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Jordan In this book, many people are born with natural graces. The protagonist of this book, Katsa has the grace of killing. In this book, Katsa works with her friends in a secret organization known as the council to protect innocent people from the wrath of tyrannical kings. When an old grandfather of noble heritage is kidnapped for an unknown motive, Katsa and her friends work together to unravel the mystery and take down the king who turns out to be more dangerous than anybody had imagined.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the two main characters in this book, Katsa and Po, and enjoyed reading about their journey throughout their world. The concept of some characters having interesting and unique Graces combined with an old-fashioned kingdom-based world gave the story a very interesting setting.

While I did enjoy this story, there were some areas that could have been better. I often felt that the language was a bit too simple for my tastes. The author’s sentences were usually short and straightforward, without many literary devices. To give Cashore credit, she did include words and terminology that helped reinforce the mythological, old-fashioned setting. I also think that the story lost some momentum on Katsa’s final journey at the end of the book. After the main conflict was resolved and only one minor conflict was left, I felt that Katsa’s journey seemed a bit too stretched out and caused me to loose a bit of interest in the final stretch.

All in all, this book is a worthwhile read. The characters are interesting, the setting is fun, and the story was great. This is a great book for anybody looking for a fun, quick read.

Stenedria i, too, have enjoyed this book. While it did take me a minute to get into the book, it pulled me through to the last page. The ending left me wanting more, and I always thought that was a good characteristic for a book.

Lisa I really enjoyed "Graceling" and the whole series, as well. To me, the three of them take part in an absolutely magical and fascinating world I loved reading about. Unfortunately, it doesn't really seem like we will get a fourth book in the series.

Sabrina i thought that this book was slow going but then it got into an amazing story.

Sarah Jane Imagine how fast Katsa would win the hunger games.

ash ✈ Sarah wrote: "Imagine how fast Katsa would win the hunger games."


Rose - Sadness pie soup - Honestly, this book kinda dragged. But I stuck around for the characters, and it paid off.

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I enjoyed it, but it had a slow and rough start. The characters were extremely well developed (at least that's what I thought about Po and Katsa), and the idea of Gracelings is one well thought-out. The kingdoms, however, became a little confusing after all of the information about them were shoved into one chapter.
But, every book has faults. I really did love Graceling.
And, do you consider Katsa and Po as an OTP? Because I ship them. :)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - @Stephanie

I don't. I feel like the chemistry between them was really strange, and the fact that the author did nothing with it was kinda annoying. But I like it. There are too many books with strong "feminist" heroes falling head-over-heals for dreamboat dudes.

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Rose wrote: "@Stephanie

I don't. I feel like the chemistry between them was really strange, and the fact that the author did nothing with it was kinda annoying. But I like it. There are too many books with str..."

I agree, although Katsa and Po are still a thing in my dreams. Feminist female heroines can sometimes be good at the strong, fearless leader part, but when it comes to true love.. nope. Katsa's no wildcat.
I also understand your point of view in Katsa and Po's relationship.
Cashore did a wonderful job with the plot, though, and I think people in the comments agree with me on that. One thing that bugs me is that she built up to the plot twist spectacularly but when it came to the time to reveal it she didn't pull it off as well as I hoped she would. It was kind of predictable but still worked.

Overall, good job Cashore! I would recommend the book to people who like feminist heroines (but be warned of stuff called romance).

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It's really quite interesting , how different readers' perspectives and opinions of a book can be. After all , that's why sites like goodreads exist , where we can see each other's reviews and discuss our favorite books :) !

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