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Habitat for The Joker's Partner

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma Harley slung her bat over her shoulder and strolled into the warehouse. There were posters of the Joker plastered on the walls, as well as a fairly large figurine in the corner. Harley ran and jumped onto the couch and stretched out.

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Felicia looked around, "So lemme guess this is where he leaves you hot and bothered?" She asked not mentioning the stench around the room.

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma "My home away from home." Harley said dreamily. "Usually I'm at me and Mister J's house in Gotham. Or at Arkham. But either way, we're together!"

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Felicia rolled her eyes and wandered around, "Why here though? Why him?!" She exclaimed scratching a sharp finger nail across the nearby wall. Felicia wrote her name into the wall and smiled with delight.

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma "Lots of baddies made the move up here." Harley said. "Also, the GCPD have gotten on my tail for some old stuff. But Mister J? He's the best fella a girl could ask for. He's hilarious, and he's so dreamy."

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Felicia sighed and thought about her previous night with Jason. The memory of the pleasure she received promoted er to run a lazy hand through her soft silky white hair. Her blue eyes appeared in deep thought.

message 8: by Emma (new)

Emma Harley tapped out a tune on her bat with her long fingernails. "I should call him." she thought aloud. "He probably misses me."

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Felicia sighed, "I doubt it-he's probably to busy fuxking around with Batman," She said honestly.

Felixia wandered dover to harley and sat on her lap.

message 10: by Emma (new)

Emma Harley leaned forward to braid a portion of Felicia's hair. "Ugh. Bat Brain never understands my puddin'. He says he's 'crazy' or 'deranged.'"

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Felicia smiled lightly, "I'm still really upset that girl took my suit. It means a lot to me," She sighed. She was younger than Quinn obviously and placed her head on her chest for body support. Felicia was quiet for a long moment. "I wish my sister was more like you. Too busy running off after guys to remember me-her own sister," the tome was bland, feelings detache

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message 13: by Emma (new)

Emma "It was an ugly suit." Harley replied. "Make a better one. Or go buy one."

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"My aunt made me that," She said with a frown.

message 15: by Emma (new)

Emma Harley shrugged. "In retrospect, my first suit was ugly. Everyone's is. Except Mister J, of course." she smiled dreamily, then frowned. "Hey, are you a good guy, by the way? Whose side are you on?"

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"Whag ever side I benefit from...wether its ya know," She winked seductivly, "Or," She did the money rubbing fingers gesture

message 17: by Emma (new)

Emma Harley pushed her off her lap and onto the floor. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked, changing the subject.

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"Uh-," Felicia paused for a moment unsure of how to respond. Did Jason count as a boyfriend-nah, She shook her head. "Looks like I'm the unlucky one," The white haired girl sighed.

message 19: by Emma (new)

Emma "We need to set you up." Harley said, swinging off the couch. "I know this great fella. Half his face is burned off, but he's sweet."

Jason stood on the sidewalk, looking up at the seemingly abandoned warehouse. He hadn't put on his Robin suit yet - it was still daylight, that'd be too risky.

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Felixia made a look, stuxk her tongue out. "Bleh," She scoffed.

Blackfire flew up to Jason. "Hey," She said behind him.

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Felicia adopted a lazy stance on the single couch in the warehouse. Body stretched out and legs dangling lover the sides.

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message 23: by Emma (new)

Emma Jason turned around. "Do I know you, ma'am?" he asked politely.

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"Doubt it," Black star said then kissed him suddenly without warning.

message 25: by Emma (new)

Emma Jason stiffened and jumped back. "You must have me confused with someone else." he said quickly, eyes narrowing. His hand went to his pocket.

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Black fire smiled. "Thank you sweet heart," She said adopting his new accent. Felicia's stony blue crystal eyes glared down at Jason having caught sight of the whole thing. "You bastars!" Sbe shouted.

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Emma (Who's Rose?)

Jason touched his throat. "You can take my voice..." he muttered. That was weird, but inconsequential. Nobody knew he was Robin. Nobody needed to know. This woman was just imitating the voice of a random teenage boy. "Are you in the circus?"

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Blackfire giggled as though Jason should have known better, "Of course I can, I'm a tamerianian," She declared proudly. "So no I am not in the circus!" She exclaimed with a smirk as she glanced up at Felicia who had drawn Harley Quinn's gun and was pointing it at Blackfire, "Back. Off," She said her finger on the trigger-her eyes narrowed as a challenge to the odd girl.

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Emma Jason turned quickly. "Felicia?" he asked. "What are you doing here?" He knew that she wasn't pure, but hanging around with Harley Quinn was the worst possible choice. Were they partners in crime?

"Hey, that's mine!" Harley shouted, grabbing the gun from Felicia. She stroked it gently in her arms.

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Felicia nipped at Harley. "Shove off freak!" She yelled at basically everyone. Her blue eyes were stony and the glare they gave was deadly. She turned oddly happy as she spoke to Jason, "My place 7 o'clock?" It was a booty call obviously.

message 31: by Emma (new)

Emma Jason stepped back. "I..don't know." he said slowly, trying to gain some of the badass attitude he'd had earlier. He was still trying to work out if he had to report this to the police or not. "I'll text you?" he asked, though he didn't really have any intention of doing so.

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Felicia shrugged. "I suppose," She then wrapped her arms around Harley and hugged her. Felicia didn't truly expect to hook up with Jason again, but she shrugged the thought of an oppurtunity in a manner as though "if it happens.... it happens"
"So what now Har?" She asked fake pouting.

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