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criticaster | 908 comments Ayyyee ~

Any ideas? Cravings?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Hi! ^^

Not really ~ well, not yet anyway. Do you? We could always combine ideas :)

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criticaster | 908 comments Aaah, I think that's a great idea -- only if I had any ideas. x.x Well, if you tell me what you're generally into, I'm sure I could come up with something. :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I did have a werewolf idea ~ from some time ago ~ that I began with someone but never finished. I don't know if you're into supernatural, but I can post it? :)

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criticaster | 908 comments I'd love to hear it :]. If you don't hear from me it's because I'm having some din-din :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Girl = A
Guy = B

A was born as an omega in her the Red River pack, and she wasn't popular. Because her parents had been omegas and had died in battle, A hasn't gotten much status around the pack and gets bullied and teased a lot. To give herself a better life, she became a hunter, and her status grew. Now, she is one of the youngest and best hunters of her pack. Close to their territory, there's another pack called the Knight Pack. B is the Alpha of that pack, feared and respected, and very intimidating. When A's Alpha gets mad at Alpha B, he orders A to set up a mission to kill B. But when she is about to kill him, they lock eyes and find out they are mates.

Of course A and B don't really like eachother at first... (love/hate)

Tell me what you think :) (and we can add in more)

P.S: Just tell me if you don't like it, lol

P.S.S: okay. I might fall asleep haha

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criticaster | 908 comments I like it :]

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yay c:

So I'd love to play A, but I don't know what you prefer?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I gtg now though, but I'll be back tomorrow!

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criticaster | 908 comments You can go ahead and play A, I'll play B. I don't mind.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Alright :). So do you want to add in more ideas or..?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Baa? ^^

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criticaster | 908 comments Oh yeah, hm, I think we should get to characters. D'you want to make yours first??

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I gtg to work soon, so I'll post her later today :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Name: Savannah Maria Jones

Age: Seventeen


♣ May 8, 1996
♣ 1:13 AM
♣ Denver, Colorado

Gender: Female

[Sexuality] Heterosexual

[Relationship Status] Not mated and hoping to stay that way.

Pack Rank Lead Huntress

Human Appearance:

(view spoiler)

[Face Claim] Shay Mitchell

[Hair] She has dark black wavy locks that curl slightly at the ends.

[Eyes] A warm chestnut brown

[Complexion] She has a natural tanned complexion with a few scars here and there from fights. There is a bite mark on her shoulder, which causes many others to believe that she is already mated while she is not.

[Height] 5'7"

[Weight] 121 lbs

[Distinctive Markings]] This tattoo on her collarbone. (view spoiler)

Wolf Appearance:


Savannah used to be a timid, fragile little girl who was scared of the world. When her parents died in battle, she had no one. Her parents had devoted their lives to the Red River pack, even though they were omegas and disrespected. Even though her parents were omegas and many told her how low she was because she was one too, she never stopped loving her parents. She wasn’t as devoted to her pack as they were. She, in her first years into puberty, really hated her pack. She lived in the pack home’s basement, because that was the filthiest place there was. She was just an omega, and didn’t deserve a nice place to stay. Her old house had been taken by other wolves. Perks of being an omega… All these things led to the fact that Savannah changed. She grew angrier and angrier and that changed her.

She grew to have a hot-temper, and because that wasn’t really a nice aspect of an omega’s personality, she got bullied more and more. This only made her angrier. Savannah, when teased a lot, got angry and into fights a lot. She wasn’t timid anymore. She wasn’t scared anymore.

She wanted to fight back. She had gotten that from her father. Savannah was really determined. Determined for her own goals, her own achievements. She really needed to get something out of life, and she didn’t want to be an omega anymore.

But behind the hard and intimidating person Savannah is now, there is an emotionally fragile girl who is scared of getting into relationships. She doesn’t want to have a mate because she is scared that he will reject her. Savannah has dealt with rejection so much in life; she wouldn’t know how to cope with more. She would hide and get annoyed or angry, but behind that mask she would really get hurt. That is what Savannah is. She hides her real emotions behind anger and frustration. She is that person that knows how to fake a smile when she’s hurt.

But behind all the serious parts, Savannah likes to take risks and likes to mess around with people. Though her job requires her to be serious, in her free time she likes to joke around with her friends. She has some good friends in the pack, though some of them do not know of her dark past.

Savannah was born in on the 8th of May in 1996 in Denver, Colorado. She was very unexpected as a pup. Her mother, Julia and father, Aiden had just gotten together and completed the mating process. Even though Savannah wasn’t planned, she was a welcomed suprise.

Julia had met Aiden in the time where the Red River pack was still on good terms with the Knight pack. Aiden had been Alpha Tiernan’s beta and best friend, and Julia met him when the Red River pack came visiting the Knight pack. Julia had only been seventeen years old, and was welcomed into the Red River pack with ease. The Alphas were friends, and didn’t mind the transfers. But Alpha Tiernan still needed Aiden, so he remained the beta. But due to Alpha Tiernan’s anger issues, Aiden was removed from his position and banned to the low ranks of the omegas. Julia was forced to join him; not that she minded. They were deeply in love, but still devoted to the pack, even though the Alpha had doomed them to an unpopular and disrespectful life.

Soon, Alpha Tiernan got into a fight with Alpha Trevor of the Knight Pack. Alpha Tiernan was killed and his son Uriah took his place. Under Uriah’s command, they got into a battle which caused a loss of many lives. Julia and Aiden both died in battle, because Uriah had both gave them the order to fight, even though Julia wanted to stay at home and take care of Savannah.
And so, Savannah was left alone in the Red River pack. She was merely two years old, and was still learning everything in life. In the pack, there was a special centre for pups without parents, and Savannah grew up there.

Savannah didn’t have a happy child hood, unlike many other pups. She was hated and bullied, just because of her past. She was just an omega, worth nothing in the eyes of the other pups. Though, she got through it all with the help of her best friend Alex, who was an omega too. Now, Alex wasn’t bullied as much, just because he was really buff and strong, so they left him alone.

When Savannah was a child, almost a teen, she got angrier and angrier. The bullying wouldn’t stop, and she just wanted to get it over with. She started to get into fights with the older children, which caused her to get punished with the whip. Uriah, at the time, was thirty years old. (Currently, he’s thirty-seven years old). Savannah has scars on her back to prove of that. She thinks they are very ugly, but learned how to live with it. It was not like anybody wanted to be the mate of the omega.

Savannah started to work up her status, doing the tasks nobody wanted to do. People started to respect her. She moved up the ranks and soon became a hunter. Because she was a really good one, and led the hunters a lot, even though she wasn’t supposed to, Uriah decided that she had to become lead Huntress.

Even though Savannah is respected now and lives in her own house on pack grounds, she is still very insecure. She doesn’t want her mate because she is scared that he will reject her. She ist just very scared of letting people in, so she puts up an angry face and pushes thema way.


♦ Savannah’s insecurities may sometimes lead her into taking the wrong decisions. She pushes people away instead of letting them in, and pushes herself too hard because of that. She wants to do everything by herself, when she should really let others help.

♦ Because Savannah wants to do everything on her own, she pushes herself to the mere blink of exhaustion. She is pushing herself too hard, she is working too hard, just because she wants to prove everyone that she does matter.

♦ Anger is not really one of Savannah’s strong points either. She will lose her emotions into her work a lot, and that affects it badly most of the time. She tends to get annoyed a lot, and is very bad at hiding that. And when she hides her other emotions behind anger, it will all come out after a while: as anger.


♦ Savannah is very strong-willed and determined. When she wants something, she’ll get it. She isn’t afraid to speak up about what she wants, and doesn’t let anyone talk her down.

♦ Fast. That’s one thing you can’t deny about Savannah. Her body is in great shape. She is really fast, strong and can really sneak up on people. Because her wolf is kind of small (because she is an omega), she can use that as an advantage.

♦ Her walls. Even though hiding her emotions can be a bad thing, she tends to never let them show. She won’t let anything get to her, and that makes her mentally strong. Though it can all come crumbling down at once…

Julia Emily Jones
Aiden Killian Jones

Alex Mason Gillan ~ Eightteen years ~ Best friend

Everyone except her pack members. Though she is not quite fond of them either.

She absolutely hates cats.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Sorry it's a little late!

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Baa? Are we still going to do this? lol

I keep feeling like a sheep when I say your username ^_^'

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