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message 1: by Chandra (new)

Chandra Claypool (WhereTheReaderGrows) (wherethereadergrows) Hey guys - question - I believe this books comes with pictures right? Is it better to get it in hard copy or is kindle edition ok?

message 2: by Jilleighan (new)

Jilleighan Boivin (jilleighanb) I have a paper back and the pictures are just fine on their. I don't really know what the kindle edition is. Let me know what you find is best ☺️

message 3: by Salma (new)

Salma A. I read it on both an iPad and a physical copy. I enjoyed it more when I read it on an actual book,but I usually enjoy physical books more anyways. I reccomnd you to read it as a book rather then a digital copy, you'll enjoy it more :)))

message 4: by Chandra (new)

Chandra Claypool (WhereTheReaderGrows) (wherethereadergrows) Ah. I figured as much. Thank you!!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

i have the paperback and the pictures are actually really good in paperback. I read this book and loved it. ENJOY!

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