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Now we'll never know > Woman has ghost/shadow cat...

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Hope you can help, driving me nuts!
Paranormal romance
woman is a type of vampire, but not blood, takes energy from people when close by, she has a ghost/shadow cat that protects her.
She shut down demon portals
Everyone avoids her as she takes the energy
There was a deity who could turn in to a hare
Is part of a group that protects humans (i think) live in massive house, think guy she is in love with is burned/scarred? think he could be a lecturer
not sure if mixing books, but something about a massive tree is a portal to get to the house....

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What year did you read it? Paper book, ebook, other format? Remember the cover? Series or standalone? Author male or female?

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It was at least 2 years ago i read it, paperback
I THINK it had a woman with the cat on front
It was part of a series, i just didnt have money to buy anymore, then forgot about it

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Not sure if mixing books, but she moved to Edinburgh and was attacked by demons, guy that was meant to pick her up was late, so she had to defend herself for a while.

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OP deleted his or her account.

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