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Books of Chance with Dice

Books of Chance

This game will run from June - December, 2016.

Books of Chance is based on the dice game, Yahtzee. The point is to give a random flavor to your reading, while helping you tackle your existing TBR. The quality of your game will depend completely on which books you have on your designated shelf, so you can tailor it to suit your goals.

Want to focus on books you own? Make a shelf full of those. You could choose a shelf focused on a genre, a time period, or a list of books that you've been wanting to get to. Then let the dice decide which one you'll read next!

You can use real or electronic dice, whatever works best for you. An easy electronic option can be found here: Online dice designed for Yahtzee.

There are 3 levels of participation:

1. Play Upper Half only (6 books)
2. Play Lower Half only (7 books)
3. Play the entire game (13 books)

Sign up to play in the Game Thread.

Basic Yahtzee Rules:

• The game uses 5 dice, up to 3 rolls per turn. Keep the dice you want from each roll and use the remaining dice to try to get the most points you can.

• If your score doesn't fit any open spaces, choose any remaining space to record a zero.

• Yahtzee Joker - If you roll an extra Yahtzee and all spaces are full where it might count, you can use it as a full house, low straight, or high straight, and score the normal points for that category.

(See original Yahtzee Rules if needed.)

Books of Chance Rules:

1. The number of points scored during your turn determines which book you read next. For example:

4, 4, 4, 1, 2 (Fours) = 12 ➜ read the 12th book on your shelf
Yahtzee = 50 ➜ read the 50th book on your shelf.

2. Designate a shelf that books will be selected from. There should be at least 50 books on the shelf, since it is possible to score up to 50 points.

3. Always sort the shelf by 'random' before choosing a book.

4. If you take a zero on a turn, ask in the game thread for someone to choose your next book for you. Include the link to your designated shelf so other players can find it easily.

5. Once you have finished reading the book, you may count that turn complete and roll again.

Other general info:

• If you are unable to read a book due to availability, you may remove it from your designated shelf and choose again using the same score as before.

• If you are unable to finish a book for some reason (e.g., you don't like it), you can take a zero in the space and request another book to be chosen for you in the game thread.

• A template is provided in the comment below that you can copy and paste to track your game in the game thread.

• You can also download a fillable PDF version of the score card here to help keep track of your game.

Scoring is as follows:

Upper Half
Ones: Count and add only Ones
Twos: Count and add only Twos
Threes: Count and add only Threes
Fours: Count and add only Fours
Fives: Count and add only Fives
Sixes: Count and add only Sixes

Lower Half
3 of a Kind: Three dice with the same number. Add total of all dice.
4 of a Kind: Four dice with the same number. Add total of all dice.
Full House: Three of one kind, and two of another. 25 pts.
Small Straight: Four in a row. 30 pts.
Large Straight: Five in a row. 40 pts.
Yahtzee: All five dice with the same number. 50 pts.
Chance: Add total of all dice.

Joker: A Yahtzee can be counted as a full house, small straight, or large straight if all other possibilities are used.

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Allison (rainy-day-reads) | 1298 comments Mod
Template for your game thread:

Designated shelf (+ link) -

Upper Half

Ones -
Twos -
Threes -
Fours -
Fives -
Sixes -

Lower Half

3 of a Kind -
4 of a Kind -
Full House - 25 pts -
Small Straight - 30 pts -
Large Straight - 40 pts -
Yahtzee - 50 pts -
Chance -

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