiera) description

O N E >> S T A T S >> you've got it all wrong

T W E N T Y years old
S E P T E M B E R S I X T H date of birth
C H I C A G O I L L I N O I S place of birth
B I R O M A N T I C A S E X U A L sexuality
M A L E gender

H O L Y song

description description

T W O >> P H Y S I C A L >> you're simply lost

B R O W N hair
B R O W N eyes
M E D I U M skin
5 ‘ 7 “ height
1 9 7 l b s weight
C H U B B Y body type


T H R E E >> P E R S O N A >> when you sit and pray you're only praying for keeps

B O O K I S H trait positive
I N T R O V E R T E D trait negative
P A T I E N T trait positive
P A R A N O I D trait negative

Books are perhaps Eliot’s favorite thing in the whole world. If you need to locate him, he's likely wherever the largest pile of books are. Books have always been a sort of safe place for Eliot, who's locked in his own head most of the time. Books offer him a nice little escape from people, and he's more than happy to take it. It’s pretty easy to conclude from this that Eliot is fairly introverted. That assumption world be entirely correct. Eliot doesn't like being around people much or very often, and while he has his few friends, he can only handle so much time around them before he needs to retreat back into his own private space. Some people think that Eliot doesn't like them, but this is the case very little. He just needs a lot of time to himself.

Eliot has the most patience out of anyone he's ever met. This generally works out in his favor, since he's the one left waiting for others. He can wait for just about anything — it gives him more time to think, more time to himself. Plus, Eliot hates feeling rushed, so it just makes sense to him to not rush others. However, Eliot is a little paranoid. It’s not that he's afraid people are “out to get him”, however. Instead, he fears that people dislike him, that they think him odd and strange and don't want to really get to know him. Despite the fact that he is introverted, Eliot cherishes having a small group of close friends, and he would hate it — and probably himself — if he felt they didn't like him for any reason.

B O O K S, being alone, quiet rooms, classical music, pale colors likes
L O U D N E S S, rudeness, feeling too ignored, neon, loud music, loud noises in general dislikes
L O U D N O I S E S, heights, clowns fears
R E A D I N G, writing, random research hobbies

description description

F O U R >> P A S T >> simply calling out sins don't bring you closer to god

U N childhood

Eliot was born the second child of the CEO of a large, popular technology company. His mother was a model who could only be described as a “trophy wife”. He had one older sister, Catherine, who was pretty much the opposite of himself. Eliot was a quiet baby, and an even quieter toddler. His mother thought there was something wrong with him at first, but he was just not a loud child. His sister, on the other hand, was the opposite. She was loud, demanding, and took up everyone’s attention, meaning Eliot was often forgotten. He didn't mind too much, really, but sometimes it could be very tiring to be left alone. What he did mind, though, was that he was constantly dragged to parties and big events in the wake of his parents. Catherine loved them, but Eliot world always spend them off to the side, a book in hand, trying to be invisible.

D U E X adolescence

As Eliot got older and didn't need anyone to watch over him, he was ignored more. And it started to bother him more. He was forgotten so often, left on the wayside by his distracted parents and loud sister. He didn't like it. He realized when he was twelve that he could easily run away and no one would notice. So he did. It wasn't one of his better ideas, but he packed up and left, slipping away when no one was looking — which wasn't hard at all. It took him three days to get lost. He wandered around for some time before he found an area in a patch of woods he couldn't remember being on any map he'd ever heard of. Of course, he couldn't help but explore. That was when he found the Valley. While not sure about the place at first, he found himself wanting to stay, in the end. From then on, he was accepted into their community, entrusted to a couple to raise as if he was their own child and taught the rules of this odd little society. Eliot liked it. He made a few friends, though he was never the most friendly person. He grew up there. And he counted the Valley as his home more than where he was from.

T R O I S adulthood

Eliot’s adult life is just beginning, and he has a lot ahead of him.

C L E M E N T I N E D A N I E L S mother
A D A M D A N I E L S father
C A T H E R I N E D A N I E L S sister, 23
J E A N N I E B A R T L E T T foster parent, open
C U R T I S B A R T L E T T foster parent, open
O P E N friend
O P E N lover

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Name: Samuel (Sam) Fletcher
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Champlain, Vermont
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Additional description:
-height: 6’1”
-weight: 170
-hair color and length: Light brown and medium length
-eye color: Hazel
-skin tone: Tanned
-body type: Lean
-distinguishing features: Black square glasses and a large dark brown birthmark on the back of his right hand

Personality: Sam is very mellow and is rarely the first person to speak in a group or even a conversation. He enjoys quiet company, but his real love is nature.

-likes: plants and all things green, tinkering/fixing things,

-dislikes: Extreme heat, swarming bugs, overly loud noises

-fears: The Shade, cloudy nights, getting lost

-hobbies: gardening, star-mapping, knitting

Sam was born to a newly-wed couple in Vermont, and from the moment he left the hospital most of his life was spent outdoors. Both of his parents were rabid outdoorsmen, and though his father was often away for work, his mother would spend hours walking around and playing with him in the woods just behind their small house. As he got older, his parents began taking him on vacations and trips to places ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon. As soon as he could walk his parents were letting him loose on the trails near their house, at first accompanied, but as he grew older they would often let him go out on his own as long as he promised not to go too far.

When he was ten years old, Sam’s parents took him on a hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania, and the excitement of new trails and new sights prompted him to hike out much further ahead of his parents, and also move much more recklessly. The trails were beautiful, and he felt like a king of the forest as he moved through the trees, pausing to look at everything he could see and occasionally leaving the path to do so. Unfortunately, at one point his choice to leave the path proved to be the end of his happy outdoorsy life, as the ground below him gave way and sent him tumbling down almost thirty feet into a part of the forest he knew wasn’t on a standard map. Even worse, the fall had broken the small cell phone his parents had given him for an emergency, his compass, his glasses and his right arm.

Injured, half-blind, and completely alone, Sam wandered through the forest for the rest of the day trying to find a path or signs of any civilization. Just as the sun began to set and he was about to give up, he saw a dark shape looming up ahead of him and ran to it, only to find that it was a house filled with the kindest people he had ever met. They set his arm, fixed his glasses, and did their best to make him feel at home. However, Sam was determined to get home to his parents and began trying to fix his small phone to contact them.

This is how Sam met the Shade.

Twelve years later, Sam has traded away some of his adventurous spirit, but hasn’t come close to losing his love of the outdoors. When he isn’t in the greenhouse or gardens or just laying out in the grass, he can be found tinkering with any broken machines (though he has long since given up on fixing his phone or going back to the outside world) or trying new crafts – he recently moved from sculpting to knitting. He loves his life in the Valley and is quite well known, though the best way to really get him to open up is to ask for gardening tips. He is obsessed with the stars above the Valley, and is determined to map them all, so that if he ever does find himself away from his newfound home, he’ll be able to get back. Compass or no compass.

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Name: Rowan Hart
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


-height: 6’4”
-weight: 185
-hair color and length: black with brown highlights from the sun, and in dreads that reach just past her shoulders
-eye color: amber
-skin tone: deep brown
-body type: Lean with well-defined muscle

Personality: In many ways, Rowan seems to be larger than life. Tall and strong, her early years only planted the seeds for what she was to accomplish in the Valley. She loves people, and her family in the Valley extends far beyond the people who raised her.

-likes: Socializing, helping others, telling jokes
-dislikes: Being lonely, swimming, talk of leaving
-fears: Abandonment, being unable to help someone, having to leave the Valley

-hobbies: Telling stories to the children of the Valley, joining Sam in his ‘hobby of the month,’ planning parties and celebrations

Rowan was born to a poor single mother who put her up for adoption shortly after she was born. She was taken in by a foster mother when she was three years old, and lived a happy life for the next two years. Two weeks before her sixth birthday, Rowan’s foster mother was paralyzed in a drive by shooting and she was shunted back into the system, where she floated for months while she lived at a crowded orphanage. She had a few friends, but children her age were always coming and going.

When Rowan was six and a half, she found her second foster family and for the first time had someone to call ‘dad.’ Her foster father was wonderful, but his wife left much to be desired. She fought frequently with her husband, and blamed almost everything that went wrong on either him or Rowan, who quickly learned to stay far out of her way. She ended up back at the orphanage after her foster mother was arrested for drunkenly harassing a Walmart employee at three in the morning, only four months after her arrival.

It was almost two years later that Rowan found her final foster family, and by that time she was a very bitter eight year old. More than anything in the world, she wanted a family who loved her and who she would never have to leave, and friends who stayed near her for more than a couple of months. However, no matter how hard her foster parents tried to make her feel at home with them, Rowan began rebelling and causing all sorts of trouble. All of this culminated in her running away when she was about nine years old.

Life on the streets wasn’t fun, and it definitely wasn’t what Rowan wanted. She had come to detest the city she had been born in, and so as soon as she left her foster parents’ house, she snuck onto a bus and soon found herself staring out a window at more green than she had ever seen in her life. Several hours later, the bus reached another stop and Rowan snuck off as easily as she had gotten on, hoping that this little town would bring her a new lease on life.

Rowan spent most of the rest of her day wandering through the little town, only to find out it wasn’t really as little as she thought. As night began to fall, she found herself cold and afraid for the first time in her life. She hadn’t thought to bring a blanket with her – all she had was a change of clothes and a couple of paperback books in a small green backpack.

As the sun set and night fell in earnest, Rowan found herself walking towards a park surrounded by a thick copse of trees. As she wandered deeper into what now seemed to be a vast forest, she made out several bright lights ahead of her, and broke into a clearing dominated by a huge house.

Rowan was initially incredibly suspicious of life in the Valley, especially having ‘parents’ again. But after only a few weeks, she realized life here was different than it had been in the outside world, and she vowed to never go back even if she could.

Now in her mid-twenties, Rowan is a well-known, outspoken and outgoing young woman. She knows nearly everyone in the Valley, and is always happy to lend a hand wherever she is needed, especially in welcoming newcomers to her home. She considers her past to be nothing more than a sad memory, and faces each new day with a smile and a promise to herself to never take the Valley for granted.

Sam Fletcher – Best friend

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Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 14 comments Name: Jordan Unorlox
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Small unnamed village in Iraq
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual

Additional description:
-height: 198 cm
-weight: 99 Kg
-hair color and length: Blonde, long but can't tell because of curls
-eye colour: Green
-skin tone: Olive
-body type: Tall and bulky
-distinguishing features: Long thin scar on left arm

Jordan is often considered the gentle giant of the family, he doesn't talk much, just liking to be around people and hear them talk. He is extremely protective of his home and family, often the first one to notice when someone is missing and the last one to return if he can't find the missing person, and is really suspicious of the world outside of the valley, wanting nothing to do with it. Outside of that he spends most of his free time exploring the caves, liking the quiet and echoing atmosphere, allows him to think easily and relax. He also makes maps of the caves, often very useful when someone gets lost in the caves.

Jordan was born in a small village to a Iraq mother and Caucasian father in the middle of a war zone, soldiers from both sides of the war passed through the village, often taking all of the food that they had to feed the soldiers. When Jordan was 7 years old he was taken away from his family, his family being killed as he watched and forced to start his training to become a soldier for a terrorist group. For 6 months he was trained intensity by the group, forced to watch execution to grow numb to death, going without food and when food was given it was encouraged to fight over it, causing him to be malnourished to try and raise his anger towards the group, and from that the world, trained in gun works and swords, being forced to recite the leaders oath and older boys training pain endurance through knife wounds, where Jordan got his scar. Jordan endured this for 6 months until he finally managed to find a hole in the prison and run away. As soon as he this was learned they set off after him trying to find him, and nearly did, but he manage to get away through caves and eventually finding his way to the Valley.

Once he found his way to the Valley he collapsed, he had been running for 3 days and thought he was dead. Until someone found him and bought him to the house, the group feeding him and making sure he was safe. For the first week he was drifting in and out of consciousness, being too tired to talk. After that he was still really suspicious of the group, almost everyone he knew in his life was harsh and cruel, and he still had anger built in him from his training, lashing out at people and spending most of his time alone, blaming the world for everything, over time he made a couple of friends but he really couldn't trust anyone, he felt like everyone wanted something from him and he just couldn't let go of the past.

Eventually after 5 months of staying with the group, still not getting any closer, someone fully decided to get close to him, Ryan Brown, another kid who saw how alone he was and wanted him to play with them, at first Jordan ignored this kid, then he lashed out, trying to get him to go away, to leave him alone, after that he just grew very sad, asking himself why he was so angry. He was in this mode for awhile, just constantly sad, he tried to talk more but he couldn't, he tried to be kinder but he just couldn't, he just couldn't, it drove him insane. Ryan Brown stayed by Jordan, much to Jordan's confusion. It finally came to him, one year after he came to the valley, after spending the day just trying to work out why, he came inside to discover a celebration, for him, to celebrate one year since he came to the valley, Jordan just started crying, not understanding in the least why they would do this, but he decided then that it didn't matter, he felt his anger go and he resolved to never let it out again, and just try and be the best he can to this new family of his, going so far as to declare that day his new birthday, his old birthday meaning nothing, since then he has done all he can to improve the family and be as kind as possible.

Ryan Brown (Open, someone can make him if you want)
Ryan Brown is Jordan's best friend

Additional Information:

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Isis Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Eva Amsler
Age: 20
Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


(view spoiler)

-height: 5'3"
-weight: 115lbs
-hair color and length: Black, straight bangs and pixie cut
-eye color: An icy shade of blue/gray
-skin tone: Ivory
-body type: Slender with very subtle curves. She doesn't look the least bit muscular, but she definitely has a fine layer of muscle that she's built over the years.
-distinguishing features: Fairly serious scarring all over her back.

Charlotte Amsler is a true lover of beauty and art and nature and life. She enjoys being in the world and accepts that there can be better things in life than what were originally handed to her. However...

Charlie has been said to be a little cold. As cutesy as she seems on the outside, she's not so much on the inside. She tends to keep her distance from people and has yet to get truly close to anyone in their little oasis. Even after all the years with these people, she has yet to meet anyone to bring her out of her shell, though this is mostly because she doesn't try very hard. She doesn't mind being alone, after all, as it is easier in the long run...though sometimes, she does get a bit lonely.

She has also been said to be a little odd. Charlie has some quirks that she can't seem to put a stop to and she has had them for as long as she can remember. For starters, whenever someone touches her she involuntarily shivers and shrinks away. It's not that she doesn't want to be touched, just that she can only really recall the times in which a simple touch took a wrong turn for her. Charlie also has a tendency to bite her lip when she's stressed, sometimes unto bleeding, and she doesn't notice in the slightest. There are other things too, but in each case she really has no control over what she is doing, nor does she even really know that she is doing it at all.

Despite her hard, strange exterior though, Charlie would put her life on the line for these people because they are the closest thing she has ever had to a family. No one would ever know this by the way she keeps to herself, avoids any physical contact, and snaps at anyone who tries to get to know her too much...but it's true.

-Reading in a quiet spot, particularly outdoors
-Drawing and painting
-Being alone

-Being touched without her consent
-Being idle
-Being alone (because she really can't decide how she truly feels on the subject)

-Dying without ever really knowing what it is to be close to someone, or to have a real family.

-Drawing and painting
-Light exploring

~Before The Valley~
Charlotte Eva Amsler was born in Geneva, Switzerland to a heroin addicted prostitute and a jail-bound scam artist. She was an accident, to say the least. More than that, she was a surprise. Her mother had had no idea she was pregnant. The woman was simply wheeled off to the hospital, high out of her mind, when she went into labor. She had no idea what was going on and she never had a chance to figure it out because she died on the operating table. No one had any idea of the father of this new born, heroin addicted baby so Charlotte was an orphan from minute one.

Charlie, as she soon came to be called by the nurse who cured her of her addiction, had a rough start but things seemed to be looking up. She was actually adopted by the nurse who helped her back to health. This nurse, Wilma, raised her until she was nearly two years old and then passed away in her sleep due to a brain aneurysm. No one knew of this occurrence and Charlie was too young to call anyone for help, so she was alone for days without anyone to care for her. When she was finally found she was on the brink of starvation, completely dehydrated, and covered in her own filth.

Soon after, Charlie, who kept the name given to her by the nurse, was thrust into the foster system. She was too old to be adopted and even finding a foster was difficult for a child that had so little to offer at that awkward age. She bounced from home to home with no real nurturing, which may be the cause of her social problems, until she was four years old. She was taken in by a couple that seemed perfect at first. This was the first place that Charlie remembered being happy for a moment. Unfortunately, that moment didn't last long and the family fell apart due to a divorce in which Charlie somehow ended up with the father of the family.

The father, Alben, whisked Charlie off to America where they stayed in New York, unbeknownst to anyone. Once there, Charlie learned English through books that Alben brought home to her. She was not allowed to go to school. She was not even really let out of the house other than to get a bit of sun in the back yard, and that ended as soon as Alben decided that she was smart enough to escape. He eventually locked her into one room and there she stayed with the few toys and clothes that she was allowed and a mattress on the floor.

Charlie was with this man for a total of 6 years and each year it got harder for her. Alben stopped working and started drinking. He made money for his booze by allowing men to view Charlie in the nude. He made money for rent by allowing them to touch her. He himself never touched her in this way, but he did leave the occasional bruise when he started his drunken brawls with the night. And when Charlie started to fight back, he beat her with a whip until she bled all over the floor and then forced her to clean it up.

It was a living hell and Charlie barely escaped with her life. To this day she cannot even recall how she got away but she remembers running and running until she came upon the Valley. She had been so weak she had wanted to just lay down and die but it had been like someone was calling her and telling her to keep she ran.

~The Valley~
Charlie ran until she fell flat on her face in the softest grass she had ever felt in her life, and she laid there, nude, until she heard voices coming toward her. She screamed and tried to lift herself so she could keep running, but she was just too weak. Her body was bruised and broke and bleeding so all she could do was turn over and wait until she saw faces looking down at her in the moonlight. They were the faces of other children and she was able to breathe out one sigh of relief before completely losing consciousness.

She woke up on a bed with her body bandaged and a gown on. The room was the perfect temperature and she was alone, really alone, for the first time in as long as she could remember. She smiled to herself because something told her that the horrors were over now. She breathed easy for the first time and has continued to breath easy, for the most part, since that moment.

She finished her growing in the Valley, from age 11 to her current age of 20. She learned all the jobs around the Valley quickly and easily. Her body healed and scarred. She's happier than she has ever been, though she still doesn't know if she will ever truly fit in. She mostly does odd jobs, whatever needs to be done each day. She's good at everything but she's not particularly great, so she's not often noticed and has managed to go without really knowing anyone beyond the basics. For her though, this is the happiest ending she could have ever hoped for, and lord knows she didn't get to hope often.

Relationships: None yet, totally open to ideas.

Additional Information: Charlie can speak German and French, from her time spent in Switzerland, as well as English. However, she chooses to speak mostly English, for the others, though she does have a bit of an accent left.

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Isis Name: Louis "Jay" Wright
Age: 25
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


(view spoiler)

-height: 6'3"
-weight: 180lbs
-hair color and length: Black and kept extremely short
-eye color: Dark chocolate brown
-skin tone: Rich brown
-body type: Fit and very muscular
-distinguishing features: Generally has stubble over his chin and cheeks, but shaves before it can turn into any sort of real beard.
Has a piercing in his right ear in which he sometimes wears a diamond.

Jay Wright, as he prefers to be called, using his middle name instead of his first, is a perfect blend between happy-go-lucky and dead serious. Thankfully, he knows which side of himself is right for just about every situation. When he is working that is his sole focus and his face rarely changes from its serious form. When there is a problem he is one of the first to stand up and solve it. Thus, he tends to be someone to follow because he is so sure of himself, so sturdy in his opinions, and so focused. However, when there are no problems to solve or jobs to be done Jay becomes one of the happiest people around. He has a huge smile and it's practically smeared across his face. His laugh is loud and full. He can find joy in almost anything, and particularly the little things.

As a whole, Jay is just generally grateful for everything. He loves having people around him. He loves to learn. He spends a lot of his time just trying to give back to the people around him that he feels are more than worth it. So, he is serious when he is needed and he tries to spread the joy when he is not. He also spends much of his time with his nose in his book so that he might learn what he can and contribute this learned knowledge. So, while not particularly a genius, he knows and understands many things and it occasionally comes in handy.

-Learning new things
-Problem solving
-Having fun
-Being alive
-Spending time with fellow humans

-When people are sad
-When he cannot solve a problem

-Losing his sanity, as is so common in his family history

-Trying to be helpful
-Occasionally dancing, though he's not very good and never in public

~Before The Valley~
Louis Jay Wright was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to two loving parents. He had two older brothers and a twin sister who came only four minutes before he did himself. For years his family was happy and seemingly perfect. They lived in a small home just outside of the city. His mother did cleaning in the old plantation houses and his father worked as a grocery store clerk and part-time firefighter. His brothers, Quentin and Randall, who were quite a bit older than he, were often getting themselves into trouble, but nothing too serious. Louis and his sister Louanna were, well, twins. They were inseparable. Happily ever after was right around the corner...

And then Louis's mother started to get sick. No one could quite figure out what was wrong because it wasn't physical. She just always seemed to be talking to someone that wasn't there. She was panicking over events that had never occurred, or could never occur because of their outlandishness. She was getting worse and worse so she was taken to a therapist and diagnosed with schizophrenia. She was prescribed medications that were supposed to help, but none of them did, and still she worsened. She could hardly recognize her own children, in fact, most of the time she thought they were spies out to kill her.

Soon enough, tragedy struck. Louis's mother killed Louanna in a fit of horror brought on by her disease. She drowned the little girl, age five, in the tub. She never even realized what she had done and she was taken away to an asylum where she spent the rest of her days while her husband was left with the aftermath of the event and three boys to care for.

At this point Louis stopped going by his first name, instead forced to go by his middle name, Jay. Louis was just too painful a name without the much too similar, and matching name of his sister to go with, so his father insisted they call him something else. However, this was the least of young Jay's problems because his oldest brother, Quentin, age 15, was starting to show similar symptoms to those of his mother. And soon after Quentin came Randall, age 14. Though extremely rare in boys, especially so young and of African descent, both boys were diagnosed with schizophrenia and sent to live somewhere that they could get help.

With his older brothers now sick Jay's father was on the brink of insanity as well, from all the stress and anguish he had been experiencing. Jay was practically forgotten about at only age six. And soon enough, Jay's father decided to opt out of life via handfull of pills. Thankfully, Jay had already had the chance to leave and went to find himself some food. He was just a tiny, malnourished thing with no idea what he was doing. Jay simply wandered, getting bits of food where he found them, until he found himself in the Valley.

~The Valley~
Jay doesn't like to dwell on the past, and in fact hardly remembers any of it. He knows that he used to have a family, and that he loved them, and that they all somehow went insane, but really nothing more than that. He still chooses to go by his middle name because his first causes him a weird twinge of pain that he doesn't quite remember the reason for. He fears that he may some day lose his mind like the rest of his family, but he doesn't even know the signs to look for. He tries to remember sometimes, just so that he can know he's not losing his mind, but it just never seems to happen. Mostly he just lets it all slip away, like it seems to want to, so that he might live his life happily. Really, the only thing from his past that is even remotely with him is the earring he sometimes wears in his right ear. He carried it around in his pocket for quite some time, as he arrived with it in his pocket. However, when he got older he decided to pierce his ear himself and actually wear it, since he figured it must be important. He was very lucky not to get an infection and now he wears it whenever he feels he needs to.

He now spends most of his days outside, doing all the jobs that require heavy lifting or extra effort. Really though, he will do any sort of work because he just truly enjoys being helpful and he believes that no job is too small.

Relationships: None yet, totally open to ideas.

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Ema (gee-fiera) description

O N E >> S T A T S >> i was comfortable inside these wounds

E I G H T E E N years old
J A N U A R Y T H I R D date of birth
C H A R L E S T O N S O U T H C A R O L I N A place of birth
H O M O S E X U A L sexuality
M A L E gender

D E A T H O F M E song

description description

T W O >> P H Y S I C A L >> another sacrifice to make us pure

B L A C K hair
B R O W N eyes
P A L E skin
5 ‘ 1 0 “ height
1 5 9 l b s weight
S K I N N Y body type


T H R E E >> P E R S O N A >> so i learn to embrace this illusion

A R T I S T I C trait positive
A N X I O U S trait negative
L O Y A L trait positive
Q U I E T trait negative

Sage loves art more than almost anything. He has always been interested in it, since he was a little boy. He can often be found creating something. He is skilled most in painting, but he does draw and sing a little as well, though he thinks of himself more as a painter. His imagination is one of the overactive type, which usually serves to feed his anxiety, but can also produce strange and beautiful images. He's very talented, whatever he himself says. Though, it’s not likely he would have ever been a famous artist, as Sage is, as mentioned before, very anxious. His imagination has a habit of creating scenarios that would never happen, convincing him that they would and leading to overthinking. Sage likes people well enough, but can come across as shy or standoffish because his anxiety prevents him from making friends easily. There are also the times when he has panic attacks — they're not horribly often, but they're not pleasant when they do happen.

However, Sage is very loyal to the people he cares about — generally just his siblings. He will always stand by them, even though he's not the best at standing up for people, including himself. There is nothing he won't do to keep his siblings happy and safe, no matter the cost. You could say he puts them before himself. As is probably obvious, Sage does tend be on the quiet side. He is awkward in conversation, so he usually doesn't say much of anything. Sometimes you won't even notice him in a room because he can be absolutely silent when he wants to be. The only way to get him to really open up is to talk about art — then he can go on for hours.

A R T, his siblings, the color black, tattoos, apples, silver jewelry likes
I N S E N S I T I V E P E O P L E, too much quiet, bright light, soft music, pink, anxiety, people who judge dislikes
S N A K E S, being left alone, enclosed spaces, his siblings being in pain fears
P A I N T I N G, drawing hobbies

description description

F O U R >> P A S T >> you tear me down and then you pick me up

U N childhood

Sage’s parents did not want kids. They made that clear enough from the moment he and his twin, Briar, were born. No one — their kids included — knew why they kept the three of them. Yes, three, Sage’s little sister Ivy was born when he was three. The three of them were ignored pretty much from the very start. Their parents did not have a lot of money, and the tended to blame this fact of the three of them. They were left on their own. Sage tried to look out for his siblings, but he often fell short. They didn't go to school, being unable to afford it. They were stuck teaching themselves how to read, going to the library and sitting there for hours pouring over the books. That was when Sage discovered art, from seeing pictures in books. He didn't get the chance to practice it himself much, though, as they didn't have the supplies to do so. But every chance he got, Sage was sketching something or another.

D U E X adolescence

Sage and Briar were around twelve when their parents told them to get a job. Their reasoning was that the twins had lived in their house long enough, and that if they wanted to keep doing so, they would earn their way. It’s not hard to grasp that this is no way to treat children. The twins didn't want to stay anyway — they weren't particularly fond of their parents, who seemed more like strangers than family. So, they talked about what to do, eventually deciding to run away. There was no reason to stay, after all. They took Ivy with them, of course. There was no way they were going to leave her there. They did some hitchhiking first, which got them as far as Charlotte, North Carolina. After that, they were at a loss. They couldn't get anyone else to pick them up, and had no idea where to go from there. Having never gone to school, they didn't know basic geography. They ended up wandering around the countryside near Charlotte, eventually finding themselves stumbling upon a hidden valley. The Valley. It was a surprise to them, when they were accepted so quickly. They were made to feel at home, they were trusted and cares for. It was nothing like living with their parents. The three of them still stuck together, always. Sage especially was excited to learn — he had always felt he was missing out by not going to school. Over the last six years, he's developed a real talent for art, even designing several of his own tattoos — which do tend to get weird looks from the new arrivals sometimes, but Sage doesn't really care. After all, he put them there himself.

J A S M I N E G R I F F I N mother
G R A Y S O N G R I F F I N father
B R I A R G R I F F I N twin, 18
I V Y G R I F F I N sister, 15
H A N N A H E I S L E Y foster parent, open
J A M E S O N E I S L E Y foster parent, open
O P E N friend
O P E N lover

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Name: Maria ‘Marie’ Alexeeva
Age: 84
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Moscow, USSR
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Marie may look frail, but the determined fire in her eyes never quite died out. She is a very sweet old lady, but it is best not to get in her way when she has her mind set on something.

Additional description:
-height: 5’2”
-weight: 115 lbs
-hair color and length: white and just above her shoulders
-eye color: Blue
-skin tone: Pale
-body type: Frail and a bit bent over, but with hints of a once regal bearing.

-likes: Classical music, dancing, snowy winters
-dislikes: opulence, scratched records, dirty windows
-fears: losing mobility, forgetting important memories, dying in her sleep

-hobbies: knitting, ice-skating, going on walks

Marie remembers very little of her life before the Valley, and what she does recall is little more than disconnected bits and pieces. However…

Maria Alexeeva was born in the outskirts of Moscow in 1932, four years before the Great Purge began under Stalin’s rule. Her family was poor, her father was a disgraced politician, and they grew up with very little, trying only to stay safe by lying low. This worked for a year after the Great Purge started, but in 1937, when Marie was only five years old, the secret police came for her father. It was only sheer luck that saved her from the same fate as her parents, as she was off playing at a friend’s house that afternoon. She returned home late in the evening only to find her house in shambles, and one NKVD officer standing guard over the remains, who immediately ran after her. Again luck saved her: the officer was fat and slow and Marie was the fastest runner of all of her friends. But here her luck ran out. In order to completely lose the man chasing her, she dove into the woods that began about a mile from her house. She was exhausted, cold, and terrified, and night was beginning to fall. Even worse, she was lost. She wandered for hours, hoping for some sound to guide her back to civilization. Each step brought her closer to complete exhaustion, but she knew if she stopped she would freeze to death. Just as she was about to give up, she felt a warm breeze brush across her cheek, and almost unconsciously lurched toward it. She followed the warm air for nearly another mile, hardly noticing the snow melting around her and the trees slowly changing to types she had never seen before, until she finally found herself standing in a grassy clearing looking out towards a huge, warmly lit house. She ran towards it, dredging up her last bits of energy, and collapsed on the doorstep only moments after knocking.

Marie’s life in the Valley was a far cry from life in Moscow. She was surrounded by content people who lived each day to the fullest, and who taught her to do so as well. There was no tension, and she quickly began to thrive. She loved the river, and frequently would go ice skating when it froze over in the winter. She read every book she could get her hands on, and quickly became fascinated with how clean and neat everything in the Valley was. As she reached her teen years, she took on the cleaning detail as a permanent job and became known for her attention to detail. As she grew older, respect for her in the community grew. When she was twenty-six, she married a man named Drew Brockwell, who later encouraged her to run for the position of leader of the Valley. She ran twice, losing once to the Valley’s current leader running for reelection, and winning two weeks after her 31st birthday. Marie was reelected again and again, remaining very popular with residents of the Valley, until she finally stepped down at 65, ready to start a quiet retirement with Drew. There was a very peaceful 11 years in which Marie and Drew lived a happy life in the Valley together, but when Marie was 76 and Drew 78, he had a stroke and fell into a coma that he never awoke from.

Since Drew’s death, Marie has become a bit more withdrawn, but is still a well-respected figure in the Valley. She is always willing to lend a helping hand when she can, and is happy to give advice to her fellow Valley-dwellers. She has no love for the summer heat, and is usually indoors when the temperatures are anything above 75. However, she loves the cooler seasons and frequently goes on long walks in the cooler weather.

Drew Brockwell – husband (deceased)

Additional Information
Marie is known to many as someone to go to for advice, and she will freely give it to anyone who asks.

[ ᴊ ᴏ ʜ ɴ ᴀ ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ɴ ] "ᴍᴏsᴛʟʏ ᴠᴏɪᴅ ; ᴘᴀʀᴛɪᴀʟʟʏ sᴛᴀʀs" (acciokeyboard) | 30 comments
Kellin Gracen Stockholm-Locke

somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly ; birds fly over the rainbow ; why then, oh why can't I?
fc. Jackson Bond

male || 7 years of age || colorado born and bred || undetermined sexuality
4’7” || 90lbs || short blonde hair || lightly tanned || skinny || brown eyed

childish // affectionate // imaginative // friendly // clever for his age
insecure // needs love // bored easily // scared easily // impulsive

likes & hobbies
colouring // dinosaurs // cuddles // lego // reading
gardening // swimming // animals // games // shiny things

dislikes and fears
vegetables // quiet time // baths // yelling // boredom
fear of abandonment // fear of being told off

open to collabs

Kellin was born to a sixteen year old girl who’d been disowned by her parents for having sex outside of marriage. They were very religious, and so upon finding she was pregnant, said that she would be disowned either way, as they also believed abortion to be wrong. His mother turned her back on religion as she was not helped when she most needed it. She was homeless for three months, upon which she met a Madam, who took her in, in the agreement that she would have somewhere to live and earn a wage once she had her baby through sex work. Shortly after, she gave birth to Kellin, and was working soon after. Little Kell was raised in the house and overall, things weren’t so bad. Even when they were, Kell’s mother always told him that she would never give him up as she thought the state of the care system was not good. Kell internalised this thought, and upon her arrest when he was six, he remembered this statement. He wandered streets alone, and no one paid him much attention, looking dirty and unkept as he went further. He quickly developed a careful hand and was able to steal some food now and then to eat, or other homeless people felt bad for the child and gave him bits of food. He continued to wander, and shortly after his seventh birthday, he found himself leaving the city. He carried on, and soon came to a small forest. Thinking he could find some fruit, he wandered in, and ended up standing in front of the Compound. He has just arrived.


if happy little bluebirds fly ; beyond the rainbow ; why, oh why, can't I?

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