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message 1: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (ohmightyqueen) | 6 comments Hi everyone,

I have some free time ahead of me and would really like to get back in to reading properly again. Havent found anything in a long time that has peaked my interest so its up to you!

Let me know what you want read, preferably the genres i have stated but really, ill go for anything if it has a good description!

Have only done this few times before but love to be able to help out, ill need it one day when ive finished my own book (when i eventually get round to doing that...) so message me or reply in here and ill let you know.

V x

message 2: by Stan (last edited Jun 04, 2016 11:11AM) (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) | 140 comments Vicky, I have a short segment from an upcoming book. It's a Google Doc, if you have time to check the link. I enabled the ability to comment on the story. Thanks.

message 3: by Madison (new)

Madison Lawson | 53 comments Hello! I have a finished horror novella (24k words) if you are interested! It is about a girl named Hana Lee and six others who are stuck in a 'game' where hunters leave them notes instructing them to choose the survivor or they'll kill them off one by one.
Contact me @ if you are interested.
Thank you!

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