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message 1: by mirada (new)

mirada | 196 comments Hi!

I've bought this book today and I've found out that Goodreads has missing information (ISBN, number of pages, name of the translator into Spanish....).

Translator: Carolina Isern Torrente

ISBN-13: 9788492475087 (you can chek it at and/or

First edition (Spain): May 2008.

Number of pages: 429


Language: Spanish (well, yes, I know it's obvious, sorry ^_^º)


message 2: by Sandy (last edited Jun 03, 2016 07:53PM) (new)

Sandy (Bookend My Life) (bookendmylife) | 16 comments Info updated using references WorldCat and Catálogo BNE

message 3: by mirada (new)

mirada | 196 comments Could you add ISBN to this book?

8416076057 (ISBN 13: 978-8416076055)

You can check


message 4: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3548 comments #3 - That ISBN was already in the Goodreads catalog; the book you linked to had been added as an incomplete listing without the ISBN. I merged the duplicates so there is just the one listing now for that specific edition.

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