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Manahil OMG!!!!!!! I just finished and I can't. I need to talk to someone. People read this ASAP!!!

Lis Ann - The Indigo Quill I finished it this morning!! So what are your thoughts??

message 3: by Pat (new) - rated it 1 star

Pat After reading it I actually find myself liking it. But I wasn't satisfied, especially at the end. It was rushed. I had my other complaints too. So there's that.

Begüm I think ending was rushed and a little bit incomplete too, but I was happy for both Aspen, Maxon and America and all for America's maids-except Anne, she didn't deserve it. America's dad was the real bomb I think, otherwise Maxon and America was too expected, but no complaining abut that. Team Maxon forever!! I hope the incomplete end can be a sign of new series.

Ilana what i wish that we had more of was the epilogue further into the future to be honest. i like where it took us, but i think that there was so much set up for where things could go that we didn't get enough of a jump ahead.

i did enjoy that some of what i expected was right, but there were a few surprises - like Gavril/Kriss ties...and Mary/Aspen? those were a bit surprising...although now that i think about it, i should have picked up on some of that before.

i think that i'll want to re-read it again at some point in the near future.

Manahil I agree that the ending was rushed and wish she did add more. I was really expecting little Maxon/America babies but I guess not. I was reading it in class, and I almost cried right there when America's dad died. I can't believe Celeste died. too. She was growing on me.

Jennifer Truthfully they need another book...of when there both kind and queen and there life when together.

Nathalie* I really liked this series, ending was rushed and I loved that little heart stop when he caught her with Aspen. Too many main people died..Celeste was defiantly growing on me and Anne didn't deserve to die she needed to find someone and then dad well that was just tragic and kinda needed to happen so Maxon would miss her dearly and know she was the one ;)

Raynebow I loved the ending. Personally, I didn't feel it was rushed since the ENTIRE series was leading up to it. I was kind of glad they did it in an exciting rush. Overall It was my favorite of the three.

The thing I love about this series is each book was sooo good. I felt they kept getting better and better. Each book was good on it's own. Usauley series rely on the first book to carry the whole series and make it worth reading but not with this one! Anyone else feel that way?

Brittany I really enjoyed this series. Though, I did feel like the ending was a little rushed and it was a little devastating losing so many important characters in the end of the book. But the ending didn't leave me disappointed or wishing for more like most series do.

My only issue is... I listened to the audiobook and I'm not sure how I missed it but WHEN DID ANNE DIE?!?! Any one know what chapter it was in so I can go back and listen to it again?

Rou Min Satisfying yet predictable ending yet there were some parts I felt either rush or was just No... just ... WHYYYYYYYY?????

Other than that I fell like the way the series ended is satisfying although I was kind of predicting the maids to have their own selection for Aspen ...

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Cyana Scriptora How sweet were those love letters.. I enjoyed certain aspects of this book. But it did feel rushed. And I felt like I didn't really know Maxon and America enough. Just when I was starting to get their relationship it ends, now I am stuck, and have to make my own conclusions. But I will say this.. Maxon is a great guy. I didn't realized how much he loved America until the end.

Trinesha Well I enjoyed this book. The Barnes and Nobles hardcover book had an extra 15 pages (it was an exclusive). However, it wasn't about Maxon and America, it was actually a conversation from Lucy's p.o.v. with Aspen when they were riding the plane back to the castle right before Aspen walks back to try to talk to America. (she tells him something like it's not a good time)

Ashley Boeding I liked that short story.
How did you all feel about when Maxon's parents and Celeste died? I was really starting to like her, and then...BOOM.....dead. I cried when Maxon's parents died, but that was for the Queen. And then I cried when Maxon got shot, even though I knew he couldn't die. And then I cried at the wedding, because I was just so happy that, after all they had been through, they got a fairy tale(ish) ending. But I really hope that Kierra Cass will write another series that continues their story!

Shanti This book was a lot more serious than the other books. America was so flawed. i wish that she had been more honest. But then there wouldn't have been conflict... When Maxon said about breaking hearts I was so relieved. I was afraid that he would choose Kriss. And they were all friends. and why did Celeste die just when she was becoming good?

Sheridan Wow pretty much every person that has commented is exactly expressing my view. Ending way too rushed and couldn't they have just killed the king and some randoms, instead of the queen and Celeste, who like other responders I was just starting to like.

Elizabeth Aquino I kinda freaked out after I read it!!!!! I honestly did!! Anyone else? I wish they could continue the trilogy, too.

Linda I was kind of disappointed. I wanted more problems between America and Maxon that weren't related to a love triangle. Also there was so much potential with America struggling as a princess or Maxon having problems with his past.

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You Care FINISHED IT ON THE SIXTH! I was so happy eek

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