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message 1: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Mollohan | 7 comments I have a YA Sci Fi that I am in need of beta readers forl, I'd love to swap as well. Here is a quick blurb:

Emily longs for the moments she can be free of her claustrophobic home. But the law is simple: return before the gates close every night. Those who break the rule vanish. Despite her father’s warning, Emily desires freedom more than she fears the ghost stories. So she convinces her only friend to bend the rules with her; they travel to the forbidden dark zone seeking answers about their strange world as long as they can be back before the gates close.
But there is more than just shadows hiding in the dark. Ancient creatures, too alien and far too human, lurk in the labyrinthine gloom. And the Ark, a colossal generation starship, holds her secrets close.
On the other side of the cylinder world Adam lives his life in peace. He is sixteen cycles old. Two away from fulfilling his duty and being returned. Two more cycles with Mother.
Mother protects. Mother provides. Mother is good.
But when his closest friend starts questioning their perfect lives she forces him to make a choice: stay blissfully ignorant, or break free of his invisible shackles and risk losing his place in the community.
When Emily and Adam’s lives collide they are forced to deal with the consequences of their actions. Consequences that have ramifications not only for the Ark, but humanity as a whole. And they realize that there may be no escaping their inner demons.

message 2: by nomars (new)

nomars (notmars) | 6 comments I'd love to look at this! Just PM and tell me how I can receive the first chapter!

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