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message 1: by The Book (new)

The Book Gremlins (thebookgremlins) | 36 comments Hey Shawn

We might be interested, feel free to check out our website: for further details on what exactly we offer on a complete read.

Please note short stories, novellette's and novella's are beta read for free.

We look forward to your response.
The Book Gremlins

message 2: by James (last edited Jun 04, 2016 02:38AM) (new)

James Hardwick | 3 comments Hello,

Feel free to send it across to and I'll provide some feedback if you wish.

All the best


message 3: by Hamad (new)

Hamad | 63 comments I would like to review this too
here's my email:

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Morrison | 5 comments Hi Shawn, just getting into writing Sci Fi short stories myself, so interested. Give me an email at

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Morrison | 5 comments Sorry! (typed 'm' instead of 'n' the first time.. it's 'won' not 'wom.' Cheers!

message 6: by Rabid Reader (new)

Rabid Reader (rabidreaderreviews) | 5 comments Shawn wrote: "This story is set in the future where people have stopped dreaming and piggy back on dreams from the past. It can be a little confusing so I'm looking for some beta readers who can provide some ins..."

Hi Shawn,
I would like to give your story a read. I am mainly a content beta but I will pick up obvious typos etc. I usually use MS word for tracking changes or can just give a general opinion if you prefer.
I will be away from June 10-27th, so if you need a fast turnaround time I might not be of use to you. Let me know if I'd be of use and then I can PM you my email.

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