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Jadetyger Sevea Mt. Vancouver, here I come!

1The Samurai's Wife, finished 6.4.16
2Buried Secrets, finished 6.4.16
3Snow Blind, finished 6.4.16
4Doctor Who: The Bride of Peladon, finished 6.4.16
5A Poisoned Season, finished 6.11.16
6Korval's Game, finished 6.17.16
7My Beautiful Enemy, 10.22.16
8Doctor Who: No More Lies, finished 11/6/16
9Butterfly Swords, finished 11/8/2016
10Persuasion, finished 11/17/16
11The Doomsday Vault, finished 11/27/16
12. Talking Bout My Regeneration, finished 12/2/16

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Jadetyger Sevea My first one for Mount Vancouver finished. The Samurai's Wife

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Jadetyger Sevea And another one down! Sarah Jane Smith: Buried Secrets, which I can't find on the booklist.Buried Secrets

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Jadetyger Sevea Finished Snow Blind.

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Jadetyger Sevea Finished Doctor Who: The Bride of Peladon. This has been a good day today. :)

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Jadetyger Sevea Finished A Poisoned Season . A decent book. Not spectacular, but not dreadful, either.

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Jadetyger Sevea Finished Korval's Game. An excellent series.

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Jadetyger Sevea Annnd I'm back!

Finished My Beautiful Enemy, 10/22/16

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Jadetyger Sevea Finished Doctor Who: No More Lies. 11/6/16.

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Jadetyger Sevea Finished Butterfly Swords. Review below:

Enjoyable, but not this author's best work. I could have done without the 'two men fighting over a girl' trope at the end. Especially since the woman in question was trained in swordsmanship. I expected Ai Li to be much more adept at fighting, but it seemed as if every fight she was in ended badly for her.

In addition, the chemistry just wasn't there between Ryam and Ai Li. The relationship started out well, but seemed to diminish in favor of Ryam's self-doubt and suffering.

I enjoyed the setting, as always. I just wish that the story had lived up to its promise.

I look forward to the next in Lin's Steampunk series, as I feel that that her talent has grown since this novel, and is more aptly displayed in her newer work (the aforementioned Steampunk series).

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Jadetyger Sevea Finished Persuasion.

This was not Austen's best. I had a hard time getting to know Anne, and only fully understood Captain Wentworth by the end (which may have been intentional). Still, the language was beautiful, so points for that.

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Jadetyger Sevea Another off the top of the ole TBR! The Doomsday Vault. This was originally purchased way back in 2011!

Here's my review:

Three and 1/2 stars. This had a lot of good ideas, but stumbled a bit in the execution. For example, why did it take Alice so long to decide between a steady life with her fiancee, and a more adventurous life with the Third Ward? I counted at least four times in which she vacillated between the two. Pick one!

I enjoyed the steampunk background, but could have lived without another zombie tale, though the twist on it was clever. Fortunately, the story wasn't focused on the zombies, so that was a good thing.

I'm interested to see where the story goes from here, being as the main characters are now off to China.

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Jadetyger Sevea Talking Bout My Regeneration
Big Finish Productions

I couldn't find this one on Goodreads. This is a documentary done by Big Finish Productions at the time of their first release of Doctor Who and the Sirens of Time. It's outdated now, but it was interesting to hear the history of audio in Doctor Who, and where they thought the format would go in the future. I doubt they thought BF would grow into the monster it is today!

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