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message 1: by Tripp (new) - added it

Tripp (seanachie) | 7 comments Mod
Feel free to talk about the book as a whole, or the full series of Mythgard sessions on Dune.

Dominic (dnardi) | 4 comments Seems like Prof. Olsen really likes discussing movie adaptations of books. I wonder if it'd be worth talking about the Sci-Fi Channel mini-series of Dune. It's not bad (unlike the horrid David Lynch version from the early 1980s). Has this been considered already?

message 3: by Ed (new)

Ed (edpowell) | 2 comments We haven't decided yet. The miniseries is much harder to acquire.

Dominic (dnardi) | 4 comments Ed wrote: "We haven't decided yet. The miniseries is much harder to acquire."

I have it already. If we don't do it for class, we should definitely organize a screening in DC.

Dominic (dnardi) | 4 comments And don't forget the Road to Dune, which has deleted chapters and rough drafts - somewhat like the Road to Middle Earth.

message 6: by Tom (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom | 5 comments I was disappointed to see that the miniseries was not easily available. It actually wasn't a bad adaptation. The adaptation of the second and third books into a single miniseries after that wasn't as successful.

Dominic (dnardi) | 4 comments I actually though Children of Dune was much better as a movie. It had to cut a lot of material out, but the acting, storytelling, special effects all worked much better.

I'm surprised both aren't more easily available - I can't imagine they didn't sell as well as the Lynch version.

Neil Ottenstein | 4 comments I also have the mini-series. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I didn't watch the second mini-series, but I do think I have that.

Neil Ottenstein | 4 comments Also of interest is the Dune Encyclopedia. It looks like it is out of print, but it appears that someone has turned it into pdf and people have posted it in various places.

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