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criticaster | 910 comments 'Ollo ^^

So, what would you like to do?

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Cassie Hm, well let me start off by saying are you into incest? brother/ sister. It's really okay if your not into it! It's what I usually do. Other than that, I'm really open to anything!

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criticaster | 910 comments Hm, I've done incest a few times like three and I only have one that worked out really well. So, I think I'll pass? If that's okay with you? :S Did you have any other cravings? I'm into forbidden romances if that's the kind of thing you were looking for.

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Cassie Hm student/teacher then?

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criticaster | 910 comments I can do that. I'm assuming you want to play the student?

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Cassie Yes, if that's alright?

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criticaster | 910 comments Yep. Should we make simple or detailed characters?

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Cassie I can post my character and you can follow the format if you want. (:

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Cassie _________________________________________________

Name: Eleanor Green

Nickname: El

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Eleanor is shy and loyal, and she never really talks, only when she has to. She's never angry, but she does occasionally get annoyed. She is loyal and caring to the ones who matter in her life, though she doesn't let just anybody into her life. She doesn't like being around people, she is considered "Antisocial" even though she doesn't even consider herself that. She has some problems with self harming, she hasn't done it for awhile, though any moment she could snap back. She tries to think through things before she does them, calculating what her outcomes to each situation are. She has a deep passion for reading, it let's her escape her own world, and also for History, she wants to major it in college.

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criticaster | 910 comments
Name: Jay Orion Blackburn

Nickname: Bird credit to his best friend, Jackie

Age: 22


Personality: Jay's a decently nice guy; though a little rough around the edges. He's polite, but some people wouldn't exactly call him nice. He's authoritative when needs be (otherwise his teaching career wouldn't be all that succesful), but he's the kind of man you'll catch grabbing a beer at the end of the week with a few friends, perhaps catch someone's eye for the night. After all, he's still a young adult and despite wanting a steady life as soon as he can, he's got some personal goals. He's pretty passive and isn't a big fan of PDA.

❊ He's actually still in University, but is currently under evaluation which consists of taking two classes under his wing and teaching them as if he were their real teacher. His examination lasts three months.
❊ Jay currently lives on his own with two cats and with a recent new pup he found on the streets a few weeks ago.
❊ The only family Jay has left is both his sister and twin brother. His mother passed away due to a terminal illness and his father died driving under the influence,
❊ He underwent an emergency surgery once to get his appendix removed.
❊ He's a Biology and History geek.

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Cassie Oh god he's hot (: Great character!

Would you like to start?

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criticaster | 910 comments Thanks. I figured that I'd just make him have his teaching degree so we could, like, not be stuck to just the day-to-day school thing.

Aah, how should we start?

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Cassie Hm.. I would say going the pretty little liars route but... that seems not original.

Maybe.. Even before the whole school thing starts, the girl is.. walking home from a party, sort of drunk and he's driving by. He stops the care and tells her to get in and he'll give her a ride and then we could go with the flow from there? Does that sound okay?

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criticaster | 910 comments I actually really like the sound of that ~ ! :] Do you want to start with her stumbling along the sidewalk? Maybe some guy sort of forces himself on her and he steps in? Some teenage drunk guy from the party or something?

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Cassie Yeah! Let the Rp begin! (:

Also, if you everrrr lose interest in our rp, just let me know, so I don't be such a nag about it if you never reply to me!

Also do you like posting the occasional gif? I do that sometimes to just add more to a scene!

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criticaster | 910 comments Cool beans :] Ah, I sure will. I hope you do the same; if you get bored of the roleplay, that is. The only thing I don't enjoy are constant reminders every single hour, it just doesn't sit well with me and makes me less prompt to reply. So I definitely will not be doing that to you. xP

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Cassie I promise that won't occur. I'll start us off then.

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criticaster | 910 comments I can't wait for your reply. :]

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Cassie Eleanor ran a hand through her wind blown hair, as she forced her way out of the house. People were packed in from either sides of her, making her feel claustrophobic. She was starting to breath hard, needing to get out of this party scene, and fast. "Out of my way!", she yelled as people gave her strange glances as she finally got her way out, stumbling out the door. She put a hand to her chest, leaning her hand against the wall of the outside of the house. It was a modern looking two story, dark blue house. It was dark outside, and the air was cold and windy. It was just sprinkling, but seemed it would turn into piercing rain any second. "I need to get out of here.", her hazy mind thought as she took itty bitty steps to the street, her vision all out of whack as the four beers she shouldn't have had clouded her brain. The guy who was hosting the party lived near a forest, and she was walking on the edge of it, which was right near the road. She was stumbling on her own two feet, her black heels in her hand. She heard ruffling in the bushes, but paid it no mind as she continued to walk. All of a sudden, a mass of darkness grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. She had no time even to scream as she tried wriggling out of the guy's grasp.

"You're going to pull down your pants and you're going to like it.", a rough voice said as Eleanor tried to make out the outline of him. She finally realized it was a guy who had been following her the whole time at the party. Eleanor started to push him away, but he overpowered her easily. He growled in frustration when she wouldn't do it and instead took his own hands and did it for her, then turned to himself and did the same. Eleanor bit his neck hard and heard him scream in pain as she dashed up and started to run now, and fell over a branch she couldn't have saw. He now came back, pinning her hands above her as he looked at her as an object. "Feisty one. I like them feisty.", he hissed in her ear as a nearing car light was seen in the distance.

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criticaster | 910 comments
It was surprising that Jay had allowed himself simply one beer tonight. Though he had a good reason not to drown himself as he often did on weekends, tomorrow was his first day of his examination at the local high school and arriving carrying the weight of last night's hangover wasn't exactly the greatest way to make a decent first impression. Such reason was why he was currently on his way back home at merely a quarter past eleven at night. He'd left Mike and Sandra to their own devices, seeing as chemistry hadn't waited too long to begin sizzling between the two.

He'd always been a kick ass matchmaker.

Judging by the lack of stars adorning the painted black, clouded sky, a rainstorm was going to hit this city within a few minutes. Heaving a sigh, Jay leaned back in his driver's seat and drummed his fingers against the steering wheel in sync with an invisible melody. He hummed softly under his breath, until an unnerving sight caught his attention. At first it looked as if someone had fallen over and the other was trying to help them up, but the closer he got and the slower he drove, the details grew all too clear. His foot slammed on the brakes, lurching him forward slightly but he was soon undoing his seat-belt, nearly launching himself out of his car. “Hey!” His voice boomed in the dead of the night as he hurried over. “Get off of her.” Jay gave the boy no choice as he clamped his hand on the back of some sports jock jacket and ripped him off of her (although it took some effort). Without thinking, his fist raised and connected with the boy's jaw. The sound brought a satisfying rush of adrenaline. The urge to clip him again nearly overcame him, but being an adult and seeing as this fucker was probably a teen, it didn't seem as if he'd be winning any court case.

“Fuck off, mate,” Jay growled, the ghost of his Australian accent resonated in his baritone vocals. Granted his height of six feet three inches, intimidation had never required much effort on his part. The only fault was his lack of muscle; Jay had always been a skinny boy, much to his dismay. Lean, sturdy muscles was what he'd have to live with the remainder of his life.

After a hearty shove and another warning, the guy finally stumbled off, grumbling absolute nonsense. Jay took a few, deep breaths in an attempt to calm the abundance of testosterone pent up in his fists and brain. Slowly, he turned around to face the girl, his features attempting to soften his features as to not frighten her; a disadvantage to his height. “Hey, it's alright,” He attempted, feeling the first signs of rain drop on his cheek. “A-are you okay?” He dared a small step toward, looking her over through squinted eyes because it was dark.

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Cassie Eleanor had heard someone come and yell, she was too speechless to say anything as the new person who came in the picture. The creep had walked off, giving glares to the guy which she couldn't see very well in the dark. When the guy had turned to her, she backed up a little, scared as she inched a little by little away. "Y-You aren't like him, them, are you?", she whispered. When she had heard his voice, she slightly released the tension in her muscles as she pulled up her pants, shakily standing up.

"I'm... I'm okay. Thank you..", she trailed off as she tried to walk , her whole body rushing with adrenaline as she tried to walk past him, but his hand had reached out to stop her. "I...", she whispered, as she pursed her lips and looked into his eyes in the dark. She noticed his features immediately, her eyes had outlined them.

She noticed his brown shaggy hair, his beautiful baby blues, they looked... amazing. It left her breathless for a moment but she shook her head and continued, narrowing her eyes as she looked him up and down. He seemed to have a beard coming in, but it also looked like he shaves it also. His lips looked plump, but she couldn't exactly tell in the dark, it was hard of course.

He was gorgeous. In simple and understandable terms at least.

She backed up a little and then looked away. "I'll just walk home.", she said quietly as she pushed past him and walked in the direction (was it? She at the moment had forgotten.) of her house. Her breath reeked of the alcohol that was in her system and her words were slurred as she had said them. She felt his hand wrap around her arm, and she looked back at him, a glare on her face.

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Cassie ((I'm so sorry, and I promise this will be the only time I do this, but will you be replying at all tonight? And do you not reply for days? It'll just better prepare me.))

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criticaster | 910 comments ((I'm planning to reply some time tonight, it's just nearing suppertime.))

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Cassie ((Okay. Just letting you know this will be the only time I'll ever ask. Sorry for bothering you. (: ))

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criticaster | 910 comments
(Could you . . . not god-mode my character, please?))

“Are you sure?” His voice echoed apprehensively, a hint of an unseen frown creasing his brow. He remained still, not wanting to frighten the poor girl more than he already was. God forbid she think him like the disingenuous asshole he'd peeled off of her. Allowing her the rightful privacy to pull up her pants without having someone watching, he shifted sideways, his gaze fixed on the path her aggressor had taken. However, when he felt her shoulder brush past him, he looked down at her, intrigued. What was she talking about? What kind of man would it make him if he were to let some poor, vulnerable girl walk home on her own when grabby creatures reeked every alleyway.

She was much too easy to lure, much like a moth and its flame. There was no question, he wasn't going to let this moth burn.

Instinctively, his arm reached out and grabbed her elbow gently, only wanting to aid her. However, seeing her glare, he dropped his hand back to his side. “Let me give you a ride home,” He offered politely, gesturing to his car who's headlights were still on, the driver's seat hanging open. “I can't let you walk off by yourself, not with creeps like him roaming around.” He tried to make her understand that he wanted to keep her safe.

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Cassie (Oh sure. Sorry.)

She looked at him hard for a moment, licking her bottom lip as she finally sighed and let her confident posture falter. "Fine, fine. You're right.", she muttered as she started to walk over to his car, opening the door and getting in, watching him walk into the driver's seat and getting in. She looked away as soon as he got in, putting her hands in her lap and looking down at them, as she felt him pulling away from the curb and started to drive.

"I live at 4589 Garner Road.", she said as she finally looked up and out the windshield, running a hand through her hair to try to make it look more normal if her mom or dad were still up when she got home and decided to ask questions. She usually never answered them anyways, she instead would give them the middle finger and go up the stairs and lock her door.

She exactly wasn't the nicest person when she had alcohol in her system. She was dying to say so many sarcastic things at him when they were driving, but decided not to since it would make her look horrible to a complete stranger, and she took first impressions seriously. She cared about what strangers thought about her, but people she actually knew? They got to see who she could be.

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criticaster | 910 comments
Once behind the wheel, Jay exhaled the very last bit of adrenaline, his muscles visibly relaxing as he leaned back into the seat of his car. He ignited the engine and carefully pulled himself out of the sloppy parking job he'd dared display in his hurried attempt to fend the asshole off. He nodded when she gave him her address, turning the curb smoothly. He knew where that was; in fact, he didn't live too far away. About eight blocks away if his memory served him right.

He glanced over at the brunette, quickly checking her over to see if she'd severed any wounds. She seemed fine from what he could tell, she'd been able to walk so most likely no broken bones. “Do you want me to come in and talk to your parents? Tell them what happened?” He asked carefully, once again, simply wanting to help. He thought that it would be one way of explaining things without having her have to do it. After all, he could only imagine how shaken up she was, especially after that. Moreover, she was clearly intoxicated and would most likely smudge up a few of the details.

As one might be able to tell, this wasn't Jay's first time coming to a young girl's rescue. Jay would admit that it happened more times than it should in one's average lifetime.

A good while of driving in silence, Jay finally pulled up at the girl's house, glancing at it through her window. “Is this it?” He asked her, momentarily cutting the engine; he was in no rush.

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Cassie "No don't come in, if it's the last thing you do.", she said hurriedly, looking at him with wide eyes as they pulled up to her house. She noticed her parents' bedroom lights were off, and she let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God.", she muttered under her breath, as she turned to look at him. "Yes, this is my house.", she said quietly as she was certainly in no need to get out any faster, she wanted to let herself calm down before she even set a foot inside the house.

Her parents' could tell when she was uneasy, they always could. She looked at him for a moment, then asked, "Do you by any chance, have a piece of gum?" She wanted her reeking breath of alcohol to be temporarily gone just in case one of her parents did decide to get up and do the breath check on her.

She was caught before, and she's made sure to not let that happen since.

As she sat there, she contemplated on what to say. All she could muster out was a "Thanks." as she checked herself in his rear-view mirror, poofing down her crazy hair and making sure it didn't look like she had been crying. She sighed after she did it, and looked over at him. "I'm uh, going to go now.", she muttered as she reached for the door handle, waiting for him to speak as she kept eyeing her parents' room window.

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