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This rp thread is a fight club similar to that of what was portrayed and mentioned in Deadpool, Spider man and Wolverine. You'll find similar scenes such as

Spider man: Peter is fighting for money to purchase a car. The announcer gets his name wrong.

Deadpool: Wade's common hang out where he obtains the name.

Wolverine: Bar fight and first fight apprance with his natural claws.

House of Legends was formerly a bar in the 1900's up until the recent years when notorious gang leader (name) initiated a meet. Here he would determine whom deserved a spot in the rankings. Those who win the games receive money, donations and grabs. They also obtain fame and much more.

This is a dangerous place, its not for the faint hearted or the kid who's looking to let off some steam. Here characters can die, be severely injured or worse. (Scared yet?)

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A young female brunette sat near a large steel cage which surrounded what was normally used and almost rarely cleaned floor. Her eyes were closed as she was used her leg to prop her body up a against the rusty metal column. The metal cage was locked for the time being as a loud and slightly disappointing match-to-the-usual-visitors. Nestled in the upper corner of the left side of the stationary
club was a hanging black board which presented the names of the matches ensuing that night. Below the poorly written name of the poor soul who waged a fight against known opponent Ragonex (ray, gone- x ) in the cage, was the name belonging to the girl who sat only a few feet away, obviously not impressed by the match since her eyes were closed. Despite the crowd growing louder as the match neared its end, the girls eyes remained shut tenderly. Within a few moments, she knew Ragonex would be announced winner for he usually never let a soul survive his match. Her eyes fluttered open as a soft thud was inaudible as the lifeless body of Ragonex's opponent fell to the floor. A small sigh passed her lips as she allowed her eyes to witness Ragonex's grin appear upon his lips.

((I'd actually appreciate it if you could try to match the post size I have right now. Anything close to it would be appreciated but not expected))

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Megamanlan | 1516 comments (I'll do another char. Also I'll be replying a bit slowly as I'm at a convention.)

A lady smirked and nodded to a girl by her to go fight. The girl nodded and walked over to the cage saying that she was challenging him. After getting into the cage, she smirked.

The girl started off by blasting the guy with fireballs and charging at him. Meanwhile the lady in the shadows got a paper. She opened it and it had information on Caution. "And that's her over there?" She asked quietly while she pointed at Caution.

The waitress nodded. "If you want something she's very good at it. But she's not interested in money..." The lady's lips turned into a smile. "I think I can manage that."

(Want to have the girl and the guy in the cage actually fight or just reference it every now and then?)

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Megamanlan | 1516 comments A lady sat at a table on the second row. She crossed her legs so no one could see up her short dark purple dress she was wearing. As she watched a fight finish, she smirked with the only part of her face visible as the rest was covered by a shadow. She looked over to the girl with her. She was about 16 in a fiery red dress that went to her knees. Her red eyes had an odd tint of purple as she looked at the older lady with her.

"Go and challenge her." The lady in shadow commanded and without hesitation, the girl nodded and strode over to the cage, her high heels clicking the whole way. She looked at Caution dead in the eyes. "I challenge you to a fight." She demanded, with a flip of her blonde hair. "I bet you won't even last 3 minutes." She taunted with a smirk as the cage was cleared of the last 2 guys that were both knocked out.

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Caution looked at the odd girl in the cage. Her dark eyebrow rose as she blinked at the mysterious challenger who appeared dumbfounded to have challenged Caution. The roars of cheer and boos seemed to settle to an unnerving silence. It appeared people were holding their breathe.

Caution knew almost immediately this was an outsider. As it was match scheduling were posted behind the girl who stood in the cage. The young brunette Caution dismissed the girl's challenge with a flick of her head, "Get lost girlie, you don't belong in a place like this,"
The response earned an amused chuckle from the onlookers. To them the naiveness of the young girl was remarkable and amusing.

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Megamanlan | 1516 comments The girl smirked as she pushed her blonde hair back. "It sounds like your scared to come out and fight." She dared the brunette. But she wasn't unprepared... She had secretly already entered their fight into the roster.

The lady in the shadows merely watched as she looked through a file. It started with Caution's real name and a full bio on her. "So she'll want info on those who tortured her..." She mentioned quietly as she read the file. She had no interest in how the fiery girl got Caution to fight, just in the fight. She wanted to see how good she really was.

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The crowd oo'ed at the remark from the girl. Caution's deminor never shifted, "I'm tell you girlie, you don't belong here." She flicked her head to the doors behind her. "Trust me-You don't want me getting in that ring with you," Caution's tone was bland but it held a real cautionary suggestion to the girl to leave before things got ugly. "We don't get people like you around here." Caution added, she began playing with her fingers her eyes drawn away from the girl who sought the brunettes attention. "What happened-did Daddy leave you all hot and bothered?" She used a mocking tone and a reference to the many woman they received here who were looking for cash in exchange for sex. Caution wouldn't be surprised if the girl made 20 for the entire night. A slight smirk tugged at Caution's lips as she brought her attention back to the blonde.

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Megamanlan | 1516 comments That comment just made her laugh. It was apparent that she had no clue who she was. "In a way he did... And he was punished for it." She added. To give a little example of her powers, she made Caution's drink boil until the cup literally melted.

"Just because I'm dressed nice, doesn't mean I'm some little girl here to screw around or waste money." She explained. It was true, she was now a fairly good fighter. Her red eyes gleamed with excitement.

The lady in the shadows smirked as she closed the file. "I'm sorry Brie" she mentioned looking at the red-clad girl. "But you don't stand a chance against her. Your just here to show me what this girl can really do."

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Caution took no notice to the second party, "How many bimbos like you are here tonight?" Caution asked with a slight groan in her tone. "You should listen to the old bat," Her eyes flickered to the woman in the shadows. The crowd began to shout loudly, demanding a fight for they were bored with the chit chat.

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Megamanlan | 1516 comments Brianna glared at her. "Well I see it as you just think you'll lose to easily." She claimed. "Either way, you have to fight me. I came to fight you and I will get my fight!" She declared.

The lady in the corner groaned. Why wasn't Caution just accepting the fight? This was aggravating. Perhaps Brianna just needed to prove that she was worth fighting?

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Caution was growing aggravated as the seconds on the clock ticked by. "It won't be a match if you keep demanded one anylonger," Caution warned, placing her hands now by her sides in an attempt to restrain herself from revealing her powers. "If I get in there-it won't be a match you'll be fighting anymore," The seriousness of Caution's voice revealed it would be something far more worse.

((in cool it u want ur character to slap her or soemthing along physical contact to provoke caution))

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Megamanlan | 1516 comments Brianna glared at Caution and began to stare. All around her began to warm up as Brianna mentally heated up Caution's clothes. The shirt started on fire on her shoulder's and arms of the shirt began to burn. Her pants at the knees also started to spark up. She smirked at Caution waiting to see what she would do while she mentally kept making it feel hotter around her. Her eyes started to glow as she mentally increased the heat... Little by little.

The lady in the shadows just watched to see if this would get Caution to fight. Brianna while being a good servant really wasn't helping her cause today.

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Cautions clothes may have been burned but a fresh shirt and pants appeared beneath the burned onces-unscathed from the attack and she looked slightly disappointed.

"Now you're just being plain pathetic-I'd rather fight trash then you," The brunette said honestly. To Caution this girl was no competition to her. She'd rather abandon the match then compete knowing the girl would make a fool of herself.

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