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J.N. Enriquez (CatholicRyanite) | 1 comments Hello,

My name is J. N. Enriquez, and I am eighteen years old. Personally, I am the self-published author of the series of novels called the "Helden von Katholische Ausbildung" series. These novels are Catholic YA novels set in the contemporary era. Revolving around a group of Catholic high school students and alumni, they work to become the spearhead that ushers the rebirth of American Catholic Education and the upholding of the New Evangelization. But the main character, a certain individual named Harold, comes from a family with a very dark past. It is so dark, that it comes straight from the old days of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

By order of chronological release, there are currently three novels: Fame And Honor, The Plaid Dream, and The Dawning Day. Full of mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, quirky romance and suspense, the novels' stories are filled with apologetics and Catholic teaching cleverly embedded within the novels. It is pro-Catholic school and pro-Catholic Education in practically almost every degree.

I have been devoting my whole time to this series, ever since I began towards the end of my junior year of Catholic high school in 2014 (I graduated last year, in 2015). So far, I have enjoyed writing the novels as much as I loved rereading them.

Here is a link to browse all of my completed works:

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask.


-J. N. Enriquez

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Fergus | 2 comments Wonderful, JN! I will certainly check these books out.

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