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Nicole As a fantasy lover I found Young Elites to be enjoyable though it wasn’t an in-your-face fantasy novel. The main character Adelina, is interesting and complex but can be annoying at times. It annoys me that she believes infatuation is love even though she barely knows anything about him. I do not like how she bases her entire happiness on a group of people SPOILER ALERT (I also do not see why she doesn’t expect her friends to be angry at her for murdering their other two friends.) Most of these problems deal more with the character herself and not Marie Lu's writing.

That being said, I did really enjoy the book. I love how intricate the characters are and the world Marie Lu has created. I like how her world mimicked the real world with the war of racism and how destructive it can be. It's an interesting novel because, unlike most books, the main character isn't wholesome, they have flaws, all of them stemming back to her childhood. The book was hard to put down, I finished it in three days. Her writing in suspenseful and gives the main character no easy way out.

Diana Braxton I was experienced similar feelings about Adelina, however, I overall felt bad for her. I aslo greatly admired Marie Lu for taking such an interesting path for her novel.

You hit the nail on the head in comparing our world with Adelina's world. While the problems faced my be entirely different, they are a reflection of conflict we see here and problems people face. It also shows us how we end up with such antiheroes and villans.

Sorry my little review isn't nearly as long as yours, but its nice to be able to discuss this book with other people :)

Jeri Honestly, I couldn't even finish the book, it was so poorly (over)written. Which is too bad, because I really enjoyed the Legend trilogy. She's probably feeling the pressure of following up a successful beginning and (I think) trying too hard.

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