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John Seymour | 1810 comments Mod
6. Timothy encounters a cancer researcher named Angelo in the prison infirmary. How do you think Angelo’s rejection of Timothy’s rationalization of Angelo’s crimes impacted Timothy in the long run?

message 2: by Jill (new)

Jill A. | 646 comments I think Timothy is permanently touched not so much by Angelo's arguments but by his consistent, humble faith and loving way of life.
It didn't dawn on me until reading this question that Angelo's area of research foreshadows Timothy's own cancer diagnosis.

Nicole | 18 comments Angelo, like Timothy's mother, Jude and Mariam, gave Timothy a good example to follow, and showed Timothy humility in the acceptance of our mistakes, and their consequences, without making excuses for ourselves.

John Seymour | 1810 comments Mod
Maybe I haven't seen it yet, because I haven't finished the book - I should do so tomorrow - but I don't see where Angelo has an impact on Timothy. He doesn't seem to impact him in prison or in how he views life after his release from prison.

I agree Angelo, like Tim's mom, presented a good example, but not one that Tim took serious note of at the time.

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