Unhinged (Splintered, #2) Unhinged question

Morpheus Angel or Devil ?
Lee Lee May 07, 2014 02:19PM
Well what do you think ? Is Morpheus an angel or a devil ?

I`m not too sure but have a feeling that
that things will get very strange once
Alyssa`s mum puts in an appearance just going
on little things mentioned in the last book
and this one.

An Angel with a shotgun? Maybe?

Daring Agreed.
Jun 22, 2014 08:11PM

Morpheus is one of those characters where I want to trust him so badly, but every time I do, he ruins it. I just want him and Alyssa to be together

I think he is definately good. He pushes Alyssa to be her best and strongest. Love will make ALL creatures do funny things. Jeb is insecure and pushy.

Morpheus is Morpheus...I think it's an indefinable creature. He loves Alyssa, can't say that he is because everything he does (good or bad) is to be with her.

Morpheus is definitely a devil... but a good devil, you know what I mean? He pushes Alyssa to help her. Jebs to pushy (but not a helping push her, just pushy) and controlling, he’s never any fun! And someone plz tell me if this is just me, or does the guy in the video from I write sins not tradgedys by Panic! At the disco look like Morpheus a little? Or is it just me?

Yeah, i think he is both too. that's what makes him AWESOME!!!!!

I think he's both!!!!!


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