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John Seymour | 1811 comments Mod
9. Timothy takes a risk confiding in Sarah, but is let down. What might have been the catalyst for Sarah’s change in behavior? Have you ever been let down by someone whom you had confided in about your faith journey?

message 2: by Jill (new)

Jill A. | 646 comments Sarah's self-image is so poor she can't believe someone she admires as much as Timothy could possibly be interested in her. She has to prove to him by her actions that she doesn't deserve his affection. Sure enough, he turns away. I'm surprised he doesn't later brood about whether he might have saved her.

John Seymour | 1811 comments Mod
Having already seen the question, I was expecting a lot more in this relationship - for example, I didn't notice anything that I would think of as "confiding." Timothy asked Sarah out. I agree with Jill in her assessment of Sarah's behavior, but not so much Timothy's response. What is he supposed to do in the instant moment? If he had turned his back on her the next time they met, then I think you could criticize Timothy, but not for walking away in the moment.

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