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Temperance This is where you'd post bits of canon that applies to your characters, like their backstories, quirks, or their relationships with other characters.

the_guiding_light | 61 comments Mod
Between the ages of eleven and sixteen, Sam was fascinated by the Twisted Caverns and would spend hours and hours exploring them with candles and fishing line. When he was sixteen, the line he was using to explore the main cavern snapped against a sharp rock and it took him nearly five hours to find his way out. He still goes to the caverns when he needs a quiet place to think, but he rarely goes very far in and always brings a sturdy rope.

the_guiding_light | 61 comments Mod
The first thing Sam ever built in the Valley was a birdhouse, only a few months after arriving. Now, they're his favorite go-to project, and at least a hundred birdhouses of varying degrees of complexity are scattered throughout the Valley, leaving the birds very confused as to what to do with all of their new real estate.

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